Carnaval de rio de janeiro 2018

Program - 2022 Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Find out everything around the dos mil veintidos Carnival Events -papposo schedule, event details, dates, times, location, recommendations and ticket details. Visit united state regularly, because your 2022 Carnival on-line Guide will certainly be dynamically updated by our team to store you abreast that all the details that this great party, that which the main guest is you!

no The dos mil veintidos Rio Carnival officially starts on Friday, February 21th. Y ends ~ above Tuesday of Carnival, February 25th. If you arrive in the ciudad before ns official empezar of los Carnival, perform not miss ns chance to participate in part of los many events that shower Rio de Janeiro in the pre-carnival period. It"s súper nice!

Há cuatro diferentes desfiles alguno Sambódromo.


Main Schools" Parades

Sunday, February 23rd. And February 24th. This is the most essential parade, los highlight of fluir Carnival. The dando that makes Rio de Janeiro the capital of ns world carnival is ns must. Whatever revolves around ns Carnival the these dos nights. Ns schools belonging to this coporación, grupo provide ns best spectacle, they are magnificent, surpassing each year in progressively elaborate and highly visualmente presentations. Los two nights are similar, in i m sorry the 12 best samba schools are divided in between Sunday y Monday. Choose the day that finest fits your schedule. Ns gates open at 5pm, opening ceremony at 8pm, y the parades begin at 10pm.


The top 6 in los ranks of los main schools, parade in all your splendor again, con fireworks y great delight to be among los Champions. A beautiful spectacle, without the proportions of los competition, yet with the same funny of the main days, Sunday y Monday. Undoubtedly, this is los second finest parade. Parades begin at 10pm.

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Preliminary Schools" Parade

Friday, February 21st. And Saturday, February 22nd.There are catorce big samba institutions in this group, where los Champion will parade in between the doce schools between ns main schools the following year, causing uno very interesting dispute. Due to los greater variety of schools parading in a individual night, ns parade time for each of them is slightly lower than that granted to each of ns main schools. The parades comienzo at 9pm


Children"s institutions Parade

Tuesday, February 25th.Here you deserve to see the next generations of each samba school desde the faster age already involved in Carnival, including the same disputes y rivalries. Children from every participating neighborhoods learn early on to defend ns colors of their schools. That is necessary to note that in stimulate to get involved in ns parades, all children must prove the they space enrolled in school, because in most communities a very interesting social work is excellent throughout los year, and the fight against school dropout is the main line of activity in all of them. As ns prize for ns year of study, ns small samba artists have the right to parade v their corresponding junior schools. Their parade follows ns procedure of los great schools. Los parades comienzo at 7:00 p.m.

Rio ese Janeiro, the ciudad capital of Carnival, offers ns huge range of carnival balls that take ar in los pre-carnival period y during ns carnival. Absolutely one of them will certainly suit her profile. Most dances have actually tickets at very reasonable prices y take location in locations where los reveler arrives without major difficulties. Ticket for many dances range from R $ 300 to R $ 700. Ns great exemption is the dance at ns Copacabana royal residence hotel, ns most luxurious in ns city, aimed at an audience that wants to enjoy the carnival without offering up sophistication. In this ball ns obligatory attire is black-tie or luxury fancy. Other an excellent dances take place in Scala, situated in the center of the city, an extremely close to the Cinelândia subway station. Clube doble Caiçaras and the tough Rock café da Folia also organize lively sophisticated dance because that adults and children.


In many carnival balls, there is cuales obligatory usar of costumes, just wear a comfortable y appropriate clothes to los heat that provides in Rio después Janeiro in ns period the Carnival. Either way, feel totally free to use ns costume or even improvise one. This will greatly assist in los relaxation y will make her night even much more special. Remember that fluir is the ciudad capital of los carnival y that the whole ciudad is partying in this period. Go, participate, usar your favorite costume y fall for the party!

The ideal carnival dances usually have bands that play throughout the night, varying ns repertoire between old carnival marches y sambas plot the were significant in the memory of los party.



The magic Ball in ~ Copacabana royal residence Hotel

Saturday, February 22nd.

This legend Carnival sphere is no only los highlight that Carnival, but also the most well known carnival ball in Rio de Janeiro y the natural choice for glamor y sophistication. Luxury costumes, black-tie night dress space required. In this environment you can find ns number the local y international personalities among los guests.

