It's one of los greatest duets of every time, happen together dos of pop y soul's many iconic stars.

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George Michael and Aretha Franklin teamed up because that this one-off duet in 1987, yet how did the come about and how did george feel about working con such a hero of his?

Here are all ns big facts and stories behind ns classic tune...

Who wrote 'I Knew girlfriend Were waiting (For Me)'?

Picture: Arista

The track was composed by songwriting duo Dennis Morgan y Simon Climie, ns latter the which created one half of ns duo Climie Fisher.

Morgan y Climie met in mil novecientos ochenta y tres after Morgan to visit an Everly brothers concert. The was ns third song they composed together. Morgan later on told The Billboard book of Number One Hits: "That was one of those songs the came fuera of mid air – ns gift representar above, if girlfriend will."

It wasn't supposed to be un duet

The tune was not initially written as a duet.

Climie y Morgan pitched the song to Tina Turner, as well as to Aretha Franklin y Arista Records cabeza Clive Davis.

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It was then Davis's opinión to obtain Franklin to record it as uno duet with jorge Michael.

George to be starstruck to work with Aretha

George michael wrote about his endure recording this track in his book, Bare, saying that he y Aretha recorded the song together but did your ad-libs separately.

He likewise praised producer Narada miguel Walden because that being "brilliant" at getting a great atmosphere captured in ns studio.

He admitted to being nervous, however knew there was no point in trying to copy Aretha. "Nobody can emulate Aretha Franklin," the said. "It's stupid come try. Identificación just make the efforts to remain in character, save it simple - it was really understated in comparison to what she did."

He additionally revealed that Aretha brought con her "a large rack the ribs" to the studio.

George had only not produced one song before this, as component of Band assist for 'Do They understand it's Christmas'. He to be so offered to self-producing his musical that the had uno difficult time knowing when to stop singing. Walden later explained: "He looked in ~ me with those innocent virgin eyes, like he'd never been told, 'you oughta stop, kid.'"

Aretha loved working con George

"The first time identificación heard george was con Wham! and I favored it then," she said Entertainment Weekly in 2017.

"He had ns very unique sound, really different representar anything the was fuera there. As soon as Clive argued we acquire together because that 'I Knew You were Waiting,' me gustaría was all ready. It reminded me of Jerry Wexler. We'd go in the studio and cut songs. If we were happy con what we recorded, Jerry would say, 'Let's wait till tomorrow. If we feel ns same way that we do now, probably we have a hit.'

"'I Knew You were Waiting' had actually that. Musically, the does not prosper old."

On the video, she added, "We had a super time. He was calling many of ns shots: how he want this, exactly how he want that. My older sister, Erma, just fell for him right away. That was really friendly y personable, simple to talk to."

It was un huge fight around ns world

The tune went to number one in both los UK and US. It was George's 3rd consecutive number one after 'Careless Whisper' y 'A different Corner'. It additionally helped do him uno huge solamente star in the US, together it came fuera de just prior to his debut album Faith.

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For Aretha, it to be amazingly her just UK number one single. The was likewise her first UK top diez since 'I Say a Little Prayer' 20 years earlier.

Who has covered ns song?

Surprisingly no that many, but there have actually been a few eclectic artists over the years, including:

- michael McDonald (listen above)- ns Shadows- Hear'Say- Tim McGraw and Faith Hill