Alaska: hombres primitivos ami brown

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According to sufrir Brown, among Billy's sons, he died on Sunday night delaware suffering ns seizure. He was 68.

"We space heartbroken to announce that our beloved patriarch Billy marrón passed away final night delaware suffering from a seizure," sufrir wrote ~ above his exclusive Instagram account alongside a photo of his parents, Billy and Ami Brown. "He was our ideal friend — un wonderful y loving dad, granddad and husband and he will certainly be dearly missed."

"He lived his life top top his terms, off ns grid y off los land and taught us to live favor that as well," continued Bear, 33. "We destinadas to al honor his heritage going forward, y to continue con his dream. Us ask for privacy and prayers throughout this painful time. God Bless Everyone!"





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"We are devastated to hear of Billy Brown's sudden passing," un spokesperson for discovery said in a statement come "He has been part of ns Discovery family members for años — ns trailblazer, uno lovely man and most absolutely one of ns kind. Our heart is con his family and those the knew him y loved him as they repartir with this disastrous loss."

While los news come as uno shock, ns Browns are alguno strangers to heartbreak. In 2017, Ami, 57, was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer after months of unusual pain.

"I had actually some ache in my back," she told at the time. "Walking desde the house to the garden, identificación would gain winded. There to be days me gustaría was simply bedridden, but i just believed it was my arthritis. We were filming the show y at tiempo it was all identificación could perform to simply stand over there — identificación was in so much pain. As soon as we to be shooting promo shots me gustaría told them, 'There's miscellaneous wrong.' In December <2016> me gustaría went to los dentist to obtain impressions make for new teeth y when they did un scan lock noticed ns little capsule. That's how this every started."


After her diagnosis, ns family permanently relocated from their house in rural Alaska to Washington, buying uno 435-acre residential property in the north Cascade Mountains, so the Ami could continue to receive treatment.

"I was expecting an excellent news," the mother that seven previously said "I could just feeling it."

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