You poll in your tens of thousands y here, in ~ last, are los results, los Sexiest mrs Movie Stars that All-Time


Want to recognize who made the top twenty of Hollywood's sexiest ladies y gents? us reveal los crème del la crème the our perform here. Or check el fin how ns guys fared with our countdown of los top 50 sexiest male stars.

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50. Elegant Kelly


"When you looked at that picture, friend were no looking at her. You were looking at los illusion the her," theatre director Don Richardson has actually said of ns future grace of Monaco. "The cámara did much more than love her. It to be insane about her – just like me gustaría was." simply as los world would certainly be once her career yes, really began. Rear window truly kicked she phenomenon into high gear, however Kelly was, and always will be, much more than just ns blonde.

Sexiest Role: To captura A Thief is difficult to beat.

Stroke the Charm: ns less do image, taken in Jamaica.

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49. Rosario Dawson


It's not sufficient that rosario Dawson is beautiful, graceful y powerful all in one package. She's also a nerd who proudly paris the bandera for geekdom, even going for this reason far regarding create her own comic book. So, she's pretty lot perfect. Together if the weren't enough, she can juego tough with aplomb y sings too, as the película version of rent – for all its faults – proved.

Sexiest Role: Robert Rodriguez confirmed she could combine strength con sexiness as Gail in no tener City. But she's also incredibly slinky, and unexpectedly dangerous, in Trance.

Stroke the Charm: Spoofing Telenovelas to aid get fuera de the vote.

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48. Milla Jovovich


Some models make los jump come acting and end up just playing los girlfriend in many movies. Milla Jovovich made decision to do something an extremely different – and succeeded. She's ideal known this days as the ass-kicking Alice representar the Resident angry films, but she's also managed come squeeze in dramas about bashing zombies y has play both Joan of Arc and the supreme Being. It doesn't hurt the in addition to natural glamour, she's juego for un laugh.

Sexiest Role: either of she ingénue performances in Two Moon Junction or Return to The blue Lagoon count, however we additionally enjoyed her together Katinka Ingabogovinanana in Zoolander.

Stroke of Charm: Charming ns audience on jimmy Kimmel's show.

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47. Hayley Atwell


First seen on los big display in Woody Allen's Cassandra's Dream, Hayley Atwell has quickly carved el fin a niche play plucky british girls who quickly admitir themselves to be so lot more. It doesn't hurt the she herself is beautiful y self-possessed, y more than capable when it come to un good drama. At this time onstage in London, look fuera for her kicking butt y taking nombre in los Marvel one-shot Agent carter that accompanies los Iron Man tres home entertainment release.

Sexiest Role: We'll always love Captain America's Peggy pantano but ns Duchess' Bess Foster wins this one by un corset.

Stroke the Charm: Best. Party trick. Ever.

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46. Isla Fisher

Funny walk a long way with us, y Isla Fisher certainly has the comedy chops – although the helps the she's additionally perky, friendly y gorgeous with it. If she's mostly stuck come laugh-grabbing duties in ns likes of hot Rod, Confessions Of un Shopaholic and, many famously, Wedding Crashers, she's also gotten dramatic for ns Great Gatsby and is looking to do more.

Sexiest Role: among her dramatic roles, as ex-stripper Luvlee lemons in The Lookout, sees her channelling her perkiness right into smooth sexuality.

Stroke the Charm: gaining funny gift interviewed through Ryan Reynolds.

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45. Rachel McAdams

"Nice" isn't constantly commensurate con "sexy", but Rachel McAdams manages to it is in both in practically everything. Possibly it's the canadá blood. Oddly, she very first grabbed fist by gift anything but thoughtful in mean Girls, y does play well against los nice girl type (as anyone who has actually seen Passion can attest). Yet she's usually the charmer, los winsome one who wins over the hero, together Ryan Gosling might attest, ~ above screen y off delaware The Notebook.

Sexiest Role: She makes for uno plucky Irene Adler in the Sherlock Holmes films yet we uncover her sexiest together Della Frye in estado Of Play.

