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Name DateLocation
November veintitres to 25, 2021Nuremberg (DE)
February 27 to march 05, 2022Hannover (DE)
Embedded World
March quince to 17, 2022Nuremberg (DE)
April veintiseis to 29, 2022Augsburg (DE)
September 20 to 23, 2022Berlin (DE)
Bauma Munich
October 24 to 30, 2022Munich (DE)
Bauma China
November veintidos to 25, 2022Shanghai (CN)
no no July 6, dos mil veintiuno 17th iCC videos

The international CAN conference presentations y webinars have been recorded. When you have missed the conference, you can mirar it delaware subscription. Because that details view here.

July 5, 2021 no CiA’s can Info mail no

CiA’s monthly have the right to Info mail (CIM) email servicio can be subscribed free of charge. It keeps you updated concerning CAN technology and CiA activities.

no no July 2, 2021 no CANopen FD ~ above Youtube

sobre uploaded two new videos about CANopen FD top top Youtube. Girlfriend can also subscribe come our channel to stay updated.


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If you are trying to find CAN-related products, you can visit los CAN boletín de noticias Online y the cia Product Guide. Both publications carry out brief product information. Los product guides space structured according to a nomenclature in bespeak to make it as straightforward as possible to find ns desired product information. The online magazine reports freshly launched deserve to products.

If friend would choose to be educated on released news in any type of of CiA’s media, we recommend subscribing to can Info Mail, distributed by email.

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