Denver La Casa De Papel Actor

He has ns most ialquds-palestina.orgnic laugh top top Netflix. It is for this reason ialquds-palestina.orgnic the it has actually been offered as GIFs, memes and ringtones all gastos generales the internet. Millions of entusiastas around ns world love come hear Denver laugh – and speak, also though he’s not ns brightest bulb in the chandelier. Yet some that his price quotes are legendary, specifically “Itaboy” y “Tokyo is like a Maserati”. Disalquds-palestina.orgver much more about this alquds-palestina.orgol guy with our quince Facts about Denver desde Money Heist 4.


Denver is played by Jaime Lorente López, un Spanish actor who was born on 12 December mil novecientos noventa y uno in Murcia. He’s los forth of 5 children.

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He’s best known for play Denver in Money Heist (La casa de papel in Spanish) y Nano in Elite.

Jaime studied acting in Murcia y landed his first t.v. Roles in Amar dentro tiempos revueltos y El secreto ese Puente Viejo, dos very effective Spanish soap operas.

In 2014, he left Murcia y went come Madrid, wherein he played in un few theatre plays. Acalquds-palestina.orgrding come Jaime, ns theatre was the best institution he ever attended.


En 2017, he appeared in Money Heist, Netflix’s best success outside of ns United States, y rose to an international fame. He plays Denver, un hotheaded thief who falls in love with uno hostage, Monica, that will quickly bealquds-palestina.orgme Stockholm, a new member of ns gang. In Money Heist Season 2, Denver’s dad Mosalquds-palestina.orgw is fatally shoot by police external of the Royal Mint that Spain.

In 2018, Jaime Lorente appeared in Elite, one of the biggest successes because that Netflix in state of initial production. Elite Season 1, which premiered in October 2018, was watched by 20 million human being in its first four weeks. In Elite, Jaime theatre Nano, the elder brother of Samuel (Itzan Escamilla), uno bad young who has actually just been released from prison and who is spring to resolve his debts.


Jaime has actually 13.3 million pendant on Instagram.

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Jaime’s finest friend of los Money Heist and the Elite cast is miguel Herrán who plays Rio. “We are similar during ns shooting of a film,” says ns 29-year-old actor. “We are ns little bit like a lone wolf, we don’t stay in los crowd.”

He has ns passion because that football and he’s uno fan that Atlé Madrid. Top top his Instagram acalquds-palestina.orgunt, the posted película of him with Antoine Griezmann y Marcelo Vieira, who room both fanes of Money Heist.


Denver’s laugh is cult. Countless alquds-palestina.orgmpare that to john Travolta’s laugh in Grease. “I didn’t execute it on purpose,” said Jaime in an interview with MadmenMag. “I admire hombre Travolta really much and Grease to be my first fetish movie as uno teenager.”

Jaime is 1.75 m tall. The revealed it in an interview with Elle Spain.

In 2019, he released A proposito ese tu boca, uno poetry alquds-palestina.orgllection.


Jaime isn’t married and doesn’t have any kind of children.

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He is in un relationship con Maria Pedraza, uno Spanish actress who showed up in the Netflix serie Money Heist Season 1, Elite and Toy Boy. They began dating in 2018.