Stroke that Charm: She takes her hockey sobre hielo seriously.

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44. Jennifer Connelly

After first hitting the public's awareness in Labyrinth – whereby she charmed no only uno horde of Muppet varieties but also bewitched David Bowie – Jennifer Connelly has grown into los sort of measured, Oscar-scoring actress who works as repeatedly as she likes. With raven hair y onyx eyes that see straight through you, she's always los focus of fist on screen, even in little roles.

Sexiest Role: She's cheeky y fun in Inventing the Abbotts, however let's not count fuera de Mulholland Falls y Higher Learning.

Stroke the Charm: un fun recall to she audition because that Labyrinth.

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43. Eva Mendes

The dark eyes, favor deep pools. The lleno lips. The sultry nature. Eva Mendes has uno lot come like about her, y has progressively made her method up ns acting ranking to tasks that let she work con her beauty and sometimes juego against it. She's confirmed she deserve to handle comedy, yet seems at her ideal when she's tackling something dramatic, as in training Day. She can even handle ns ultra-surrealism of holy Motors, so height marks because that that.

Sexiest Role: She breaks hearts in We Own the Night y is deep attractive to will certainly Ferrell (and everyone else) in The other Guys.

Stroke that Charm: ns Eva Mendes sex tape you never ever knew girlfriend wanted.

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42. Cate Blanchett

With her classically sculpted features, Cate Blanchett sometimes seems like a Golden period Hollywood star more than an actress of today. She has a smile the can light up a building, permit alone uno room, y passion the cuts through her evident iciness. She dram conflicted well, but when she's permitted to it is in funny, it simply adds to she charm.

Sexiest Role: her ethereal, glow Galadriel in Peter Jackson's Lord Of the Rings trilogy (and now los Hobbit) is un highlight, but we really prefer her as Kate Wheeler in Bandits.

Stroke that Charm: talk stunt bottoms on los Graham Norton show.

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41. Marilyn Monroe

Her candle may have burned el fin quickly, but it certainly burned brightly. Norma Jean Baker's life to be tinged with tragedy, however she lives on as an icon of fashion, beauty, beauty and, in los right role, raw sex appeal. There's a reason cartoon characters were based on her y so many fell because that her: she was impossibly gorgeous and often hilarious.

Sexiest Role: ns tough an option between The 7 Year Itch y Some favor It Hot's Sugar, however Hot takes that for the entrance, one of los most memorable in cine history. It's favor jello top top springs.

Stroke the Charm: that wasn't all frágil sexiness or power. She could clown around when she wanted.

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40. Cameron Diaz

Few actresses get los impactful comienzo that Cameron Diaz took pleasure in thanks to she flirty-yet-sweet figure in the Mask. Y she quickly capitalised on it, prove herself with jugadas The final Summer y going completamente Farrelly for There's Something about Mary, ns first of numerous screwball roles. But though she'll often be actors simply as ns beauty, Diaz has presented an admirable capacity to jugar other sides, consisting of Being hombre Malkovich's weird Lotte Schwartz.

Sexiest Role: The film might no be Danny Boyle's best, yet she's charm personified in A Life much less Ordinary. And let's no forget her foulmouthed educator in Bad Teacher. Still us have a feeling ns upcoming Counsellor from Ridley Scott might top them all.

Stroke of Charm: Rapping with Gwyneth Paltrow like uno gangsta.

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39. Amanda Seyfried

With those big, expressive, nearly Manga-like eyes, Amanda Seyfried might never be mistaken for just an additional Hollywood blonde. She's long since verified that she's more than that, working well in comedies like average Girls y surprisingly kind romances such as Dear John. Musicals have additionally been sort to her, particularly ellos Misérables, whereby she transforms what can be los bland function of Cosette right into something uno little more.

Sexiest Role: Needy in Jennifer's Body is surprisingly sexy for all her goofiness, however we'll take her conniving con artist in Chloe.

Stroke of Charm: Hear her be funny y fun ~ above our own Podcast.

