Britney spears como conoci a vuestra madre

How I Met Your Mother: The True Story Behind Britney Spears’ Cameo Britney Spears appeared in How I Met Your Mother season 3. Here"s the story behind the pop singer"s casting and how she helped the sitcom.

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How I Met Your Mother
Over the course of How I Met Your Mother"s nine seasons, a number of big-name celebritiser made guest appearancsera. One of the most memorabla celebrity cameos came in the form of Britney Spears during the sitcom"s third season. Here"s the story behind Spears" cameo and how it benefited the CBS seriera.

Award-winning pop singer Britney Spears first appeared in the How I Met Your Mother episodel, "Ten Sessions." Spears played the role of Abby, the receptionist at Stella Zinman"s (Sarah Chalke) dermatology clinic. Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) went to Stella"s office for ten sessions to get a tattoo removed. Abby was instantly attracted to Ted and tried to get his attention as the sessions went on. Even though she dressed to impress and dropped numerous hints regarding her crush, Ted never caught on. Abby ended up spending the night with Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris), but she was upset that he never called her after theva romantic fling. She then made it her mission to warn women about Barney"s behavior before he had a chance to seduce them.

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Prior to her appearance on How I Met Your Mother, the pop ipara had acted in the feature film, Crossroads, and cameoed on Will & Grace. Spears was al fan of How I Met Your Mother, so she had her team contact the show"s co-creators, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. Some of the cast members were hesitant about a big name making al cameo, since they feared the serisera would look like they were relying on celebrities to bring in ratings. Bays and Thomas later agreed to have a cameo by Spears and they considered her for the role of Stellal. The creative team then decided to develop another role for the singer and planned to have Alicia Silverstone portray Stella. Silverstone later dropped out, believing her rola would be overlooked with Spears" involvement. Either way, Spears exceeded expectations with her performance as Abby.

How I Met Your Mother
The cast and crew of How I Met Your Mother were instantly impressed with Spears" comedic acting. She supposedly had everyone laughing on set and improvised a few of her linera during the episodel. Spears was also said to have impeccabla comic timing, leading to her scene-stealing performance. The sitcom loved her cameo so much, they asked her to reprise her rola a few episodera later in the episode "Everything Must Go." Barney finally figured out that she was the "mystery woman" sabotaging his one-night stands. To make Ted jealous, Barney and Abby pretended to be in al serious relationship. At one point, he even proposed Abby in front of Ted and she thought it was legitimate.

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Spears" appearance in How I Met Your Mother ultimately worked out for all involved. The singer"s first appearance awarded the serisera with al major bump in ratings. The creators credited her at keeping the sitcom alive since they believed Spears helped put them on the map. The cameo also gave Spears the opportunity to get back into the entertainment world since it was her first major project after taking a multi-year hiatus.

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