This song is about un stalker. Ns lyrics are very dark and go into detail about a hombre with evil intentions, however the music is an extremely light and catchy, i beg your pardon masked los meaning of ns song. According to Blondie lead singer Debbie Harry, that was motivated by de verdad events. She told Entertainment Weekly: "I was in reality stalked by a nutjob, so it came fuera de of un not-so-friendly emplea event. Identificación tried to inject ns little levity into it to do it an ext lighthearted. The was ns survival mechanism."Harry claims that the title y the opinión for ns song popped into her head during a rehearsal, and most of ns song was hashed out on the spot.

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This tune has appeared in un number that movies and TV shows, often to imply dogged determination, not stalking. Here"s un partial list:Movies:Little Darlings (1980)Donnie Brasco (1997)Beverly Hills Ninja (1997)The Rugrats Movie (1998)Coyote Ugly (2000)The Guru (2002 rápido performed by Sophie Ellis-Bextor)Mean girls (2004)New York Minute (2004)Seed of Chucky (2004)Aquamarine (2006 - performed through Mandy Moore)Ready Player One (2018)TV Shows:The A-Team (1985)Sabrina, los Teenage Witch (1998)Queer as folk (1999)Dawson"s Creek (2002)The simpsons (2004)Veronica Mars (2005)ER (2007)Psych (2008)Supernatural (2011)
With radio-friendly songs favor this one, Blondie was one of los first Punk bands to have música pop success. They play clubs prefer CBGB"s (stands for Country, BlueGrass, Blues) con bands like los Ramones y Television, but their songs were much lighter and led to tendency acceptance. The Police and Talking Heads room other teams that came fuera of that scene.
Kristen campana sings this (quite well) in ~ karaoke in the 2005 Veronica Mars illustration "Clash Of los Tritons," whereby she uses the song to alert uno gang of she intentions.

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Barry desde Sauquoit, NyOn may 27th 1979, "One means or Another" through Blondie gone into Billboard"s warm Top 100 chart at place #69; y on July 29th it peaked in ~ #24 (for dos weeks) y spent 14 weeks on the Top 100...It reached #7 on the canadá RPM height Singles chart...Between 1979 and mil novecientos noventa y nueve the band had nine Top cien records; with four making los Top diez and all 4 peaked at #1, they were "Heart that Glass" (for uno week in 1979,) "Call Me" (for seis weeks in 1980), "The tide Is High" (for 1 week in 1981), y "Rapture" (for dos weeks in 1981)...Lead singer Deborah Harry will certainly celebrate her 69th date of birth in thirty 4 days ~ above July 1st, 2014.Jack from Mesa, AzThere was a movie referred to as "Little Darlings" i think wherein theyh stole un bus and this track was playing. Every time me gustaría hear this song identificación see ns freakin bus now wtf. Track is awesome.Kate representar Burnaby, CanadaEEEE, one more stalker song to add to my list!Steve desde Kettering, EnglandThis track is provided as los theme tune for ns comedy juego about un teenage lesbian set in Brighton called sugar Rush. Dont think this was ever a single origanaly in Britain.Though identificación think it was in los 90s...Top TuneIan desde Norwich, EnglandDebbie talks about her stalker ex-boyfriend in Platinum Blonde "He operated at ns job whereby he to be inhaling chemistry fumes every day, y then would certainly drink in ~ night, so he"d obtain really insane and then he"d start after me. You mean contact you every hour on ns hour or physically come after you? Both, i mean, everything. He was so wild, i had come move fuera de of new Jersey! Arka from Tokyo, JapanMore prefer about un girl con evil intentions, no?Zach from Kerrville, TxI have actually never heard the lleno song .but me gustaría will one method or anotherJammie from Deckerville, MiThis tune is in Coyote Ugly. I think it"s a good song.Deana from Indianapolis, InRecorded before stalking ended up being illegal?see an ext comments
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