All tickets for this ball include buffet, dinner y drinks freely, as well as guarantee your access to all los ballrooms. Ns lowest value tickets are the separar tickets for los track, without los right to the table.

Although not having assigned seating, there space chairs obtainable on los balcony and in other areas near the buffet.

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Scala río Carnival Balls


In procedure for cincuenta years, los Scala fluir offers themed dances every night during Carnival, being part of the grand Carnival that Rio. Los place is big y well-known. Local: Scala Rio - Avenida Treze después Maio 23, Centro You have the right to buy your ticket because that a mesa with cuatro seats, stateroom or track, and in the first dos cases, other revelers will certainly share ns same space with you, which is ns good chance to meet nuevo friends y create a funny group! Lounges are período person and include totally free consumption of alcohol (except whiskey), totally free buffet con sushi, fruit and snack bar. ns minimum age of entry is 18 years

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Black Beads Ball

Friday, February 21st. tonight is committed to ns oldest tape in the ciudad of Rio de Janeiro. Walking with the band shirt is almost a rule (white con black balls). It is one of the most popular of the nights.

Mangueira Carnival Ball

Saturday, February 22nd. it is uno good opportunity to experience the samba y atmosphere the one of the most traditional y well-known samba colleges in Rio de Janeiro, there is no visiting that is samba hall. Los school is practically complete rápido its drumming band, its main samba dancers, and, that course, their flag-bearer and her escort. ~ above this day, samba reigns con all the vigor of the host school. Feel cost-free to dance samba all night largo or if friend resist ns powerful drums and animation of the other revelers, i beg your pardon is one of the most awaited carnival in Rio.

Wonderful city Ball

Sunday, February 23rd. This night is dedicated to the ciudad of Rio después Janeiro, con carnival marches and old y traditional sambas of los city.

Beer Ball

Monday, February 24th. Recently placed in Scala"s carnival calendar, los ball offers free beer all night long. Live musical with un Carnival band taking turns with a DJ from Rio, making the one of the most eclectic dances in the city in state of música variety.

Gay Ball

Tuesday, February 25th.

This is probably ns most renowned night in los series. Ns exotic repertoire of characters, traction queens, transformers flood dos floors of los club. The dance is transfer all over Brazil. It constantly attracts ns lush crowd and its admirers.

Although the is a gay-oriented party, that is recommended to anyone who wants to have fun in one of los city"s most relaxed and tranquil events.

Location: Praça Onze, Centro

Tickets: available representar R$30 to R$50, at the entrance gateThis is an outdoor space that resurrects los atmosphere that Praça Onze, a large cuadrado near ns Sambodromo, Terreirão execute Samba follow to some historians, is los cradle the samba in Rio del Janeiro. Started by Tia Ciata (a remarkable ilustración in ns history of los city, extremely connected to Afro-religious culture) and her followers, friends y religion partners.

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Terreirão perform Samba has actually been operating since before los official opened of the Rio después Janeiro carnival, with a huge y varied schedule of attractions every night. Los relaxed atmosphere of the place likewise has a comida court consisting of approximately 50 stalls, whereby you can make little meals and buy soft drinks and alcoholic drinks.

Every Carnival evening (from Friday come Tuesday) desde 8pm. Till the sol rises up

Location: hojas da Lapa

It takes place approximately the hojas da Lapa, cultural center of ns city, where joven people usually meet on Friday and Saturday nights throughout the year. Lapa, gift perhaps the most eclectic community of Rio de Janeiro, presents during Carnival a true experimentar music festival, where new rhythms y styles are presented to ns public. Yet do not worry, because the samba point out your presence every day. Finest of every this is that event, as well as quite fun y relaxed, y free!

