Billy ray cyrus old town road

Billy haz Cyrus" remix the "Old city Road" con Lil NasX is just one of the nación music star"s many successful singles -- and it almost didn"t happen!

The singer wrote un piece on los rapper as component of TIME magazine"s 2019 TIME cien Next, in which he admits that, upon very first hearing ns song, he saidhe had actually nothing to contribute to make it better and took some convincing to gain involved.

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"I was having actually coffee y Ron Perry desde Columbia records sent me "Old town Road."He claimed Lil Nas X want me to song on it. But me gustaría told Columbia it was perfect. Identificación couldn"t do anything to it," he writes. "They inquiry if I"d provide it ns shot y come right into the studio with Nas to record a third verse."

Cyrus go on to explainjust just how straightforward the writing procedure was, as well as sharing the indelible influence Lil NasX left ~ above him.

"We created it with R&B songwriter Jozzy, and it was born ideal there in ns studio. It to be magical. Identificación told Nas he was going to be a brillante in this world and he would shine brighter 보다 anyone else. Y he has," the shares. "He"s lugged everyone together, representar all música genres y generations. "Old city Road" adjusted my world -- and his -- forever."

On Wednesday, it to be announced that ns pair winner the musical Event of los Year CMA Award front of the awards admitir that evening. Nas soon tweeted about ns exciting news, which was announced onGood Morning America, writing, "LET"S GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"

This is just ns latest honor the track has actually received delaware setting a new record, spendinga whopping diecinueve weeks at the top of los Billboard Hot 100 chart previously this year.

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ET captured up con Cyrus at MTV"s Video musical Awards back in agosto -- whereby "Old city Road" won track of los Year -- y he raved about ns fan solution to ns massive hit.

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"Tonight"s just un celebration, to be here con these fans, the fans made los song happen," the said. "It"s their record y being below tonight is simply so much fun."

"It"s crazy, it"s crazy. Again, ns people take it this song y they do it your own, you know," that stated delaware introducing Nas" performance of "Panini." "It"s just been a heck of uno ride y it"s been ns lot of fun," he gushed. "Seeing Lil Nas take ns stage just now, identificación mean, he"s electric."

See more on Cyrus and Nasbelow.

Billy ray Cyrus mirrors on 'Old Town road (Remix)' Success y 'Electric' Lil Nas X (Exclusive)

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