A3 Series La Casa De Papel

No heist had ever before garnered together much mitad attention as ns one that began on our screens espalda in 2017. Watched by millions in over 190 countries, this Netflix hit has received many awards, including an international Emmy because that Best drama Series. Collection in Madrid, most of ns action takes ar in los Royal Mint that Spain, for this reason it’s not unusual to see human being standing external it taking a selfie. But, we’re going to let friend into uno little secret: the façade the we view on our displays is not actually ns Royal Mint, but los CSIC or los Spanish national Research council (CSIC).

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The fourth seasonbrought many an ext locations to our city. Discover them!

A misleading façade

The Spanish national Research the supervisory board (CSIC) is ns country’s largest public scientific research institution. Los exteriors of ns building where los characters are busy printing fuera 2.4 billion euros belongs to los CSIC, y not to ns Royal Mint.


The Rooftop in Money Heist

In episode 3, the stars walk up to los rooftop of the building, i m sorry is not feasible at ns headquarters of los CSIC, as it does not have actually one. Therefore, they go to the rooftop of ns Aeronautical engineering School, at number 3, carreteras del central Cisneros in Madrid.

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Finally, if you walk to Number 30, nombre de la carretera Miguel Yuste (in theSan Blas-Canillejas district, close come Quinta ese los Molinos and the Wanda arzobispo Stadium) you will certainly be surprised to view the secret warehouse representar which The Professor gives his orders.

Much more madrid in los third season

The third season of the series was introduced in July dos mil diecinueve and la capital española played vital role in it however again.If friend visit ours city, you will certainly recognise the centrar Plaza del Callao (the square in which thousands of 50-euro aprecies thrown in los air) or los Ministry of public Works (in reality, los façade the the banco of Spain, wherein the new robbery takes ar is not actually los national banco but rather, this set in the nuevos Ministerios area). Friend will likewise be able come enjoy the rooftop of ns Fine arts Circleor ns Cuatro torres Business Area(which is it was observed whilst ns banknotes were being thrown in los air) or our hundred year old Gran Vía(where Marseille rides his bicycle whilst driving the police crazy).

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The 4th season

In ns midst of the Coronavirus crisis, ns fourth season came fuera in which madrid was yet again reflected.

In episode 3, los scene in which the Professor y Berlin discuss ns advisability or no of Palermo – additionally present in ns scene – top the bank of Spain hold-up, i beg your pardon takes ar inside los Madrid Casino, of i m sorry we have the right to see the spectacular modernist staircase y the Bar las Estancias. It is below where berlin has a problem with his bow tie...

In the same episode, certified dealer Antoñanzas, who has become ns mole, phones the Professor desde a phone box situated in Paseo de Pintor Rosales, on the corner of nombre de la carretera Romero Robledo, just próximo to the casa where ns sculptor, Victorio Macho(author of los famous statue that Benito pérez Galdós which can be discovered in ns Retiro), supplied to live, as have the right to be viewed on ns plaque on the façade. However, don’t stroked nerves looking for ns phone box.... It doesn’t exist.