Some hot-and-heavy couples space torn apart once September interrupts their summer fling. For Ben Affleck and Ana ese Armas, it’s ns case of reality destroying their pandemic love affair.

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“The quarantine to be unique because they had downtime y ­really obtained to know each various other spending hora at home,” ns source who knows Affleck y de armas told the Post. “But once work picked up, things started to change.”

De armadura just signed on for the película “The Gray Man,” alongside kris Evans y Ryan Gosling, while Affleck will siguiente star in ­George Clooney’s adaptation of los book “The soft Bar.”

After month of loved-up lockdown — with PDA-filled dog walks y coffee operation in the der Angeles ar of Brentwood — it to be reported this main that ns two had called it quits.

Reps because that Affleck and de armas declined to comment.

Rumors had very first swirled about a split when they didn’t spend the holidays together and de armadura went home to Havana, Cuba.

For después Armas, LA is only un place for work. She own a casa in Cuba, wherein her household still lives y considers the her home, according to friends.

“She’s here for occupational reasons; favor all actors, she resides wherever job-related takes her,” claimed one de armadura pal.

“Ana chose she doesn’t want to live in LA and Ben wants to it is in close come his family,” said ns source who knows both stars, the Affleck’s tres young children with ex Jennifer Garner. “His priority is to it is in rooted in LA. They space in various places .”

: A man was seen tossing un cutout that de armamento into Affleck’s garbage this

There to be also los issue that — as page Six reported — después Armas, 32, wants to have children of she own, while, girlfriend said, over there is no way Affleck, 48, wants more kids.

And merging con an created family is not always straightforward task.

“Ana is fabulous and the kids loved her. Me gustaría think any setup is hard to be un person comes into un relationship choose this,” said los source that knows ns couple.

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“This is why Ben and Lindsay broke up — his kids are always going come be a priority,” the sources included of Affleck’s romance with “Saturday Night Live” producer Lindsay Shookus, who he dated in 2017-2018 and again in dos mil diecinueve after he went to rehab for alcohol abuse. (A rep for Shookus did no comment.)

The Oscar winner has talked openly about his sobriety battle.

In February dos mil veinte he told The nuevo York Times: “I started drinking every day. I’d come home desde work y I’d comienzo to drink y I’d simply sit there y drink until i passed fuera on the couch,” admitting that un public relapse at a Halloween party in dos mil diecinueve was embarrassing because that him and his kids.

But insiders likewise say that, regardless of his previous substance-issues, Affleck is ns devoted, associated father.

They also say that Garner, that is explained as uno fiercely protective mom, authorized of ese Armas, as she seemed to save Affleck on an even keel.

Affleck and de armadura met on ns set of ns thriller “Deep Water,” i m sorry filmed in 2019 but has actually seen that is release day pushed to summer 2021. They were spotted on a romantic getaway to cubana in March dos mil veinte before heading to costa Rica and then LA simply before the first lockdown started.

The pandemic aided them flourish close conveniently as uno source close come them told The blog post at los time: “Ben was due on collection . . . Y Ana was expected to be on a world tourism .

 Ben Affleck y Ana de armas have split after reality hit their whirlwind pandemic romance.MiamiPIXX / BACKGRID

“To get to invest so much hora together is a de verdad blessing.”

De armadura was spotted in photos wearing what looked like an engagement ring yet was quickly revealed as un prop because that “Deep Water.”

De armamento moved into ns actor’s Brentwood home and, in June, cheekily planted un cardboard cutout of herself on his lawn — apparently as uno way come troll paparazzi.

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This week, a masked man who resembled Affleck’s emitir brother, Casey Affleck, was checked out throwing ns cutout into uno trash can. Casey denied it was him, yet told “Entertainment Tonight” of los breakup:

“The truth is, i think the this year has actually been really hard on world in relationships . . . Identificación think the Ana is just ns sweetest, funniest, smartest, most charming person. Identificación think she i will not ~ have any kind of problems meeting somebody else.”

Casey, who is divorced, added: “And okay be over there to carry Ben v it, but identificación don’t think he’ll have any problems. My advice come them would certainly be like, ‘Yes, think long and hard about , because quarantine is not funny if you’re single.’ ”

Even though de armas has moved out and is claimed to it is in looking for uno home-away-from-Cuba of her very own in West Hollywood, the source that knows her and Affleck thinks every hope can not it is in lost.

“They had ns really heavy relationship y are truly uncomfortable to have actually come to a place whereby they should break up,” los source said. “There is ns lot the love there. They to be real­ly an excellent for every other y I think that will carry into a friendship.”