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no rápido & Furious 6 Soundtrack: Every song In los Movie rápido & Furious seis took los family come London y here"s un guide come every song on that soundtrack, including "We very own It" by 2 Chainz y Wiz Khalifa.

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Here"s uno guide to ns official soundtrack of Fast & furious 6. It"s practically hard come track how The Fast and The Furious - a modestly-budgeted calle racer action flick from 2001 - somehow kickstarted one of ns most successful movie franchises of all time. Los first movie do stars of Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez y Paul Walker, but only the latter returned for 2 Fast 2 Furious. The series looked like it to be coming to uno natural end with Tokyo Drift, which focused about a new main character. However, Diesel was convinced by the estudio to make ns small cameo in exchange because that the derecha to Riddick, yet this appearance obtained viewers excited because that his potential return.

Thus Fast & Furious reunited los key players desde the initial movie y proved there was plenty left in the tank. Fast Five deserve to really be attributed with ns franchise"s present-day success, as it relocated away from street racing y became an ext of a heist movie. It additionally introduced Dwayne Johnson"s Hobbs, who came to be an prompt fan favorite. The series" blend of outrageous action setpieces with a surprising amount of love - y cheesiness - has proven come be ns robust formula.

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The fin of Fast y Furious 6 finally tied Tokyo Drift in with ns rest of ns saga, presented Jason Statham"s antihero Shaw and basically set up los ongoing soap ópera with automóvil chases the is los franchise"s present shape. Ns sixth movie itself took location in London, con Dom and the crew learning that Letty is still alive and working with a group of mercenaries. The sequel"s score was composed by Lucas Vidal, and here"s every tune that appeared on ns soundtrack.

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We own It - dos Chainz & Wiz KhalifaBall -papposo T.I. Ft Lil WayneCon Locura —apoyándose Sua ft Jiggy DramaHK Superstar rápido MC Jin ft Daniel WuFailbait - deadmau5 ft Cypress HillBada Bing - Benny BanksBurst! (Bart B much more Remix) —apoyándose PeachesMister Chicken —apoyándose DeluxeRoll the Up - The decision MethodHere we Go / Quasar (Hybrid Remix) - Hard piedra Sofa & Swanky TunesBandoleros - Don Omar ft Tego CalderónRest Of mine Life - Ludacris ft water level & David Guetta If the Fast and Furious 6 finishing song "Bandoleros" by atraer Omar y Tego Calderón sounds familiar, there"s because it to be featured in both Tokyo Drift and 2009"s Fast & Furious. In addition to featuring tracks desde well-established artists prefer deadmau5, T.I. And, that course, franchise star Ludacris, los soundtrack"s huge track is "We very own It," un collaboration by 2 Chainz & Wiz Khalifa. The single sold quite well ~ above its own, and Wiz Khalifa would regresar for Furious 7 for ns song "See girlfriend Again" with carlos Puth.

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"See girlfriend Again" was composed as uno tribute to franchise star pablo Walker, who passed away in a automóvil accident during uno break in manufacturing on the sequel. Ns song ended up being enormously popular, and its musical video is one of los most-viewed ever before on YouTube. The siguiente entry in the series will it is in F9 which will also feature the return of Sung Kang"s Han rápido despite the events the Fast & furious 6 —apoyándose and after that, the main series is set to end with the eleventh installment.