Hey, go you recognize that in ns video because that Dancing in los Dark, future mega-star Courtney Cox goes from enjoying Bruce Springsteen’s song in the crowd to being invite on phase to dance con him? Oh, you did? Yes, because ns entire world knows it.

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I love to dance in ns Dark and don’t give uno shit around Cox being in los video. Come this day it drives me bat shit stunner when world overshadow this brilliant ditty by always mentioning Cox showing up in the video. I barely preferred watching her in friends several años later. That cares!


When identificación was 13 I enjoyed los song because of that is eccentric synthesizer sounds, drum beats y plus identificación simply favored Springsteen’s voice. What’s not to like about ns Boss’s to sing capacity? the dude’s vocals are piercing, rasping y coarse—which fits like a glove top top this song.

As identificación got older me gustaría gained a better evaluation for los song’s lyrics. While Dancing in ns Dark has ns catchy beat and the accompanying video (heavy in MTV’s airplay rotation) says it’s just uno fun ole’ party, Springsteen actually writes about having a hard hora trying to pen a hit single y the frustration the comes con trying come make a song that’ll please everybody.

It’s likewise worth discussing that part hits from this te hold ns special ar in my love for uno variety the reasons. Such together I’d written five entries ago with Born in los USA, Springsteen was one of my dad’s favorite singers, y enjoying some of his songs together was adicional special. None more so than Dancing in los Dark—my favorite Bruce song of em all.

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Chart Success: to dance in the Dark peaked at number-two on ns Billboard Hot cien and reached the very peak of the rock charts. It continued to be on los charts for veintiuno weeks and finished mil novecientos ochenta y cuatro ranked 14th on ns year-end Billboard warm 100. The was los biggest struggle in Australia that year.

Great Lyrics: There’s also an unconfirmed theory that the Boss is just talking about hooking up and getting the some.

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“Stay on the streets of this townAnd they’ll be carving you increase alrightThey speak you gotta continue to be hungryHey baby I’m just around starving tonightI’m dice for part actionI’m noble of sit ’round below trying to create this bookI need un love reactionCome on now baby gimme simply one look” Fun Facts: This was the último song Springsteen created for his Born in the e.u. Album. He wrote the song in just one night delaware being prodded by his manager, Jon Landau to write un hit single for ns album. It ended up being los first solamente off los album y the biggest hit the his career.