There is a extendido eating area, with drinks and tents that offer sandwiches y small meals; every at very affordable prices. For this reason if you concerned Rio y want to have fun without spending un lot the money, Lapa becomes uno must-have stop.


representar Carnival Friday come Carnival Tuesday, 18:00-03:00 | Location: Praça Floriano, Cinelândia, Downtown los parties have started to heat up largo before Carnival, but representar Saturday come Carnival Tuesday, there room outdoor parties throughout los city. Joy y spontaneity set the tone because that this good collective celebration. Los biggest party - and the most organized one —apoyándose takes place in los Plaza de Cinelândia. Every bars y sidewalks become ns meeting señalar for relaxation y fun is guaranteed till the último reveler. It is also worth visiting ns outdoor area on the outskirts of the Sambodromo, on the days of the Parades, where the concentration of people becomes huge, all wanting to take photos or merely witness the preparation that samba institutions for entry into the parade. No


The party lasts five days to los sound of renowned orchestras and singers. These room nostalgic performances by artists that built the history that Carnival, reliving los atmosphere of the grandiose carnival dances of los past.

The audience that this occasion is mainly composed of larger people and workers, many of castle seeking come recall the golden veces of los radio, con some idols the this period presenting us to their faithful audience. Ns environment is therefore really cozy and family friendly.



During the days of parades in the Sambódromo, the surroundings acquire an extreme nightlife, with thousands that goers. Mixed in con this crowd, you have the right to see part members that samba schools currently dressed up, who are still going come parade y are spending hora with friends, or have already paraded y celebrate ns performance of their schools. Ns traffic of civilization is unbelievable, y some surrounding alleys room overcrowded. Intend to find here every kinds that people, consisting of those who could not drink therefore much, really lively groups of world for whom samba appears to have no end, and so on.


These are the rehearsals with ns presence of ns members of ns School, and the drums" section more or much less in the positions that will parade in los Sambódromo. However, they happen on ns Samba colleges halls, which are sometimes distant and in areas of daunting access. You deserve to go to the rehearsals of uno school, but you can only get involved in ns parade of your own school.


There are huge rehearsals that take location in ns Sambódromo. Lock are practically like a Parade, yet without costumes and themed carros (sometimes castle are replaced by buses) y the school does not constantly appear complete. Ns rehearsals usually comienzo in December, constantly on weekends, virtually all, till the día of ns parade.

The último rehearsal in ns Sambodromo takes place on the final Sunday that comes before the rio Carnival.

You have the right to go to the Grandstands, learning that that is ideal to arrive at an early stage to ensure a good place, as los event occupies all los seats ~ above this day. It"s un good chance to warm up your tambourines for los big party that will take place during the Samba institutions Parade y see all that in preparation.

After the rehearsal, the most timeless band the Rio ese Janeiro, ns Cordão do balón Preta (Black Beads Cord), parades on ns catwalk that samba. Always con carnival marches and lots the samba. You will certainly see un crowd adhering to this tape to ns Aphoteosis. That is an i can not forget experience.

In its external area, los Sambódromo counts top top stalls that sell snacks and small meals, and also drinks. All rather informal y simple, con very reasonable prices.


Copacabana y Ipanema beachesEvery afternoon no Cinelândia rápido Every night Lapa - Rio Folia from 20:00 Terreirão perform Samba -from 20:00Scala Ballsfrom 23:00 no Main Events Friday, February 21st. 13:00 -papposo Opening Ceremony - The rey of Carnival (King Momo) is crowned by the ciudad mayor and receives the ciudad keys 21:00 - Preliminary Schools" Parades in Sambodromo Saturday, February 22nd. 09:30 - Street tape Cordão do cero Preta (Downtown) 16:00 rápido Ipanema"s Band, meeting punto at normal Osório square, Ipanema no 20:00 -papposo Street Bands" contest at Av. Rio Branco, centrar 21:00 —apoyándose PreliminarySchools" Parades in Sambodromo 23:00 -papposo Magic ball at Copacabana royal residence Hotel Sunday, February 23rd. 21:00 - Main Schools" Parade in Sambodromo Monday, February 24th.

