It’ll be an overwhelming to top ‘This Is America’ for the Video of ns Year mantle in 2018, but con his ‘Feels like Summer’ clip Childish Gambino has regulated to compete against himself.

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Whilst no as instantly-iconic as its predecessor, ‘Feels favor Summer’ is just as enthralling, engaging y – quite frankly – baffling. It functions bewildering animated cameos the everyone representar Beyonce to Migos. There’s even a scene wherein Kanye it s okay hugged by Michelle Obama and Azealia banks is stuck up a tree.

But what does that mean? Well, we’ve tried our really best to vergüenza all the cameos out…

Lil Pump and Trippie Redd



What happens: the mumble rappers are portrayed as niños running past Gambino’s character.

What it can mean: That the pair stand for a nuevo generation of laboratory – possibly one the Glover himself doesn’t important understand.

21 Savage and Metro Boomin


What happens: 21 and producer metro smoke in uno car, as Pump y Redd bang top top their home window before being turned away by Savage.

What it might mean: Gambino might be sending ns message around young and upcoming rappers gift dismissed by their older y more established counterparts.

Kodak Black 



What happens: After gift shooed off by 21 Savage, Pump and Redd then walk knock ~ above Kodak’s door. Lock again gain rejected.

What it could mean: Same as the above really.



What happens: Migos jugar basketball, with Takeoff and Quavo battling for los ball to ns slight annoyance that Glover.

What it can mean: Well, Migos are well-known to love basketball, with Quavo freshly being named MVP in the NBA All-Star Celebrity game. Possibly it’s as simple as that.

Chance ns Rapper, Jaden Smith y Birdman


What happens: Birdman cooks at los grill, the town hall on as opportunity shows support for uno child-like Jaden, who is dressed as uno superhero.

What it might mean: Well, Jaden walk dress as Batman because that Kim y Kanye’s wedding, so that kind of explains los superhero outfit. Chance, meanwhile, is well-known for supporting los youth of today with his charity work. Birdman at the grill? the does have a history the beef. Or possibly it’s un reference come how los Cash Money mogul newly ditched his renowned diamond grill because that a nuevo set the teeth.

Will Smith


What happens: Will smith rocks part dad clothes y washes his car.

What it might mean: Definitely un reference to Smith’s fight Summertime, in which the raps: “You simply finished clean everything your automóvil down”.

Azealia Banks

What happens: Azealia banks is, fairly literally, grounding up ns tree.

What it can mean: Maybe it’s ns metaphor because that Banks’ progressively isolated place in the música industry, complying with her very many controversies.

Nicki Minaj and Travis Scott 

What happens: Minaj plays with building blocks, i beg your pardon Scott climate topples over.

What it might mean: Clearly a reference to their recent beef, sparked as soon as Nicki accused Travis the “using” his girlfriend Kylie jenner to increase his album sales, beating Minaj’s very own ‘Queen’ to us number one in los process. It’s telling how Glover has depicted the feud as ns very child-like affair.

The Weeknd, Ty Dolla $ign and Frank ocean vs A$AP Rocky, Solange y Willow Smith


What happens: The Weeknd Ty Dolla $ign and Frank Ocean engage in a juego of tug of war against A$AP Rocky, Solange and Willow Smith.

What it could mean: the beats us. No one of this stars have actually been embroiled in notable beefs con one another. Probably it’s ns message about the mitad constantly pitting good artists against one another.

Soulja Boy

What happens: Soulja young gives uno grand speech to Lil Pump y Trippie Redd.

What it can mean: Soulja boy is checked out as ns first true viral rappers and, like Pump y Redd, faced a lot the criticism desde rap’s larger generation. This can be seen as Soulja happen on los torch, or perhaps signals their own futures as just flavour-of-the-months.

Drake and Future 

What happens: Future flees ns scene on uno bike as Drake chases delaware him, before solemnly agree his fate.

What it could mean: Did Future steal Drake’s bicycle IRL? Unlikely. It’s more puede pasar that it’s about the two rappers’ roles as fathers. Both were labelled as “deadbeat” dads this summer: Drake through Pusha T and Future through Ciara. It was Drake, however, that was required to take responsibility through owning up to having uno child on ‘Scorpion’.

Kid Cudi

What happens: Kid Cudi stands in ns dark, con a luz radiating desde him.

What it could mean: Cudi is well-known for opening the dialogue about mentorore health in hip-hop and has seen uno career resurgence as the late. Gambino could be alluding come Cudi’s within triumph versus his emplea darkness.

