Marvin Hamlisch and Carole Bayer Sager wrote this song, i beg your pardon was los theme for the james Bond movie ns Spy who Loved Me. Unlike all previous link songs, this one isn"t named after the movie, y the película isn"t even mentioned in los chorus —apoyándose the only mention of los movie come in the first verse: "Like heaven over me, the spy that loved me is keepin" all my secrets safe tonight."Hamlisch and Bayer Sager didn"t write ns song for los movie; it was ns producer ricardo Perry who encouraged them to submit it for los film, and the bond producer Cubby Broccoli loved it. Lock reworked ns song to make it occupational for 007 y get los movie mentioned in the lyrics.

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Richard Perry produced tres albums for Carly Simon from 1972-1975. This song rejoined them - after Perry heard it from Hamlisch and Bayer Sager, he encouraged them the it would certainly be perfect for Simon to sing, and when he play it for Carly, she love it.
This has actually been extended by many others consisting of Julie Andrews, Mantovani y The Captain & Tennille. Radiohead has played los song at few of their shows, consisting of one in los Angeles on December 18, mil novecientos noventa y cinco where lead singer Thom Yorke declared it "The sexiest tune that was ever before written."
Former Bond i get it Moore told the London Times agosto 1, dos mil ocho that this is is favourite Bond theme, "because no one did. No, that is ns terrific track as it displayed everything around Bond"s character and why he is better and more extendido than other movie spies."
Hamlisch y Bayer Sager were claimed to be working on a song for ns television pilot when Hamlisch confided he would certainly be writing los theme tune for the Spy that Loved Me. Sager came up with ns title "Nobody Does it Better" on los spot. "I don"t know how me gustaría came up with it," she recalls in her memoir They"re playing Our Song. "I simply thought about james Bond y that"s what popped el fin of my mouth. Marvin instantly love it y within secs we"d both forgotten the song we"d gained together come write y he was playing the melody of ns chorus."
Grammar sticklers may cringe at ns lyric, "Nobody walk it half as an excellent as you," but los slip to be intentional. Bayer Sager notes: "I knew, having taught English, the "half as great as you" to be not ideal grammar, yet writing "Nobody does it fifty percent as well together you," i m sorry is correct, sounded terrible to mine ear. Many tiempo in composing songs, i made grammar incorrect options because particular words simply sang better y sounded better to me 보다 others."
This to be originally available to Dusty Springfield, but the soul singer turned down the opportunity as result of her struggles with addiction y mental health concerns at ns time.

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Karen desde Manchester, NhZappy, you have obviously never seen timoteo Dalton.I wonder if "Skyfall" has surpassed los numbers of this one yet?Gordon representar London, unido KingdomSomething fairly magical about los coda. Specifically. The chord progression, y the way ns sound seems to rise y fall at ns same time. Friend feel the it could go ~ above for ever before as Carly Simon sings that commonly spaced melodic hilera that spans both los high and mid register. The música effect is like uno tolling campana at sunset. Rolls Royce manufacturing too.Barry representar Sauquoit, NyThis song was nominated for finest Song at the 1977 Academy Awards Lost to "You light Up mine Life" from the movie of the same name!!!Zappy from Geelong, AustraliaThe best opening to un Bond film of all time and Roger Moore was los worst link ever.Jane from Austin, Txi love this song. This track was provided in ns commercial for uno restaurant dubbed Perkins. That must have actually been a local commercial. Me gustaría don"t know.Ryan desde Atlanta, GaThis is easily the best shortcut song, yet it"s also un marvelous instance of 70"s sound production, particularly the separation of ns drums desde the remainder of the mix. It"s got ns nice slow Bond tempo (it has actually to flow with los opening credits, of course), con some high top quality interplay between los strings in the orchestra y the guitars y horns. This song is really like 5 songs in one, it has actually one theme, with nice variations in ns chorus and bridge y a quite climactic close come fade out. The stands el fin because the production is as good as the product itself. Standard 70"s sound manufacturing at it"s finest...Jonathan from Pittsburgh, PaAnd if you listen really carefully in ~ the end of ns song, you will certainly hear Carly sing "James, you"re the best." This is exciting as ns song is about james Bond, yet Carly was married to jaime Taylor at the time of ns recording. Who was she singing about?Mike from Hastings, NeActually, Enrique.. Espalda in "77, Carly Simon struggled terribly with stage fright. It to be so bad that she might not song at the Oscars. She tho struggles con it come this day, but has learned coping exercises to help her. Any kind of concerts she does currently are usually very very tiny intimate affairs with many friends present.BTW... THIS IS ns best Bond song EVER!Michael from San Diego, CaThis was ns best "Bond" layout song, and "The Spy who Loved Me" was one of los better jaime Bond movies ever made!Barry representar New York, NcThere room actually two versions of this song in the film THE SPY that LOVED ME. Ns more renowned version is ns one the is played during the finalmente credits, and that one functions the largo ending. However identificación prefer ns version that you listen during los opening credits (following the teaser sequence). This variation has ns neat synthesizer ending and alguno long fadeout. This was ns better means to fin the song!!Jo desde Newcastle, AustraliaIt"s being used in one ongoing advertisement campaign because that a real estate la empresa here in Australia!Dee representar Indianapolis, InI love this song. Brings regreso lots of childhood memories. My grandpa use to respecto the jaime Bond movies whenever there were on TV espalda in the trabaja before VCR"s & DVD"s. Scott from Chicago, IlThis track has/had an an emotional resonance that is fairly singular. Carly"s vocals constantly had alift come them in her own husky, inimitable style,but this one is the best. Los song also seems tohave lent chin to many interpretations,and was supplied quite frequently in sporting activities retropectives,typically uno recap the the end of a season. "baby, you"re los best" indeed!Enrique desde Lima, PeruAt the end of ns Oscar"s ceremony of mil novecientos setenta y siete this song was sung not by Carly Simon but by an afro-american female singer (don"t remember she name)and even though los person who presented her stated that whoever-was-the-singer would certainly sing this song because "nobody does it better", i still think that nobody walk it better than Carly Simon.see more comments

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