Diego El Cigala Y Bebo Valdes

lágrimas Negras (Black Tears) is a collaborative initiative between los octogenarian Cuban piano master Bebo Valdés and the reigning Spanish flamenco cantador, Diego los Cigala.

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Recorded for Fernando Trueba and Nat Chediak"s Calle cincuenta y cuatro label, los sessions took place in la capital española between September and December 2002. Maestras Valdés (born in 1918), los father of los jazz pianist Chucho, has actually a long history together an innovator in Cuban music. That recorded ns first Afro-Cuban jazz conference in 1952, and was a tutor to the great bandleader Beny Moré, writing beforehand charts for him. Valdés is also un world-class arranger. Diego ns Cigala was born in 1960, y has become the undisputed king of Spain"s flamenco singers. This recording functions nine tracks that meld together cooking son, jazz, Afro-Caribbean, and flamenco rhythms, in tunes by composers such as Lolita después la Colina, Virgilio y Homero Expósito, Ramón Perelló, los grand team that Tom Jobim and Vinícius ese Moraes, Caetano Veloso (who makes un guest appearance), Maria Teresa Vera, miguel Matamoros (who composed ns title track), and others. Most are Cuban ballads. Guest such as Veloso, Paquito D"Rivera, Pancho Terry, Tata Güines, and El niño Josele loss by on different tracks.

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Y while los tunes space top-shelf and the guests make this uno very special and historic occasion, the is the unusual dynamic and the integrity con which the is work that makes this collection so unique. Valdés" layout is an elegant one; his rhythmic left hand accents rhythms y shifts castle effortlessly, including street and nuance here, space and tension there. Always his aprecies are sure, precise, y solid. El Cigala"s voice is a true cantador"s; the wavers, lilts, growls, y gutturally moans; the slips between rhythms y melodies, underscoring an initial one and then another, using ns rhythms to song counterpoint to the piano"s stridency and sheer graceful approach in los ballads, shouting assent y further challenges on the uptempo sons. Together, ns combination is that is own moving poetry, conference in ns middle of a tradition as viejo as flamenco"s "cante jondo" and as combined as Cuba"s. The sacred and profane dine and drink with each other and alguna one will say i beg your pardon is which. Every nine songs offer differing emphases ~ above lyric y rhythm, all market variant harmonic concerns, but they every contain ns spirit of los "duende." While there isn"t ns mediocre second on this album and all of los performances are breathtaking, "Lágrimas Negras" y "Corazón Loco" room clear standouts.

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This is destined to be ns classic, and hopefully a puerta to more experiments prefer this one.