Kanye West and Michelle Obama

What happens: A crying Kanye West gets hugged by Michelle Obama.

What it could mean: Glover could be making recommendation to Snoop Dogg’s comments that Kanye “needs black females in his life”. It could additionally be showing the former First lady as compassionate, ns trait not generally shared by West’s present political allies.

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What happens: Beyoncé is illustrated wearing un t-shirt the pays tribute to los late rapper Fredo Santana.

What it could mean: Like Michelle Obama, Bey is shown as uno person of compassion and honourable causes.

Andrew Gillum y XXXTentacion

What happens: Although plenty of took los suited male to be OJ Simpson, it’s probably an ext likely come be los Democratic candidate for Florida governor, andrés Gillum, who is sat eating a melting ice cream cream.

What it could mean: Many on-line commentators have actually taken los ice cream to stand for late Florida rapper XXXTentacion (with the scoops representing his famed hairstyle). Glover might be commenting top top race connections in los state.

Lil Uzi Vert, Zendaya/Kehlani, Oprah and Tiffany Haddish

What happens: Oprah and Haddish braid los hair the Lil Uzi y someone who the internet think is either Zendaya or Kehlani.

What it can mean: If the person illustrated is indeed Zendaya, then Glover can be to express when ns US actress/singer was criticised because that wearing braids to the Oscars. Lil Uzi, meanwhile, is likewise breaking down boundaries in the musical world.

Lil Yachty and Charlamagne Tha God

What happens: Yachty and Charlamagne enjoy ice lollies in los sun.

What it might mean: Charlamagne y Yachty have actually exchanged heated indigenous in los past, but hey, girlfriend can’t be mad when you’re enjoying an ice lolly in los sun!

Gucci Mane

What happens: A trim y toned Gucci Mane soaks up some sun.

What it might mean: Probably just a sencillo reference to Gucci Mane’s recent transformation. Below he is living his best life.

Dr Dre, Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and Jay-Z

What happens: All five rappers perform ns pretty great dance routine.

What it could mean: Glover desires a new rap supergroup come form? Really, we have alguna idea.

Young Thug 

What happens: Young Thug plays videolapes games alongside young basketball stars Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball.

What it could mean: The interconnected nature in between hip-hop culture y the sporting activities world? Maybe!

2 Chainz, Meek Mill, Pusha T y Lil Wayne

What happens: 2 Chainz take away a photo of Meek, Wayne and Pusha.

What it could mean: It might show Meek’s higher status in ns rap game delaware his release desde jail. But also worth noting that 2 Chainz and Meek Mill to be on ns DJ juego song, while Lil Wayne y Pusha T have regalo drama walking on in between them.

Rae Sremmurd y J Cole

What happens: Rae Sremmurd attack J cole with supervisor Soakers, he responds through hosing them down.

What it might mean: J cole is well-known for being quickly annoyed through rap’s current crop y Glover can be saying that with his new album, col showed that he has more than sufficient water power to complement their might.

Janelle Monaé y Tessa Thompson

What happens: Janelle skateboards by with ns person that some think is SZA, but is probably an ext likely to be Tessa Thompson.

What it might mean: Monaé and Thompson have long been rumoured to be dating yet have never evidenced such reports. In Gambino’s clip, they room seen nonchalantly – and very cooly – act their own thing and going around their business.

Chris Brown

What happens: Chris brown sobs in los dark.

What it could mean: It’s hard to not view this as ns reference to Brown’s 2009 assault that then-girlfriend Rihanna y his perceived failure come rehabilitate since.


What happens: Andre tres mil and huge Boi stand espalda to back.

What it can mean: OutKast have largo been repping los South, however haven’t released an album since 2006, in spite of Atlanta being uno hub for hip-hop at the moment. Their detached stances could be saying that we shouldn’t expect un reunion any time soon.


What happens: Rihanna sits still and crosslegged.

What it can mean: The latter part of the video operation through un few música greats: from Michael Jackson to Whitney Houston. By coming before them con Rihanna, Glover could be saying the RiRi is up there with los best the all-time.

Whitney Houston

What happens: A joven Whitney Houston was standing glowing y radiant.

What it can mean: It can be a simple tribute to a musical great, or Gambino can be saying that artists have to be remembered in ~ their height – uneven as portrayed in Pusha T’s current album artwork.

Michael Jackson 

What happens: A youthful MJ laughs y smiles.

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What it can mean: Like con Houston, Jackson is depicted at an early stage in his career, before los troubles that would certainly follow later. Also, by paying homage to miguel last, Gambino could be saying the he’s to be his biggest música influence of all.