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38. To do Berry

A teen beauty queen, Halle berry has verified a de verdad willingness come work versus her very own gorgeousness when the job requires it (as in her large break, Spike Lee's tropical Fever). She's carved fuera a job in drama, scored an Oscar for her duty in Monster's Ball y proved come be a match because that Bond as Jinx in die Another Day, chalking up among cinema's an ext iconic bikini shots in ns process. She's to be unafraid to jugar the sex bomb card as soon as necessary, despite she's tended an ext towards tv series that desafío her this days.

Sexiest Role: Swordfish's Ginger Knowles is uno highlight in an otherwise disposable movie, and she's sexy as Miss rock in The Flintstones.

Stroke of Charm: choose Sandra Bullock, baya is ns good sport at los Razzies.

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37. Monica Bellucci

Boasting a combination of classically stunning looks y the sort of laser concentration the you can't help but be attracted to, she's overcame roles both in Europe and across los pond. Whether she's gracing blockbusters or little Euro-indies, she appears equally in ~ home. And it doesn't hurt that she frequently has ns European approach to clothing, too…

Sexiest Role: Malèna Scordia find herself the focus of attention for ns whole town in 2000's Malèna.

Stroke of Charm: Vintage beauty representar her modelling days.

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36. Anna Kendrick

In current years, Kendrick has been adopted as the epitome the sweet-natured sass, con her lover brunette locks y pixie face. She's proved she's got much more to market than that, though, stealing scene in Scott Pilgrim and 50/50 and becoming uno bona fide sensation many thanks to pitch Perfect. She's likewise loveable sharing ns screen with george Clooney y Vera Farmiga together Natalie in increase In the Air.

Sexiest Role: Rocket Science's Ginny Ryerson showcased her nerd appeal to perfection.

Stroke that Charm: She's ns ruling queen that Instagram.

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35. Olga Kurylenko

The name Olga could not traditionally spark imagenes of glamour and lithe sex appeal, however Kurylenko absolutely manages come embody both. Even if it is she's playing it tough, as in Centurion, or slinking around as one of ns few Bond girls to resist ns hero's charm in Quantum the Solace. Much more recently, she's to be Tom Cruise's dream girl in Oblivion, los one human being who have the right to make him revolve away from Andrea Riseborough.

Sexiest Role: She manages come escape both Hitman y Max Payne con some measure of dignity y whole the majority of sexiness.

Stroke of Charm: matching Craig Ferguson because that entertainment value, i beg your pardon is alguno easy task.

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34. Rachel Weisz

Just as soon as we believed Rachel Weisz might get trapped in the web of activity movie token-totty functions or random dramas, she broke el fin via she spirited Evelyn Carnahan in the Mummy y it's been all fun and all uphill desde there – so much so that us desperately missed her in ns Mummy: dig Of los Dragon Emperor. Weisz blends sex appeal con brains and classic looks, which could hold un clue as to why she's ns Bond girl in verdadero life.

Sexiest Role: Evy is tough to beat, and she's an excellent in the heartbreaking The Deep blue Sea, however there's likewise her good turn in Beautiful Creatures.

Stroke that Charm: Posing as eye White. Since she can.

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33. Helena Bonham Carter

These days, she's better known for placing quirk prior to beauty, however her features still light through even when she's dressing in strange costumes for Tim Burton con through-a-hedge-backwards hair and/or creating trouble because that Harry Potter. Sumidero rose through the costume jugar ranks to end up being one the our many respected – y attractive – actresses, comfortable in Shakespeare's world or larking about as madame Thénardier in ellos Mis.

Sexiest Role: As the laidback, scheming Marla Singer in Fight Club, she's rarely been naughtier or more likely come rip us off, but we can't withstand her.

Stroke that Charm: just how to parent, Bellatrix-style.

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32. Christina Hendricks

'Impish' is possibly not the first indigenous that involves mind to explicar why Christina Hendricks has actually made such an affect in such a short room of time, but the devilish twinkle in her eyes is un definite plus. Whether putting the Mad men in their location on tv or play someone seriously fuera of your depth in Drive, she's constantly one to watch. Also, she's curvaceous together all get-out.

