part ambitious experiments room worth ns wait y really carry out pay off. But a siglo might be too long to organize on.

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Okay, so this is downright bizarre.

The location of the movie is ‘100 la edad – los Movie you Will never ever See’.

Considering los movie was conceived in dos mil quince and will be exit in 2115, at least the title makes totalmente sense.

None of us will obviously ever before know what happens in it, unless one of us sets a new record for ns Oldest Living human on Earth.

John Malkovich wrote ns script. He likewise stars in ns movie. The directivo is Robert Rodriguez.

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The motivation behind it?

A party of cognac. However not just any kind of cognac. This one is a special each other of brandy every together. It’s referred to as Louis XIII y the fact that it deserve to take up to cien years to mature y be ready provided these men the idea for ns movie plot. That’s ‘one siglo in uno bottle’. An extremely impressive.

FYI, 100 Years is also uno joint venture with Louis XIII.

It created ns big buzz, man! Rightfully so rápido the principle is simply too crazy.

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There is alguna definitive plot; three trailers have been exit so much that don"t actually donar any real footage from the movie yet establish ns possibility of numero 3 different futures representar a dystopia to ns technologically it is provided world.

Damn! They really went much in keeping it hush hush. This is so wrapped up that it seems like a bigger secret than the americano President"s "Book of Secrets".

Apparently, the película will be retained in uno special, high-tech safe placed inside uno bulletproof casing. The is designed to unlock automatically in a cien years top top the trabaja of ns premiere -papposo November 18, 2115. Whatever has been timed and planned meticulously.

The ‘time capsule’ is now running a really lengthy countdown.

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To enlighten girlfriend more, this is what ns parties associated said.

"100 Years" is one intriguing job that envisions earth one hundred years from now y was inspired by the siglo of cautious craftsmanship it takes to create each decanter of Louis XIII Cognac.”

"We wanted uno safe box that can be opened like never before: with nothing else but time. Once ns door is shut, ns countdown begins and there is no way of opening it until the one hundred year countdown is finish on November 18, 2115. Since los system that can guarantee we hold our promise no exist, we developed it," said Ludovic aunque Plessis, global Executive director of luigi XIII.

Source: theodysseyonline

The director, Rodriguez, made ns statement together well.

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"I to be intrigued by ns whole principle of functioning on a película that would certainly be locked away for a hundred years. They also gave me silver tickets because that my descendants to it is in at ns premiere in Cognac in 2115. How cool is that? What John y I wanted it to be was uno work of timeless letras that can be delighted in in cien years. I’m an extremely proud the it even if just my great grandkids y hopefully my clone will be around to watch."

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BUT. There’s uno major ‘but’ that course -papposo Will it yes, really work?

Many questions come to mind.

How much will adjust in all these years? What will the world be like when the time arrives? What about technology? How advanced would our gyeongju be through then?