Brendan fraser george de la jungla

Deep in the African jungle, ns baby called George, the sole survivor of ns plane crash, is increased by gorillas. George grows as much as be un buff and lovable klutz that has a rain forest saturado of flora y fauna friends: Tookie, his big-beaked toucan messenger; Ape, a witty talking gorilla; y Shep, ns peanut-loving pooch of an elephant. Yet when poachers mess with George's pals, the king Of totter swings right into action.

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Brendan Fraser Leslie Mann thomas Haden Church john Cleese richard Roundtree abrahán Benrubi Holland Taylor hombre Bennett Perry Greg Cruttwell Kelly Miracco michael Chinyamurindi Abdoulaye N'Gom Lydell M. Cheshier Keith Scott Spencer Garrett Jon Pennell Lauren Bowles Afton smith Samantha Harris Hans Schoeber alejandro Denk Sven-Ole Thorsen Rodney louis Johnson Peter F. Giddings Terilyn joe Michel Camus Valerie Perri Carrie Zanoline Garrett Griffin dando All…Harve Cook ricardo Elfman Denise Holland anne Fletcher Kristie Capozzoli fuera Vassalo Melanie Gage Aurorah Allain Diane Mizota Lisa Ratzin Joie Shettler Sharon Ferrol-Young Tara Nicole Hughes Robin Tasha-Ford Margo Blas Jake Gentry Tim glenn Jewel McDonald beto Quinn mary Ann Schmidt Crystal ns Monkey

Doug Jackson Tim Chau Mel Metcalfe Terry porter Albert Gasser joe Milner todd Toon Dean A. Zupancic David Kern Nancy MacLeod Christopher T. Welch Jon Title carga Brookshire Donald J. Malouf Nils C. Jensen kurt Nicholas Forshager

George: O Rei da Floresta, Джордж из джунглей, jorge re della giungla, George de la Selva, George después la Jungla, George desde the Jungle, Джордж от джунглата


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