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It is his second album delaware “Principios” and its re-released version, “Nuestros Principios“.

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In short

New topics y sounds: Cepeda goes espalda to ns more 2000’s pop-rock sound, even with some urbano touches… however without losing an ext calm debajo songs. He tells story about social subjects such together bullying and violence. There are love songs, however with un different strategy than on los first album.There space two featuring songs: 2007, featuring David Otero, and “Salí uno buscarte” (I went el fin looking because that you) special Funambulista (diego Cantero)The name of ns album is the same as the name of los firts track, yet both nombre have different interpretations: los album title let después audience know that, after some años in the música industry, Cepeda is the same man, with los same values. Althoug the common proverb in english emplees “ground” as los surface of ns Earth, los title refers to ns surface wherein we walk on… you have the right to see los practical hoax in los album cover. The song location is a message for all his “haters”, letting them know that his solution to every his menssages is launching new music and be happy con his music career… maintaining his feet on los ground.Sadly, there are alguna song in English however Cepeda told part reporters the he wants to include songs in English in the próximo album (or re-released version of CLPEES).


Note: English location is an translate of ns Spanish title.

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1Con der pies en el suelo (Keeping both feet on los floor)Luis Cepeda, David Santisteban2:50
2GentlemanLuis Cepeda, David Santisteban3:42
3Pegadita (Keep closer)Luis Cepeda, David Santisteban, Daniel Oriza3:29
4Desayuno con diamantes (Breakfast with diamonds)Luis Cepeda, David Santisteban2:46
52007 (featuring David Otero)Luis Cepeda, David Otero, David Santisteban, disparo Benozzo3:31
6Da mitad vuelta (Turn around)Luis Cepeda, David Santisteban, Daniel Oriza3:27
7Sirenas (Mermaids)Luis Cepeda, john Caballés3:16
8La novia de Rubén (Ruben’s girlfriend)Luis Cepeda, David Santisteban, Alfonso Samos 3:32
9Antípoda (Antipodal)Luis Cepeda, David Santisteban, Kai Etxaniz4:07
10Si tú existieras (If you to be real)Luis Cepeda, ivan Herzog, john Caballés, Nil Moliner3:57
11Salí a buscarte (featuring Funambulista) (I went fuera looking because that you)Luis Cepeda, Diego Cantero, joe Luis Latorre3:48
12Acordes menores (Minor chords)Luis Cepeda, David Santisteban, David Villar3:13

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“Con ese Pies en el Suelo” Tour


The 2nd album to be composed keeping in mind los sound of ns songs to perfom live. So, uno concert tour announce is meant at part point. This new tour will comienzo presumably in beforehand 2021.

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What we understand abot the tour currently is that with news sounds we need new locations: tour concerts will certainly be located both on theaters, like ns first tour, and concert halls, stages or clubs, an ext open locations to let world enjoy much more vivid music.