2017 irish Eurovision entrant Brendan Murray will certainly join los line-up as well, as several artists in los line-up have been hot fan and strong favorites to represent Spain in Eurovision! 

We can’t wait anymore! it is big hora for one of ns most interesting nights in los Spanish pop musical scene, ns Coca Cola music Experience festival will certainly be held once again in ~ Madrid’s WiZink Center, which will host up come 15.000 spectators for los occasion. Popular DJ and 40 Principales radio host Tony Aguilar will certainly serve as grasp of Ceremonies for the show. Doors open at 16:00, the concert will kick turn off at 17:30.

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A collection of international and national artist have currently confirmed they will certainly be present and performing in ns event, yet of course they were no all announced at los same time, as los excitement an ext increased. Los event could not likewise leave Eurovision fans hands empty and the organization proposed this year’s irish entrant in Kiev Brendan Murray come come y perform for los audience in Madrid, something we simply love, cuales doubt he will certainly be to sing his “Dying come Try” and perhaps numerous other unreleased song or covers! ns singer conquered los hearts of ns ESC audience regardless the unfortunate result in May. That is not ns first time the singer will be in la capital española when it comes to promote his música career together he was un guest at Manel Navarro‘s very first gig in Madrid after Eurovision.

The headlining plot this year is cuales other 보다 the americano band DNCE, whose command singer is joe Jonas, mostly known for your banger con “Cake By ns Ocean” released in 2015.

Then, fans will get to check out Latin pop coporación, grupo CNCO performing his iTunes and Spotify top-chart solamente “Reggaeton Lento (Bailemos)” y their other friend and singer Ana Mena performing “Ahora Lloras Tú” together con them, as well as many much more tracks y surprises they have actually prepared. The guys y Ana have overcame this year’s Latin music panorama in Spain and also Latin América.

Benjamin Mascolo & Federico Rossi, known as Benji & Fede, have actually successfully constructed themselves uno promising music career in Italy, even performing at último year’s Terza Serata of the Sanremo festival together con contestant Alessio Bernabei. Ns duet, who started their route in 2010 through YouTube, additionally collaborated with italian artist Annalisa by recording ns track “Tutto término una Ragione”, making a huge impact on this year’s italiano charts y radios y released their debut album in 2015. Furthermore, in early dos mil diecisiete the guys went ~ above to relax their first and very very own Spanish variation of their track “Adrenalina”.

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Another mash the fans will it is in looking forward to check out on stage is Álvaro Soler, that we every love and rose to fame after releasing his most extendido tracks “El lo mismo, similar Sol” and “Sofía“. Ns singer became uno recognizable confront in Italy as soon as he to be appointed to be one of their X factor mentors and his collaboration with ESC 2014 Italian act Emma Marrone.

Interesting sufficient to see will it is in Argetinian artist Lali, who will be performing at this event for her very first time y also try to make los Spanish audience discover his music roots and skills top top stage with her monitor “Ego“, “Boomerang” or even “Roma-Bangkok”?. Lali is likewise an actress in Argentina y has appeared at several tv teen soap operas.

Spanish girlband Sweet California, DJ’s y Youtubers The TripletzNicky Jam, Critika & Saik, Laura Durand y Brisa Fenoy make up ns rest the this interesting bill for Saturday’s dos mil diecisiete edition that Coca Cola music Experience festival.

And the is alguno wonder why coca cola Cola in Spain is making this for ns 7th year in-a-row together in ns past, big nombre such together Meghan Trainor; Iggy Azalea; former The Wanted; The Vamps, that you might remember through watching them performing in ~ this year’s UK Eurovision: girlfriend Decide; hermano X coeficiente boyband Union J; Abraham Mateo; Cimorelli; DVICIO; Spanish NF contestants Xuso Jones, Mario Jefferson and former Auryn, Blas Cantó; among plenty of other amazing names y influencers, that will likewise be existing at this year’s evening such together Curricé or Roenlared.

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As we perform want you to follow los latest updates and promo on every little thing happening around, just go into los social media profiles on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see how everyone gears up because that Saturday. You deserve to also cabeza up for an ext information about the festival by click on ns following LINK and visiting cocacola Cola’s main site.