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Fed up with their families and classmates, dos teen girls from a wealthy component of Rome are attracted to los city's underworld y start leading dual lives.

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Season 2 Trailer: Baby
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Fed up with their families y classmates, two teen girls desde a wealthy component of Rome are attracted to ns city's underworld y start leading twin lives.

At one exclusive exclusive high school, college student athlete Chiara forges an i can not qualify bond with rebellious classmate Ludovica and mysterious nuevo boy Damiano.

Chiara gets a peace offering representar her dad. Camilla renders an offhand comment that results Chiara's love life. Ludo suffers uno blow at un family event.

Chiara begs Camilla for ns chance to define things, Nico and Brando plot versus Damiano, y Fiore supplies Ludo ns solution to she money troubles.

Saverio introduces Ludo come an admirer that saw she at ns club. Fabio help Damiano out of ns bind. Ns run-in at ns party leads Chiara to act recklessly.

Ludo gets infuriating news, Chiara y her parents empezar therapy, and Saverio invites los girls come a secret party, wherein a familia face reflects up.

In ns aftermath, Ludo, Damiano y Chiara try to cover their tracks y grapple con feelings that guilt and fear. Fabio savors uno life-changing moment.

Chiara struggles to rest free from the underworld, Ludo faces nuevo complications in every component of her life, and Damiano scrambles to pay turn off his debt.

As a nuevo school year begins, Chiara helps Ludo deal with un troublesome client, and Damiano take away on one more job come pay abajo his debt to Fiore.

Fiore surprises Chiara in ~ school y takes her on un drive. Ludo locks horns con her new teacher. Damiano's late-night exploits leaving him drained.

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Nagging suspicions drive ns wedge between Chiara and Damiano. Brando is required to pick sides when Nico y the others strike Fabio at school.

While a shell-shocked Chiara braces because that fallout representar the incident at Marge, Brando scrambles to shore up his tough-guy image -- in ~ school y at home.

Ludo's mommy drops a bombshell, Damiano tries come make feeling of Chiara's sudden readjust of heart, y Chiara meets Brando's family.

As Brando's latest video sends shock waves with Collodi, Chiara plots she revenge, and Ludo seeks refuge from her stalker.

As ns police close in and their secrets start to surface, Chiara, Ludo and Damiano grapple con volatile family dynamics and a looming windy scandal.

When one acquaintance is recorded in a police raid, Chiara and Ludo problem for your safety. Ns private investigator uses Damiano uno deal.

A historia on uno gossip site sends out rumors flying at Collodi — y prompts Ludo come make huge changes. Damiano sneaks a camera into Fiore's spare apartment.

On los eve of her 18th birthday, ns defiant Ludo accepts a challenge from Virginia. Meanwhile, Chiara deals with one unsettling surprise after another.

As her nuevo life starts to unravel, Ludo makes un desperate move. A tv interview puts Chiara in a difficult position. Damiano opens up come Aurora.

While Chiara deals with los fallout desde her post, Ludo searches for an escape, Damiano looks for advice representar Monica, and Brando confronts his father.

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As ns case goes to trial, Chiara and Ludo weigh their options for los future and scour Rome for the one person who could help bring Fiore to justice.

Benedetta PorcaroliAlice PaganiRiccardo MandoliniChabeli Sastre GonzalezBrando PacittoLorenzo ZurzoloClaudia PandolfiGalatea Ranzi