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21:00 —apoyándose Main Schools" Parade in Sambodromo Tuesday, February 25th. 16:00 rápido Ipanema"s tape (last Carnival presentation) 21:00 -papposo Children"s Samba schools Parades 23:00 rápido Gay ball at Scala rio
no Rehearsals at Samba Halls every samba school in fluir has that is Samba Hall. Ns Samba room plays los role that headquarters of los samba school, y throughout los year several comunidad events take location there, such as lunches at weekends, feijoadas (Portela"s is un prominent place in this item, but los others schools likewise offer this cook delicacy), mirrors of ancha singers, in enhancement to comunidad projects greatly aimed come children y elders. No In the carnival period, the blocks open up their doors and everyone is welcome to take part in ns qualifiers come choose los samba that will sing los plot of los school. Each tie is un big party, i m sorry only increases until the trabaja of los final. representar the choice of the samba track of los year, every week the halls obtain visitors who find out to sing ns chosen samba, have fun y of course, run samba al night long. These occasions count on the participation of los main aspects of los schools, such as the drumming band,samba singers the old guard, the latter created by the oldest members of los associations. los samba here is expressed in its purest essence, y the court receive uno very varied audience, with people that all eras honoring your school and participating in the campeonato fight. Worth going at least once! do not intend to find luxurious or really comfortable facilities, but ns party is guaranteed! You have the right to go to ns court of any type of school. Los best known: Mangueira, Salgueiro, unido da Tijuca and Vila Isabel are situated within uno distance that have the right to be made by taxi at ns very reasonable price, starting representar the South side of the city. various other Samba Blocks room in ns distant suburbs, so it"s no advisable to walk without someone that knows their means back. Some of them are very far, also outside the metropolitan area the Rio. us recommend going come Mangueira, i m sorry has the biggest, safest and most famous hall, with lots that tourists and lots of security (although you can feel intimidated, if no shocked, in ~ first). ns piece that advice: the Samba institutions halls are in an extremely poor areas, often at ns slum frontier, so execute not dress in flashy and don"t take your valuables. Besides this, reap your samba night! civilization usually arrive much later than los announced tiempo of departure, usually after midnight. You can arrive anytime after 23:30. Walk by taxi (for security reasons). Over there is also plenty that taxis external by the end of the samba night. There"s usually entrance fee in between R$ 15,00 and R$ 30,00 no Samba Halls Rehearsals ScheduleHere are the rehearsal days y addresses of all fluir Samba institutions in los Special coporación, grupo (the doce best schools), which are preparing for the 2022 Carnival Parades. No BEIJA-FLOR Pracinha Wallace Paes Leme mil veinticinco - Nilópolis no Thursday in ~ 21:00 no ESTÁCIO Avevnida Salvador ese Sá s/n —apoyándose Cidade Nova (Centro) Saturday in ~ 21:00 GRANDE RIO no Ensaios: Colégio São José rápido Av. Aislacionismo​ Kennedy Friday in ~ 22:00 no IMPERATRIZ LEOPOLDINENSE Rua Professor Lacê doscientos treinta y cinco - RamosSunday at 20:00 MANGUEIRA Rua Visconde después Niterói 1072 - Mangueira Saturday in ~ 22:00 no MOCIDADE Rua Coronel Tamarindo 38 - Padre michael Saturday in ~ 22:00 no PORTELA no Rua limpio Nunes 81 - Madureira no Wednesdays at 20:00 Friday in ~ 22:00 SALGUEIRO Rua Silva Teles ciento cuatro - Tijuca Saturday in ~ 22:00 SÃO CLEMENTE Av. Caucásismo Vargas 3.102 - Centro Fridays in ~ 22:00 UNIÃO DA ILHA Estrada perform Galeão trescientos veintidos Cacuia - Ilha execute Governador Saturday 23:00 UNIDOS DA TIJUCA no Clube dual Portuários —apoyándose Av. Francisco Bicalho cuarenta y siete -São Cristóvão Friday y Saturday in ~ 20:00 VIRADOURO no Av. Carry out Contorno dieciséis - Barreto - Niterói Tuesday at 20:00 no Saturday in ~ 22:00 VILA ISABEL no Av. Veintiocho de Setembro trescientos ochenta y dos - Vila Isabel no Tuesday in ~ 20:00 no Saturday at 22:00 street Parties -papposo Rio después Janeiro dos mil dieciocho
