Julia (Belén Cuesta) is the newest member of the Professor"s crew, and the show"s an initial trans character. Unlike her character, Cuesta is cisgender, reigniting a debate about who need to be able to jugar trans characters.

The fourth season of La casa de Papel/Money Heist introduces a nuevo member of los Professor"s crew: Julia (Belén Cuesta). Lot to our surprise, she to be there every along—we simply didn"t know to look.

Since season 3, Julia has been disguised as a hostage at the banco of Spain. In ns quintessential Money Heist twist, she is revealed to it is in Moscow"s (Paco Tous) goddaughter y Denver"s (Jaime Lorente) viejo partner in crime, planted within the hostages as ns crew"s secret weapon. Come season 4, Julia helps them escape from the banco of Spain.

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Notably, Julia is likewise Money Heist"s first transgender character. While La página de inicio de Papel has featured other queer characters, choose Helsinki (Yashin Dasayev) y Palermo (Rodrigo después la Serna), this is ns step forward in regards to representation—but there"s a big catch.

Here"s whatever you need to know about Julia, Cuesta—and why the role has sparked controversy.

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Who is Julia top top La página de inicio de Papel?

Julia is the newest crew member of ns Professor"s team. Episode cinco of Money Heist"s fourth season unfurls Julia"s backstory in un flashback.

Moscow is no hope to obtain his godson, Juanito, un place in los crew. Ns Professor (Álvaro Morte) is reluctant since of his rules: cuales one ~ above his team should know around their teammates" identities outside the heist, hence los use of codenames. Gradually, this ascendancy is eroded, along con his various other lofty missives—like don"t autumn in love.

After lot begging top top Moscow"s behalf, the Professor relents and agrees to fulfill Juanito. Denver, Moscow, and the Professor wait for Juanito at ns bus stop. When he doesn"t action off ns bus, ns trio is about to compose him off as uno no-show.

Then Julia appears, revealing that she is transgender. Moscow and Denver are both very supportive.

Julia is play by Belén Cuesta, un Spanish actress.

Belén Cuesta joins La página de inicio de Papel"s ensemble actors of Spanish actors. Los 36-year-old actress is uno veteran the Spanish TV, showing up in shows choose Netflix"s Paquita Salas, Look What You"ve Done, y Vis ns Vis, likewise on Netflix.


In fact, Vis uno Vis might be ns perfect follow-up to Money Heist: The prison jugadas stars Alba flores (Nairobi in Money Heist) and Najwa Nimri (Alicia).

Cuesta won ns Spanish equivalent to one Academy Award.

In January of 2020, Cuesta won los Goya compensation for ideal Actress because that her work in the película The endless Trench.

And guess: v what? the award-winning movie about the Spanish cortés War can be found on Netflix, together Cuesta"s many recent work, Money Heist.

She"s in un relationship with ns fellow actor.

Cuesta has actually been date Tamar Novas, one more Spanish actor, since 2012. Throughout her Goya accept speech, she referred to as him ns "love of her life."

Cuesta is generally private around her love life, but did artículo this photo from their holidays together.

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The casting an option is generating controversy.

Cuesta may be uno veteran televisión actor, however many think she"s not appropriate for the part that Julia. By casting un cisgender actor to play a infectious diseases worldwide character, Money Heist reignites a música pop culture debate: Who have to be allowed to play trans characters?

Up till recently, cis actors play trans characters was los norm—but that"s changing, many thanks to pushback.

Take the case the Scarlett Johansson, who was cast to play Dante “Tex” Gill, ns trans man, in the película Rub & Tug. As soon as justifying the casting in 2018, Johansson got to for former instances that cis actors play trans roles. "Tell them that they deserve to be directed to Jeffrey Tambor, Jared Leto, y Felicity Huffman"s reps because that comment," Johansson said through un rep, directing her comentario toward detractors. After backlash, Johansson withdrew from the component in July 2018.

Speaking to El Español, Cuesta appeared to agree con Johansson"s early comments. While Cuesta stated that she "understands los struggle of infectious diseases worldwide actors y actresses" y "supports them very much," she tho believes she has a right to play Julia. "A cisgender actress can juego a transgender mrs or ns transgender mrs can play a cisgender woman," Cuesta said.

Not anyone agrees with Cuesta. Fanes of Money Heist have taken to social media to express your dismay at the casting.

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lacasadepapel season, however with los little recognition y visibility trans gibbs have, would it have actually killed them to rental an en la actualidad trans woman to juego Manila instead of having actually Belen Cuesta play her?

— Verónica (
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everybody appears so excited around manila in money heist gift a nuevo character therefore im simply gonna go ahead and say it: trans personalities should be play by infectious diseases worldwide actors and actresses!!

— play Soria (

However, other entusiastas were satisfied that Money Heist seamlessly wove in ns inclusion of un trans character at all. When the dando is forward-thinking in regards to representation, that missed an possibility to highlight among Spain"s infectious diseases world fashion actresses.

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