De Donde Son Natos Y Waor

Natos & Waor are un rap duo from Madrid characterized by raw, shameless letter and alguna mincing.

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They have three Demos: Por la Jeta (2011), Catarsis (2012) and Hijos ese la Ruina (2012), with Cool (a.k.a. Recycled J), and three Discs: Caja Negra (2014), Martes 13 (2015), and Hijos después la Ruina Vol. 2 con Recycled J, every one of them published y distributed without aid of any kind of record label. Lock have achieved all their purposes thanks to their dedication, love and sacrifice. They have actually sold thousands of copies. At ns same time, they have been publication a serie of vídeos called Barras Bravas, i m sorry accumulate 50 millions of see in Youtube.

With his last work “Martes trece “, they have given an ext than cien concerts commemorated by the whole Spain, in which an ext than 120.000 tickets have actually sold, have worn down income in 90 % of the concerts, including 4 sold fuera in Madrid, the room Apollo in Barcelona, ns room Fanatic Sevilla or ns room Jerusalem in Valencia and 2 sold fuera de consecutive in ~ the end of the tour Martes trece in Madrid. Besides, they have actually acted in all ns big festivals that take location in Spain, together Viñarock (2 consecutive years), Al Rumbo, Monegros, Marisquiño, BAM in Barcelona or Territories, and have shared póster with other big artists of los kind together Violadores ese Verso, Mala Rodríguez, Toteking y Shotta, Dope DOD (with that us have a collaboration in Martes 13), Cypress Hill, Calle trece or ASAP Rocky. In 2018 they are shown in festivals like festividad Primavera Trompetera, Dreambeach Festival, Weekend beach Festival, Viñarock, promontorio de Plata, Bull Festival, fauna Sound y Beat fuera Festival.

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Their social followers rise continniusly: Twitter (+184k), Youtube (+457k) o Instagram (+302k), Spotify (630k monthly listeners), Facebook (37k fans). The is amazing and is growing day delaware day, as los reproductions of their videos: several overcome already 7 millions of visualizations (and in between all castle add more than 228 millions that playings). The brands (Nike, Puma, Arnette…) already they start fixing his attention in them, seeing the great potential that they have actually in internet as influencers, between los young civilization from 15 to 30 years. In addition, lock were a number 1 in Itunes hispana the día of ns release that their 2nd disc, Martes 13. Con this album lock won the Prize of ns Independent Music to Better bowl of lab 2015. In the future month they space preparing the assault to the Latin-American market.

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“Cicatrices” is the album in i m sorry Natos and Waor throws los sight behind, looking with perspective those wounds that already are scars. During 13 cuts, we deserve to see Gonzalo and much an ext mature Fer, without losing detail of everything learned, ns ambivalence between los good thing and the negative thing that has forged them. Con his final disc, “Cicatrices” in less than dos months accumulated ns gewgaw of trece Million dram with cuatro singles.