CANCION ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU"s two new worldwide tallies location songs based on streaming and sales datos from an ext than 200 territories.

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Twenty-six years after its initial release, mariah Carey"s "All i Want for Christmas Is You" is los biggest song in los world, as it rises to No. 1 on los Global 200 chart.

Meanwhile, poor Bunny y Jhay Cortez"s "Dákiti" holds at No. 1 on ns worldwide Excl. U.S. Survey.

The two charts (the recent of which room dated Dec. 19) premiered in September y rank songs based on streaming y sales task culled representar more than 200 territories around los world, together compiled by Nielsen Music/MRC Data. The Global doscientos is inclusive of worldwide data y the worldwide Excl. U.S. Chart comprises data from territories excluding the U.S.

Chart rankings are based on uno weighted formula combine official-only streams on both subscription and ad-supported tiers that audio y video música services, and download sales, los latter of which reflect purchases desde full-service digital musical retailers representar around ns world, with sales desde direct-to-consumer (D2C) web page excluded from the charts" calculations.

Carey"s "Christmas" Coronation on an international 200

Mariah Carey"s "All identificación Want because that Christmas Is You" ascends from No. Dos to No. 1 on los worldwide 200, increase 19% come 79.3 million streams y 18% come 17,000 sold global in ns week finishing Dec. 10. As formerly reported, ns song, an initial released on Carey"s 1994 album Merry Christmas, return to No. 1 on ns U.S.-based hot 100, which it led for los first time last holiday season.

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Bad Bunny and Jhay Cortez"s "Dákiti" drops come No. 2 on ns Global 200 after three total weeks in ~ No. 1, with 97.1 million streams (down 20%), the week"s top worldwide sum; Wham!"s "Last Christmas," originally representar 1984, rises 5-3; the Weeknd"s "Blinding Lights" jumps 9-4, following ns Dec. Cuatro release that its remix with Rosalía; y BTS" "Dynamite" dips 3-5 after three weeks in ~ No. 1.

Further in ns Global 200"s height 10, Brenda Lee"s mil novecientos cincuenta y ocho classic "Rockin" Around los Christmas Tree" climbs 10-7 y two various other carols enter the tier: Bobby Helms" "Jingle campana Rock," from mil novecientos cincuenta y siete (15-9), and Michael Bublé"s "It"s start to Look uno Lot like Christmas," from 2011 (18-10).

"Dákiti" Ties because that Most hora Atop global Excl. U.S.

Bad Bunny y Jhay Cortez"s "Dákiti" remains atop the global Excl. U.S. Chart, with 78.4 million streams (down 20%), and 1,000 downloads offered (down 20%), in regions outside los U.S. In the week finishing Dec. 10. Los song leads ns list for uno fifth totalmente week, tying BTS" "Dynamite" for the most weeks at No. Uno in the chart"s short history.

Mariah Carey"s "All identificación Want for Christmas Is You" jingles 3-2 on the Global Excl. U.S. Chart, with 51.4 million streams (up 20%) y 10,000 offered (up 27%) outside los U.S.; BTS" "Dynamite" fall 2-3; los Weeknd"s "Blinding Lights" leaps 11-4; y Wham!"s "Last Christmas" holds at No. 5.

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As on los Global 200, miguel Bublé"s "It"s beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas" closes out the an international Excl. U.S. Peak 10, as it limit 16-10.

The Global 200 and global Excl. U.S. Charts (dated Dec. 19) will upgrade on tomorrow (Dec. 15). For both charts, ns top 100 titles are available to all readers on, while the complete 200-title rankings are visible on Pro,"s subscription-based service. For every chart news, you have the right to follow