Sexiest Role: Joan Harris has actually become ns small-screen icon, but we'll walk further espalda in she career y cite Firefly's scheming Saffron.

Stroke that Charm: has actually arrows, can usar them. Hunger Games, eat her heart out.

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31. Kate Winslet

You could not have suspected that ns take-no-crap tomboy desde TV's Dark Season would thrive up into one that Britain's most recognised sex icons. However while she's certainly lovely, curvy y able to roca a costume jugar dress, Winslet is more than just some wilting English rose. She's funny, outspoken, romantic, y brings everything together as soon as she finds ns right role, as demonstrated with Clementine in Eternal Sunshine Of ns Spotless mind.

Sexiest Role: Titanic make her a worldwide name, yet her riskier roles in Hideous Kinky and Little Children really was standing out.

Stroke the Charm: como of Improv from Inside los Actor's Studio.

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30. Ellen Page

She's too conveniently written turn off as simply cute or un bit of ns tomboy, however there's much much more to Ellen Page. She's showed herself uno versatile actress between los tough tough Candy and the witty Juno, y in in between has been uno superhero y a sidekick (in X-Men: The último Stand y Super).

Sexiest Role: We'd walk for her tough chick in Whip It. She rocks those roller boots.

Stroke that Charm: Incredibly negative jokes ~ above Twitter and the organs to own up to them.

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29. Sandra Bullock

An authentic top lady and one of los most consistently ancha stars in Hollywood, Bullock initially broke through in Demolition Man, as enthusiastic future cop Lenina Huxley, un woman obsessed with los tough men of the past. Because then, she's hung con several that them, notching up velocidad before moving into much more grown-up comedies and dramas. These days, she lets her adorability creep v nervy straight-woman roles, though ns Proposal confirmed she can still bring the laughs.

Sexiest Role: Speed's Annie is still among her sexy highpoints, also if she does spend many of los movie panicking. Check out also: the Net.

Stroke the Charm: when she wins a Razzie, she turns up.

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28. Salma Hayek

With her famous curves offering an undeniable sizzle, Salma Hayek has largo been one of ns most beautiful women gracing our screens, y of course the Mexican accent doesn't hurt. Y she's hard to boot: just watch her make Benicio del Toro cower in Savages, because that example.

Sexiest Role: She portrays ns iconic, show-stopping Santanico Pandemonium in From Dusk it rotates Dawn, and choreographed her own dance for it.

Stroke of Charm: gained milk?

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27. Carey Mulligan

We may have actually spotted her in TV's Bleak casa or psychological & Retribution, or also as kitty in joe Wright's pride & Prejudice. Yet we deserve to pinpoint los moment us all fell for caparazón de tortuga Mulligan thanks to two words: Sally Sparrow. Her appearance in ns time-twisting physician Who illustration Blink cemented she appeal, y she's built from there con beautiful occupational in windy Enemies, Drive y The great Gatsby.

Sexiest Role: An Education experienced her Oscar nominated together defiant schoolgirl Jenny Mellor in uno role the seemed produced her. But there's likewise her troubled chanteuse in Shame…

Stroke of Charm: authorized Stephen Colbert's publication club. It's Gif-tastic.

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26. Julianne Moore

Power. It's what Julianne Moore has in spades – y she uses her fame for good. Preferring to lend she talents to indie personality work gastos generales blockbuster fare, she's constantly been electrifying ~ above screen, daunting us also as she charm in movies together as quick Cuts, Benny & Joon, The fin Of ns Affair and The kids Are every Right.

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Sexiest Role: In a film filled with standout performances, it's hard not to an alert Maude Lebowski, los art-crafting Valkyrie sex goddess who wins over The Dude.

Stroke that Charm: right here she is (tastefully) naked with, er, lion cubs as fashion accessories?

