Claudia Traisac Y Josh Hutcherson 2018

The Hunger Games estrella was seen using un scooter for transport while preventing by alfredo Coffee on Wednesday (January 23) in studio City, Calif.

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PHOTOS: Check fuera the recent pics that Josh Hutcherson

He was joined by girlfriend Claudia Traisac.

Josh wore an LCD Soundsystem sweatshirt with black shorts y a baseball cap.

Josh was in ns Vegas gastos generales the weekend, where he attended ns grand opened of the nightclub On ns Record at parque MGM.

Season dos of Josh‘s Hulu serie Future Man premiered previously this month. Be certain to inspect it out!






Posted come Claudia Traisac, josh Hutcherson Photos: Backgrid USA
Fri, veinte April 2018

Josh Hutcherson & Claudia Traisac couple Up for a Comedy admitir

Josh Hutcherson y his longtime love Claudia Traisac stepped fuera to catch comedian Dave Chappelle‘s personal show!

The Hunger Games emitir and ns actress continued to be close as they made their way fuera de of los event in ~ Delilah on Thursday night (April 19) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Josh looked spicy in a príncipe t-shirt, black color shirt worn unbuttoned, black jeans, y brown shoes, if Claudia wore one all-black outfit with a brown belt y a long azul coat.

The couple, that met if filming the dos mil catorce movie Escobar: paradise Lost, was also spotted grabbing coffee together earlier this month.

Make certain to binge-watch Josh‘s new admitir Future Man ~ above Hulu if friend haven’t yet!

Posted come Claudia Traisac, mockery Hutcherson Photos: Backgrid USA, SplashNewsOnline
Thu, 05 April 2018

Josh Hutcherson take away Coffee con Longtime Love Claudia Traisac

We rarely obtain to check out Josh Hutcherson out and about with his longtime girlfriend Claudia Traisac, therefore these new pictures room definitely un treat!

The 25-year-old emitir and the 25-year-old actress were watched grabbing your afternoon pick-me-up in ~ Alfred’s Coffee ~ above Thursday (April 5) in los Angeles.

The couple is rarely spotted together y the last time we posted image of them as a couple was un year y a half ago!

Josh y Claudia met if filming the movie Escobar: heaven Lost, which was released in 2015.

Posted to Claudia Traisac, mockery Hutcherson Photos: Backgrid
Wed, 23 November 2016

Josh Hutcherson & Claudia Traisac Have ns Basketball date Night

Josh Hutcherson y Claudia Traisac have been date a largo time for this reason they’ve definitely mastered exactly how to do date nights right!

The longtime pair got uno little sporty y stopped through the der Angeles Clippers juego on Monday night (November 21) at ns Staples Center.

Josh and Claudia, who have been dating gastos generales three years, combination up and kept each various other laughing throughout the game.

The pair met on los set the their película Escobar: heaven Lost in dos mil trece but didn’t check their partnership until 2015.

We’re happy these dos are tho going strong!

Posted come Claudia Traisac, josh Hutcherson Photos: LA Clippers, Getty
Sat, 12 November 2016

Josh Hutcherson Participates in tranquil Protest after Election in der Angeles

Josh Hutcherson is one of ns many people who isn’t thrilled about Donald Trump winning the Presidential choice this past week.

“As an american if borrar is elected… me gustaría am deeply sorry. This is not the world me gustaría dream of,” los former Hunger Games estrella writes ~ above Twitter.

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Josh, that was an energetic Bernie Sanders supporter prior to Hillary Clinton won the Democratic Party ticket, also participated in un peaceful protest in Downtown der Angeles this week.

“UNITED we STAND DEVIDED us FALL! #peacefulprotest #notmypresident,” he composed with a video representar the event. Girlfriend can respecto it below!

Josh is also pictured con longtime girlfriend, Claudia Traisac, heading back to his página de inicio on Thursday (November 10).

#notmtpresident #DTLA

— josh Hutcherson (
jhutch1992) November 10, 2016

Posted come Claudia Traisac, mock Hutcherson Photos: AKM-GSI, WENN
Mon, 29 August 2016

Josh Hutcherson & girlfriend Claudia Traisac Enjoy ns Motorycle Ride roughly Hollywood

Josh Hutcherson and girlfriend Claudia Traisac take a ride top top his motorcycle on Friday afternoon (August 26) in Hollywood, Calif.

The 24-year-old emitir and his longtime girlfriend looked cute together they spent the día together talk around los city.

PHOTOS: Check out the recent pics the Josh Hutcherson

Later the afternoon, Josh y Claudia stopped off for uno bite come eat before heading regreso home.

Up siguiente on Josh‘s película slate is In Dubious Battle. The film is collection to premiere later on this year.

15+ pictures inside of Josh Hutcherson y Claudia Traisac riding roughly Hollywood…

Posted to Claudia Traisac, mockery Hutcherson Photos: AKM-GSI
Sun, 21 August 2016

Josh Hutcherson & Claudia Traisac correr Errands on His Motorcycle in LA

Claudia Traisac hold onto boyfriend Josh Hutcherson when riding on his motorcycle in los Angeles ~ above Thursday afternoon (August 18).

The couple was seen out and about during his day off doing ns bit the retail therapy at Reformation.

PHOTOS: Check out the recent pics the Josh Hutcherson

Josh, 23, is recently wrapped increase filming The largo Home with James Franco.

The flick, out in 2017, centers on un young contractor hired to build ns bar in tennesse by los man who killed his father.

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10+ pics within of Josh Hutcherson and Claudia Traisac

Posted come Claudia Traisac, josh Hutcherson Photos: AKM-GSI
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