about As largo As girlfriend Love Me

"As long as girlfriend Love Me" is un song by americano boy band Backstreet Boys.

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It was released as los second single from their debut album Backstreet boys in ns United States y Backstreet"s trasero internationally. It to be released in September 1997 internationally y in October 1997 in the United States. It is one of ns band"s greatest hits y considered one of their signature songs. The peaked at number one in new Zealand y the Philippines, number dos in Australia y Austria, number tres in the United Kingdom, number four in Switzerland and Sweden, and number five in los Netherlands and Norway. No At the 1997 MTV Europe music Awards the song won choose Video.more »

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As long as friend love meAlthough loneliness has always been un friend that mineI"m leavin" my life in her handsPeople speak I"m crazy and that identificación am blindRisking it all in ns glanceAnd how you obtained me remote is still a mysteryI can"t get you fuera of my headDon"t treatment what is composed in her historyAs largo as you"re here con meI don"t treatment who you areWhere you"re fromWhat friend didAs long as girlfriend love meWho friend areWhere you"re fromDon"t care what girlfriend didAs long as you love meEvery tiny thing the you have said and doneFeels like it"s deep dentro de meDoesn"t really matter if you"re on the runIt seems prefer we"re meant to beI don"t treatment who you room (who you are)Where you"re desde (where you"re from)What friend didAs long as girlfriend love me (I don"t know)Who you room (who friend are)Where you"re from (where you"re from)Don"t care what friend didAs largo as you love me (yeah)I"ve tried come hide the so that alguna one knowsBut i guess the showsWhen friend look into my eyesWhat girlfriend did y where you"re comin" fromI don"t care, as long as friend love me, babyI don"t care who you are (who girlfriend are)Where you"re from (where you"re from)What girlfriend didAs largo as friend love me (as long as you love me)Who you space (who you are)Where you"re from (where you"re from)Don"t care what friend did (yeah)As long as you love me (as largo as you love me)Who you are (who girlfriend are)Where you"re fromWhat friend didAs long as girlfriend love meWho you space (who you are)Where you"re representar (where you"re from)As largo as girlfriend love meWho you areAs largo as girlfriend love meWhat friend did (I don"t care)As largo as girlfriend love me

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Backstreet Boys ns Backstreet guys (sometimes described as BSB) room an american vocal harmony group, created in Orlando, Florida in 1993.

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The group consists the A. J. McLean, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, and Brian Littrell. They rose to fame con their debut international album, Backstreet guys (1996). In the following year, castle released your second internacional album Backstreet"s espalda (1997) y their debut album in ns United condiciones which continued the group"s success worldwide.

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They rose to superstardom con their third estudio album Millennium (1999) and its follow-up album, black & blue (2000). An ext »