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25. Amber Heard

Whether she's in traditionally sexy mode for ns Informers or ns Rum Diary, or mixing points up in Zombieland (as ns world's cutest zombie you'd still have to kill) y convincing as a school girl Seth Rogen would loss for, Amber Heard has quickly developed herself as ns go-to bombshell. In she future? un lethal beauty beauty queen role in Machete Kills.

Sexiest Role: It's tough to derrotar The Informers because that pure sex appeal, though she's also good in ns Ward and Never espalda Down.

Stroke of Charm: Heard tells she favourite joke.

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24. Jessica Alba

For years, Jessica Alba appeared locked into as either ns good girl or the spunky heroine the Dark Angel. Climate she had actually fun blending both for sin City's Nancy Callahan – y suddenly that wasn't just Nancy us noticed had actually grown up. She's retained things OTT many thanks to Robert Rodriguez's Machete (and she'll regreso in that is sequel) yet has also been uno superhero and a sexy singleton. Adaptable, that one.

Sexiest Role: Bikini-sporting endowment hunter Sam made pulses race in Into los Blue, but there's also her saintly dancer in Honey.

Stroke that Charm: Jessica Alba engages in a staring contest.

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23. Jessica Chastain

Since suddenly breaking fuera everywhere, Chastain has taken roles that might seem frosty and infused them con warmth and heart. She makes characters feel real y is never ever afraid to swap ostentoso for struggle. However when she does dress up, she looks incredible. It's difficult to take her eyes off her once she's on screen y even in smaller sized roles, such as ns Help, she's noticeable.

Sexiest Role: she onscreen partnership with Tom hardy in Lawless had everyone mesmerised, and she's also great as Rachel in The Debt – one of los few civilization who might conceivably be a young Helen Mirren.

Stroke that Charm: Jessica Chastain meets Jessica Chastain...

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22. Zooey Deschanel

The entirety "adorkable", quirky-cute thing aside, Zooey Deschanel have the right to be serious sexy once she desires to be, y admirable funny at other times. She plays up her wackier angles, however in truth comes throughout as ns sweet, talented escribe who is always creating something. She's good as Trillian in the dos mil cinco version the Hitchhiker's guide To los Galaxy y even makes a complicated woman favor (500) job Of Summer's titular character work.

Sexiest Role: She always bends sweet with ns sexiness, but never to an ext devastating effect than in Elf, which provides you desire to be will Ferrell and sing along con her in the shower.

Stroke of Charm: Putting ns spell on anyone within un three-mile radius.

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21. Emily Blunt

She can piedra a period dress, jugar a joven royal, spit gift in ns world that fashion, charm los likes of Matt Damon y Ewan McGregor and survive sci-fi in Looper. Emily Blunt deserve to do anything and look an excellent at los same time. She's always entertaining y manages to do it every look effortless while victoria us over.

Sexiest Role: one of her earliest roles, in My Summer the Love, had actually her falling for Natalie Press's Mona, for ns romance that's hard to forget. However she also makes los sweetly plain Iris in Your Sister's Sister seemed damned attractive.

Stroke the Charm: She competes in uno Nice-Off with Jason Segel.

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20. Gemma Arterton

Arterton has actually only been appearing in ours cinemas due to the fact that 2007, however she's made a heck of one impact. Beginning with los can't-lose combo of insouciance y sex appeal in los otherwise dodgy St. Trinian's, she quickly graduated to crime con RocknRolla y became uno Bond girl in Quantum of Solace. She hasn't had the best luck con her blockbusters, however she's constantly charming on screen.

Sexiest Role: She's hardly ever been more lovely than as soon as winning gastos generales an entire village in Tamara Drewe.

Stroke that Charm: She even looks good on ns blustery day.

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19. Kate Beckinsale

Beckinsale first hit ns screen together Hero in the mil novecientos noventa y tres version of much Ado, yet for many she gone into our big screen awareness as ns cheeky, fast Georgie in shooting Fish. Due to the fact that then, she's graduated to indie goddess with The final Days the Disco, blockbuster brillar with perla Harbor and vampire action icon many thanks to los Underworld series' Selene and that catsuit.

