Culture club - do you really want to hurt me

The 4 members of Culture sociedad wrote the songs because that their very first album Kissing To be Clever together, with singer Boy jorge coming up with ns lyrics. Top top this song, he later admitted the he wrote los lyrics about his relationship con their drummer Jon Moss. They had an to work for around six la edad that was preserved hidden representar the public, and George often felt hurt y emotional.

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At first, Boy george didn"t want this released together a single because it to be such a emplea song for him. Once it was released, that hit #1 in 23 countries.Boy jorge told Q newspaper September 2008: "Our first dos singles failed. That single was our último chance. But identificación threatened to leave if (the label) exit it. I didn"t think it to be us; that wasn"t sociedad music. The wouldn"t stand approximately Spandau Ballet. But identificación was wrong. It to be so emplea in un way that our various other songs weren"t. The was about Jon. All the songs were around him, but they were much more ambiguous."
This was society Club"s first individual released in los United States. It was ns huge y unlikely hit for the británico band, who carried out an american tour in mil novecientos ochenta y tres to acquire traction in the country. Ns song crossed over to Adult modern radio, where many listeners had alguno idea the lead singer pull like uno girl. MTV, whose library was mostly inglaterra bands as soon as they launched, had actually acclimated their united state audience to men in makeup, for this reason Culture sociedad wasn"t so shocking on the channel y the coporación, grupo developed uno huge audience of joven people that liked the sound y the look.The "look" to be authentic: Boy jorge had to be wearing makeup and women"s clothes because his school days, and while he exaggerated it because that publicity, it was his wanted style. In a mil novecientos ochenta y tres Trouser push interview, los singer explained: "I wear mine hair this way "cause it renders my challenge look longer, my hat since it renders me watch taller, black clothes because they do me look at thinner, y makeup since it renders me look prettier."
The band come up with los soft reggae beat and put los song together once they uncovered they had some spare studio time during a recording session for los Peter Powell show on BBC Radio One. Their base player Mikey Craig brought a Caribbean affect to los band"s sound.

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Boy jorge surprised ns lot of world who met that in person, as his substantial size and manly speak voice belied his feminine appearance. At least one línea in this tune addresses exactly how perceptions have the right to be wrong. He told Musician magazine in October 1983: "There"s a line desde "Do you Really want To hurt Me?" the says, "Everything"s no what friend see," which is usually what me gustaría believe. It"s kind of boring as soon as things are simply what lock are."
This track starts with a slow vocal intro by Boy jorge ("Give me time to establish my crime...") that signals solemn lyric come come. The intro was not part of los original demo, which castle recorded con their producer, Steve Levine, at Rondor estudio in London.

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In the mil novecientos noventa y ocho film the Wedding Singer, i beg your pardon is collection in ns "80s, un member of los wedding tape named george is plainly modeled after Boy George. In ~ one point, he is thrust into los spotlight and sings this rápido twice.
The ide of ns video to be Boy jorge as an outsider, obtaining kicked fuera of different places in various historic settings. It to be directed through Julien Temple, that came up with the opinión of jurors dressed in blackface. This was un shocking picture for americano audiences, who long associated blackface con racism, but in england it to be far much more accepted as component of their musical hall tradition.Temple described in ns book i Want my MTV: ""Do girlfriend Really desire To pains Me?" was about being gay and being victimized for her sexuality, which jorge was sort of emblematic of. The seemed ideal to me that in the video he would be judged by jurors in blackface, to send increase bigotry y point fuera the hypocrisy of los many gay judges and politicians in ns UK who"d spread anti-gay legislation."
This to be released ~ above September 3, mil novecientos ochenta y dos in ns UK to almost universal derision. Quit Hits, for instance, dubbed it, "weak, watered-down fourth division reggae." It only became a hit after Boy george performed los song top top BBC musical program optimal Of ns Pops attract something resembling a white nightie with dreads covering in colourful ribbons and a challenge caked in make up. George recalled in Q magazine: "Our plugger gained called and was told. We can"t promote this record. What is it? Is it a bird, is it ns plane, is it un drag queen. Los ensuing tabloid frenzy with the "Is it a boy, is it ns girl" headlines gave the song all the publicity the needed and it zoomed to ns top of the charts."