calle carnival is los trademark of ns informality and relaxation of the carica carnival. Ns revelers space joining tiny by little, taking ns beer as a good excuse come stay ns little longer con friends, to which are included others who arrive. There you go! This is los formula come join uno huge grupo in uno big party the in ns case that Carnival calle parties, can walk a few highways of ns neighborhood whereby they are located or stay in ns same place all night, constantly with los guarantee that los fun is right. Some calle parties market shirts or abadás to those who desire to take part as un member, but los great bulk only has the purpose that joining much more revelers come pass. Execute not miss los chance to leave behind this true happiness rallies as it is free! We sell you the best calle carnival block in Rio, her Carnival 2018 route y their respective schedules.More than tres hundred blocks are expected to take to los streets in ns Carnival the Rio de 2018, so over there will definitely be one or more of them in los immediate vicinity of your location of continue to be in Rio después Janeiro. Stay tuned and make certain you enjoy ns party. the biggest street demonstration takes location at Av. Rio Branco, Downtown. From Saturday to Tuesday you deserve to see ns widest range of street parties, y it is where los good vibrations reaches their peak, con traditional groups such as los Cordão do bola Preta, Cacique ese Ramos y Bafo da Onça, to name just uno few. A visit in los afternoon is always fun.
SOUTH SIDE Banda de Ipanema District: IPANEMA no Parading days: Saturday before Carnival and Carnival Saturday, 5 pm. Itinerary: normal Osório square, Ipanema and Leblon no Simpatia é Quase AmorDistrict: IPANEMA Parading days: Saturday before Carnival y Carnival Sunday, 5pm.Itinerary: Teixeira después Mello y Vieira Souto —apoyándose Posto diez (Country Club) no Imprensa los Eu GamoDistrict: LARANJEIRAS no Parading days; last two saturdays prior to Carnival, 4pm. Itinerary: São joe das artes grocery, Rua gago Coutinho MonoblocoDistrict: COPACABANA Parading day: Sunday delaware Carnival, 9 am Itinerary: Av. Atlântica no Rancho unido do SerenoDistrict: COPACABANA Parading day: Carnival Monday, 6 pm. Meeting Point: Bar Bip-Bip, Rua Almirante Gonçalves 50Itinerary: Av. Atlântica, along the beach no Sovaco do CristoDistrict: JARDIM BOTÂNICO Parading day: Sunday before Carnival, 1pm.Meeting Point: representar midday at Bar Jóia (at los corner of Rua Jardim Botânico with Rua Faro)Itinerary: Rua Jardim Botânico, santos Dumont square, in former of Jockey sociedad Bloco ese Merda é Essa?!District: IPANEMA Parading day: Carnival Sunday, 2pm.7Meeting Point: borde Rua Garcia d"Ávila y también Nascimento SilvaItinerary: Garcia d"Ávila, Vieira Souto to Arpoador no Bip-BipDistrict: COPACABANA Parading day: Carnival Saturday, 00:01am and Carnival Tuesday, 11:59pmMeeting Point: Bar Bip-Bip, Rua Almirante Gonçalves 50 Esse é o Bom, mas ninguém sabeDistrict: COSME VELHO Desfile: Wednesday before Carnival, 6:30 pm.Meeting Point: Quadra dos Guararapes, Ladeira dual Guararapes
Santa Teresa / Centro Céu na Terra Bairro: santa TERESA Desfile: segunda del carnaval 16:00 Concentração: Rua Dias ese Barros, em anterior do Bar do Serginho Bloco das Carmelitas Bairro: papá noel TERESA Desfile: Sexta de carnaval 18:00 y también terça de carnaval 17:00 Concentração: Na borde da Dias ese Barros y también Ladeira después Santa Teresa Percurso: Dias de Barros, Almte. Alexandrino y también Largo execute Guimarães no Escravos da Mauá Bairro: CENTRO -papposo Praça Mauá Desfile: Quinta los antecede o carnaval 19:00 Concentração: Largo ese S. Francisco da Prainha, próximo a Rua Sacadura Cabral Percurso: Rua Sacadura Cabral, Praça Mauá, Av. Fluir Branco, Rua Mayrink Veiga hacia Largo después Santa Rita, Rua perform Acre, e volta para Praça Mauá Cordão do cero Preta Bairro: CENTRO - (Cinelândia) Desfile: Sábado de carnaval 16:00 Concentração: Rua Sacadura Cabral, trescientos setenta y tres Percurso: Rua Araújo Porto Alegre, Rua México, Praça Melvin Jones, Av. Nilo Peçanha e Largo da carica