“castle on the hill”

If friend read los articles me gustaría write because that this website, or if you’re going to start reading these articles religiously delaware being blown away by the inescapable genius (and sometimes delusions that grandeur) contained here within, climate it’s walking to come to be pretty obvious to girlfriend that identificación love Ed Sheeran. It’s just uno fact.

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I own his an initial album before he was cool (#hipsterpoints #humblebrag #noonecaresdude). I’ve viewed him in concert twice, y I can think of, like, one various other concert I’ve unable to do to in mine life (and if we’re being honest, I’m pretty certain that was ns Billy rayo Cyrus concert at ns local fair when i was four la edad old). His seminal masterpiece “Thinking fuera de Loud” was the first dance song at mine wedding, even though it was estilo by then; the was simply too an excellent NOT to play.

He’s perhaps los greatest life musician (don’t
me), yet also he drops victim to the “oh, he’s been super extendido for a long time therefore I’m going to pretend I’m too good to favor him” mentality for this reason many fanes have. It’s simply what we humans do.

But, however you feel about Ed (you need to love him, btw) “Castle on los Hill” is a great song, y more importantly, un great class in songwriting.

I touched on this uno little little bit in my evaluation of the Chainsmokers’ “Closer”, yet what really makes “Castle on ns Hill” one-of-a-kind (besides its contagious melody y irreproachable vocals) is the it’s “Castle on the Hill,” no “Castle on un Hill.”

And what me gustaría mean by the needlessly cryptic explanation is that ns song has details; it’s not about some summary “Castle on ns Hill,” it’s about ns specific lock in ns specific place, and this concrete conexión a tierra of los song is constantly there. Watch at los opening verse:

When i was six years old, me gustaría broke mine legI was running desde my brother and his friendsAnd i tasted the sweet perfume of the mountain grass i rolled downI was younger then. Take it me regreso to when…

Nope, that’s no enough; that doesn’t record how pervasive this is in los song. Take un look at los second verse:

Fifteen years old y smoking hand-rolled cigarettesRunning representar the regulation through ns backfields and getting drunk with my friendsHad my very first kiss on a Friday night, i don’t reckon that i did the right

NOPE. Still no enough. ~ above to los chorus! (It’s the last one, i promise.)

I’m on my wayDriving in ~ ninety debajo those nación lanesSinging come “Tiny Dancer”And identificación miss los way you do me feel

And it’s realWhen us watched los sunset, over the castle on ns hill.

See what I’m talking about? Yes? No? It’s stupid to be asking an unresponsive y invisible reader questions?

What I’m obtaining at is the this is about one life, y that’s what we as an audience connect to.

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This isn’t about our life. Heck, it could even no really be about Ed’s life. But it’s no going on about “Childhood to be great, everyone loves nostalgia, wasn’t it great to it is in young?” It’s talk about a kid break his leg trying to save up con an older brother and his friends, about smelling summer grass, around sneaking terrible cigarettes, about making negative decisions, y about messing up.

You’ll notice that in ns chorus, Ed talks around singing “Tiny Dancer.” It may be a tiny detail, yet it’s what makes this tune nostalgic. That would have actually been easy to make the línea something choose “singing fuera the open window.” Easier, probably.

But it’s these details the make the song sound like it’s about ns life, and it’s los fact that it’s about uno life that makes ns audience care y feel the sweeping nostalgia.

So once you’re writing a song, remember los details.

Real lives have details, and any audience will care about a verdadero life un lot much more than a generic fake one, even if technically it uses to more people by gift vague.

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This is not the final article I’ll write about Ed, y it’s absolutely not the final article I’m going to write around this concept.