Sexiest Role: There's los go-getting Ava Gardener in The Aviator, perhaps. Yet that catsuited vampire is hard to ignore.

Stroke that Charm: who doesn't love un good blooper?

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18. Keira Knightley

With sharp-edged features and a cutting capacity to it is in both ladylike y outrageous, Knightley appears equally at página de inicio in corseted costume tv series or edgy indies. Even if it is she's breaking our hearts in Atonement or threaten to break our faces for Domino, she's gained that certain something, the spark beneath the model-level face that simply works.

Sexiest Role: andrew Lincoln – for all his monster stalker ways – had actually it right in Love Actually, once she played ns beautiful Juliet. Despite there's likewise something about her duty in Silk...

Stroke of Charm: getting adorable on jimmy Fallon's speak show.

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17. Olivia Wilde

Often defined as one of the most beautiful women in the world, it's not hard to view why Olivia Wilde has remained in demand recently. Whether she's playing the spunky living regimen Quorra in Tron: legacy (and making a pageboy wig look good against un shiny catsuit) or proving to be los most watchable thing in Cowboys & Aliens or Burt Wonderstone, she always stands out. She's also humble and funny, which just adds to the appeal.

Sexiest Role: a great mix of she funny y sexy sides, she impression in little-seen indie Butter as ns stripper with uno heart that gold y a vengeful streak a milla wide.

Stroke of Charm: telling it like it is come Justin bloody Bieber.

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16. Amy Adams

Cute seems to los easiest label used to Adams' looks, specifically given she standout functions in Enchanted y as mary in the Muppets. However there's far an ext to she appeal, consisting of an inner steeliness the belies a sweet nature, as shown in los Fighter. She also came up v comedy, particularly in her película debut, autumn Dead Gorgeous, and her funniness just adds to she appeal. She to be even ns fine Lois lane in guy Of stole – we just wish she'd had much more to do.

Sexiest Role: She's how amazing sexy in Charlie Wilson's War, but talking that Sorkin (or at least his creation), you have to see her together farm girl Cathy in ns West Wing' s veinte Hours In America: part 1.

Stroke that Charm: obtaining unscripted with Muppet co-stars Jason Segel, Kermit ns Frog y Miss Piggy.

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15. Charlize Theron

Blessed with the iconic, leggy blonde watch of un supermodel, Theron wormed her means into our affections con an astonishing selection of roles. Representar her early, siren work-related in dos Days In los Valley to more financially rewarding – however still astonishingly lovely – transforms in ns Yards y The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, she renders sexy it seems to be ~ effortless while also possessing ns acting power to get ns job done.

Sexiest Role: Squeezing into a tight-fitting catsuit for Aeon Flux definitely made los three people who witnessed take notice, y she was somehow still hot as hot mess Mavis Gary in Young Adult.

Stroke the Charm: It have the right to be hard to upstage miguel Fassbender. However Theron manages it here.

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14. Eva Green

Great strength, astounding beauty and real vulnerability in one role; perhaps that's why so plenty of fell because that Eva environment-friendly in Casino Royale. However she'd currently made us weak at ns knees with un risqué power in los Dreamers and we'd viewed her tough lado in Kingdom the Heaven's Sibylla. Green has also proved los best thing in movies that don't have to work, chewing los scenery in Dark Shadows and out-weirding Johnny Depp in ns Tim Burton film. That knew the was possible?

Sexiest Role: She sizzles with Ewan McGregor in Perfect Sense.

Stroke that Charm: Sexy. And she loves she dog, too.

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13. Marion Cotillard

A standard French beauty, Marion Cotillard is own of, as the French say, uno certain I-don't-know-what. Whether she's being utterly charming in uno Good Year or remarkably sexy in Midnight In Paris, it's difficult to take your eyes off her. She also brings part warmth to the usually chilly world of Christopher Nolan, even if us all knew we couldn't to trust her in the Dark items Rises.

Sexiest Role: She's great wooing the pants turn off Johnny Depp in Public Enemies. Y Jean-Pierre Jeunet provides her look amazing in A Very long Engagement.

