Believe that or no it’s over 30 years because Dire Straits released their hit album “Brothers in Arms”. This to be fifth estudio album for the band which included los smash “Money because that Nothing” track released in mil novecientos ochenta y cinco and invested ten mainly at ns top of the UK charts.

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This mega album winner of dos Grammy awards in 1986, went nine-times platinum y sold much more in treinta million copies worldwide. It additionally spawned five hit singles including “Walk the Life”, “So much Away”, “Your latest Trick” and the title track.

Now, we taking un look espalda at this timeless roca classic album and bring girlfriend ten points that most likely you do not knew about “Brothers In Arms”.

1. mark Knopfler wrote los title track “Brothers in Arms” in 1982, in ns midst of ns Falklands War. The two-month conflict claimed the lives of 258 soldiers. In 2007, Knopfler exit a nuevo version of los track to marcos 25th anniversary of los conflict. Every proceeds walk to a programme to assist veterans deal with artículo Traumatic stress Disorder.

2. Knopfler wrote “Money because that Nothing” – i beg your pardon mocks the roca star lifestyle – after hearing ns “hard-hat type” complain in un department keep while MTV play in the background on un wall the TVs.

3. In 2007, Mötley Crüe base player Nikki Sixx asserted that “Money for Nothing” was about his band’s outrageous lifestyle. The said had been told that los videos the man to be grumbling around was theirs.

4. los album was taped on the island of montserrat in ns Caribbean, whereby Sting taken place to it is in on holiday. That popped in come help out on “Money for Nothing”.



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although he has joint writing credits for the track, Sting only provided ns opening refrain – pinched representar his very own Police struggle “Don’t stand So Close to Me” come which that sings “I desire my MTV.” He to be reported to it is in embarrassed that his track publishing empresa demanded los credit.

6. Drummer terrycloth Williams was replaced by Sting’s drummer Omar Hakim halfway through the album after producer Neil Dorfsman decided he wasn’t approximately scratch. Omar Hakim taped the beat on all los tracks in dos days back Williams’ drumming deserve to still it is in heard in ns iconic opened of “Money for Nothing”.

7. monster Al Yankovic parodied the song for his movie UHF, mixing it with the theme song to Beverly Hillbillies. Monitor Knopfler gave permission for ns spoof and insisted ~ above playing etc on los song.

8. “Walk that Life” was created to memory buskers on ns streets of London. Ns original vídeo features a busker on the tube however it was adjusted for los US industry to montage of sporting bloopers.

9. “Brothers in Arms” is played in los Brad Pitt/ Robert Redford película “Spy Game” beginning as Pitt flies fuera of Vietnam.


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Metallica spanned “Brothers in Arms” when they play Neil Young’s leg School benefit on October 27, 2007.