The story of... 'The Winner Takes the All' through ABBA. Picture: Polar/YouTube

'The Winner Takes the All' through ABBA is one of ns most heartbreaking breakup songs of all time, y it constantly makes united state feel emotional.

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ABBA's 'The Winner Takes the All' is up there together one of the finest pop ballads of every time, but did you understand its relocating history? 

Here's every you need to understand about the classic love track (tissues at los ready):

It is Agnetha's favourite ABBA song

Agnetha said: "Björn created it around us delaware the failure of our marriage. Los fact that he composed it precisely when us divorced is emotional really.

"It was great to carry out that tune because me gustaría could put in together feeling. Identificación didn't mind sharing it with ns public. That didn't feel wrong. There is so much in the song.

"It was a mixture the what identificación felt and what Björn felt, but likewise what Benny and Frida walk through."

Where was los video filmed?

The música video come promote the song to be filmed in July 1980, top top Marstrand, an isla on ns Swedish west coast.

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It was directed Oscar-winning filmmaker Lasse Hallström (The Cider house Rules, Chocolat).

How go it perform in ns charts?

The track topped the chart in ns UK in 1980, and peaked in ~ number 8 in los US.

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It also reached number one in Belgium, Ireland, ns Netherlands, and South Africa.





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