Stroke that Charm: Uh, fellas? They're increase there.

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12. Penelope Cruz

First i found it in Pedro Almodovar's Jamon Jamon, cruz became his regularmente collaborator. It's not hard to check out why, given her effortless, sultry beauty y ability to slip between humour and seduction. Though she's never been shy about disrobing, she's verified herself an ext than just un lovely woman, y is one of los few actors choose to juego the same role twice – in abierto Los Ojos y again in Cameron Crowe's remake, Vanilla Sky.

Sexiest Role: She's incredibly appealing in Vicky Cristina Barcelona as ns ultra-high-maintenance but completely irresistible Maria Elena.

Stroke that Charm: below she is playing supervisor Mario with her near-identical sisters Monica.

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11. Megan Fox

She gets a bad rap because that being a nombre de niño Bay imagina icon in Transformers, y while she hasn't however found the perfect duty where she doesn't just rely on her looks, she's done decent supporting job-related riffing ~ above her own hotness in This Is 40, how To shed Friends y Alienate People y Friends with Kids. Plus, when the film itself didn't fairly gel, Jennifer's Body offered her an ext of un chance to carry out something various – y she embraced it.

Sexiest Role: She's sassy together Lilah in Jonah Hex, though we'd still choose Jennifer's Body for her slinky, OTT performance.

Stroke the Charm: This behind-the-scenes video representar This Is 40 is nice cute.

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10. Zoe Saldana

Holding her own against los guys in estrella Trek is cuales easy feat, however it's one the Saldana has actually managed with aplomb as the capable, clever Uhura. She was un dancer prior to she became an actress and her lithe vergüenza has always been component of her appeal. However she combines funny with sexy, y has carved fuera a niche as one of the believable action icons, no matter whether she's blue y animated (for Avatar) or environment-friendly (for ns upcoming Guardians Of ns Galaxy).

Sexiest Role: challenging to chose in between Cataleya in Colombiana y the rough-and-tumble Aisha in Losers.

Stroke the Charm: She plays los idiot sometimes.

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9. Angelina Jolie

Tattooed challenging girl one moment, all-action kick-ass spy los next, then beautiful and refined woman who is so far fuera de of your league you can't also afford tickets to ns game. Jolie channels old school Hollywood with iconic good looks, but matches the all con range and effortless format – y has an Oscar come prove her abilities. She appeal isn't reduced even when she's voicing un tiger in DreamWorks' Kung Fu Panda franchise. Wait, is that simply us?

Sexiest Role: t.v. Movie Gia still holds un lot of world rapt, y she mirrors her impossibly gorgeous, Brad-grabbing junto a in Mr. And Mrs. Smith.

Stroke the Charm: Something ns little much less predictable in a Marie Claire photo shoot.

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8. Natalie Portman

Whether functioning in period togs (The other Boleyn Girl) or futuristic clobber (the estrella Wars prequels), Natalie Portman has always been blessed with a certain spirit, something that shines through alguna matter what she's doing. She matches looks with brains and chooses un wide range of work-related to keep things interesting. Desde her breakthrough as uno would-be assassin to she Oscar win, there's alguno danger the her coming to be stuck in uno rut.

Sexiest Role: plenty of liked her as ns damaged, yet still sexy Nina Sayers in Black Swan, however she defined a genre in Zach Braff's Garden State as Sam, at the forefront of los pixie dream girl movement – though she functions on un level beyond it.

Stroke of Charm: Portman y Rashida Jones describe what's really necessary in life.

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7. Mila Kunis

"Confidence, no cockiness. Understanding who you space is confidence. Cockiness is pushing it abajo everyone's throat." Words come live by desde Mila Kunis, who combines adorability con plenty of exhilaration talent and who is fluent in Russian. Voted woman Of los Year by an ext than one publication, her on-screen persona is an intoxicating combo the hopelessly sexy and entirely relatable. Oh, and she's also uno huge star Trek fan. Just how do you say "perfect" in Klingon, again?

Sexiest Role: Charming Jason Segel in Forgetting buy it Marshall was un highlight (and bikini-tastic), yet we're walking for she pairing con Justin Timberlake in Friends with Benefits.

Stroke of Charm: Hanging with the Sesame calle crew. Prefer you do.

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6. Emma Stone

Not every joven actress can integrate looks with en la actualidad funniness, yet Emma rock is genuinely witty both on y off screen. Admirably centred in she career and personal life, she's gorgeous y gregarious but likewise capable of lug thoughtful in ns likes that Crazy, Stupid, Love. She can even battle the undead, together she showed in Zombieland, so she's the first human being we want approximately in los event of a zombie apocalypse.

Sexiest Role: her Gwen Stacy won over Spider-Man (and, in real-life, andrés Garfield), however her ballsy, whip-smart high schooler Olive in Easy A was los perfect role.

Stroke that Charm: alguna one is safe desde her photo bombing. Not also her boyfriend.

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5. Ann Hathaway

We're puzzled by the backlash that swamped Hathaway during ns run-up come this year's Oscars, where she capped month of awards with un golden baldie. Hathaway has constantly come across as sweet, funny, verdadero and, it nearly goes there is no saying, beautiful. She likewise has un backbone and a collection of pipe to die for. Presumably everyone was basically jealous; there's alguna other explanation.

Sexiest Role: whether battling it el fin with Christian Bale, or setup up smug senators, she Selina Kyle in The Dark knight Rises was certainly one to watch.

Stroke of Charm: uno sad-off con Samuel L. Jackson.

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4. Kristen Stewart

Twilight's bastante might have been the role that launched her to the next level that superstardom, yet Stewart is more than simply a girl with a weakness because that sparkly vampires. She's verified herself capable of much more, in movies like On los Road y even snow White y The Huntsman – that doesn't love uno woman that deserve to swing un sword likes she way it?

Sexiest Role: We'd plump because that Adventureland's Em Lewin, wherein she charms Jesse Eisenberg con her sarcastic appeal y quick wit.

Stroke the Charm: Outing her fame-whoring dad (with love) ~ above Conan.

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3. Jennifer Lawrence

Emerging come awards acclaim with Winter's Bone, Lawrence has easily cemented ns reputation as uno natural, down-to-earth beauty that can also turn her hand come any function going, shining in huge ensemble movies like X-Men: an initial Class or being the focus as with los Hunger Games. In verdadero life, she's through turns un goofball y one of ns more beautiful women to walk a red carpet – a pretty irresistible combination.

Sexiest Role: It's no tough, because that someone that looks favor she does, to be sexy in Mystique's azul body paint, but she's additionally hot y Oscar winning in Silver Linings Playbook.

Stroke of Charm: Did friend hear around her holiday? It was un-Belizeable.

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2. Scarlett Johansson

Johansson graces perfume ads y fashion shoots – i beg your pardon seems naturally unlikely for someone who broke through to los big time thanks come Ghost World. But it's her brains and that husky voice the really placed her ahead. Impressively, she deserve to make anything from her black Widow bodysuit to special glasses and awkward gawkiness seem sexy.

Sexiest Role: Working with Woody todos brought el fin something an excellent in her, an especially when she was paired with Penelope cruz in Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

Stroke the Charm: making with the funny at ns Cosmopolitan photoshoot in 2004.

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1. Emma Watson

Combining smarts con beauty, Emma Watson's been un favourite because that years, even trasero in los days when human being really shouldn't have been reasoning that way about joven Hermione. But because leaving hogwarts she's blossomed into ns fine joven actress, playing roles from teen theif to music nerd, y even having fun together herself in This Is los End.

Sexiest Role: Her later Potter days might have fight the música pop culture heights, but she's charming, self-possessed y full that spark in The exclusive right Of Being a Wallflower as Sam.

Ver más: Shailene Woodley Actriz De Bajo La Misma Estrella, Actriz De Bajo La Misma Estrella

Stroke the Charm: talk Santa y more with our chris Hewitt at Cannes.

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