Dire Straits - Money For Nothing

This track is about piedra star excess y the simple life it brings contrasted with verdadero work. Firmar Knopfler created it delaware overhearing delivery men in a new York department keep complain about their jobs while city hall MTV. That wrote los song in ns store sit at un kitchen screen they had collection up. Numerous of ns lyrics were things they actually said.

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In the book i Want mine MTV, various world who worked at the network define that Dire Straits" manager asked the network what they might do to obtain on los network y break v in America. Their answer was: write uno hit song and let one of ns top directors make a video. Marcos Knopfler took ns directive to create an "MTVable song" fairly literally, using los network"s tagline in the lyrics. The song finished up sounding prefer an indictment that MTV, but ella Garland, that ran ns network, made it clear that they loved los song and were flattered by it -papposo hearing "I desire My MTV" on the radio was terrific publicity even if over there were some unfavorable implications in los lyrics.Steve Barron was dispatched come do ns video, y charged with ns task of convincing mark Knopfler, who hated videos, to perform one that was groundbreaking. Barron states that Knopfler wasn"t into ns idea, but his girlfriend rápido an americano - to be at ns pitch y loved ns idea. Knopfler i agreeed (in component because the didn"t have to appear in it), y Barron hired ns UK production company called Rushes to work-related on it. Stated Barron: "The song is damning to MTV in a way. That was an ironic video. Ns characters we created were do of televisions, and they were slagging turn off television. Videos were getting un bit boring, they necessary some waking up. Y MTV walk nuts for it. It to be like a big advertising for them."
The gestión "I want my MTV" was los basis of ns cable network"s advancement campaign. They played clips of musicians saying, and often times, screaming the gestión between videos.
This was los first videolapes played ~ above MTV Europe. The network go on the aire August 1, 1987, 6 years after MTV in the US.

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In los US, this remained at #1 for numero 3 weeks. It additionally won uno Grammy in mil novecientos ochenta y seis for finest Best roca Vocal performance by a Duo or Group.

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Mark Knopfler played a les Paul junior plugged into ns Laney amp top top this track. Producer Neil Dorfsman recalled in Sound ~ above Sound magazine may 2006: "We to be going for a ZZ peak sound, yet what we ended up getting was kind of one accident."
Twenty-five years after the song"s release it to be banned from public transfer in Canada delaware one human being complained about it being homophobic. The original variation included un description of un singer as "that little faggot with ns earring and the make-up" plus two other emplees of ns word "faggot," although uno cleaned-up edition to be made available, Oz-FM in Newfoundland played los first execution in February dos mil diez at 9:15 at night. Ns result was a individual complaint y the canadá Broadcast standards Council ruled that los unedited version of ns song was unacceptable for atmósfera play on canadian radio stations because it "refers to sexualmente orientation in a derogatory way."Knopfler has pointed out the tune was written representar the approach of a stupid character that thinks musicians do their "money because that nothing" and his stupidity is what leader him to make ignorant statements. Speak in late mil novecientos ochenta y cinco to rolling Stone the Dire Straits songwriter to express his feelings around people that react angrily to los song. The said: "Apart desde the reality that there room stupid homosexual people as well as stupid various other people, it says that maybe you have to be direct. I"m in two minds regarding whether it"s uno good idea to take on characters and write songs that aren"t in ns first person."Common sense finally prevailed on agosto 31, dos mil once when the canadian Broadcast criter Council put an end to ns ban y allowed individual radio station to when again decidir for themselves whether to play the classic roca tune.
In 2005, los duo Deep dish sampled this top top their track "Flashing because that Money," i m sorry was based upon their song "Flashdance" (not ns Irene cara song). The was the first hora Dire Straits allowed one of their songs to it is in sampled. "Flashing because that Money" was released on ns B-side that Deep Dish"s soltero "Say Hello."
Mark Knopfler was once ns reporter working on los Yorkshire night Post. He told Uncut magazine that his journalistic experience fed into this song. "I to be reporting, verbatim, what a particular hombre thought about music," that said. "I spelling, orthography his native there and then. He was a meathead. Come him gift a rock star to be easy, thus "that ain"t working.""
Keyboardist un leon Clark called Mojo magazine the song was transformed fuera de of ns ordinary since of marcos Knopfler"s perfectionist nature. "In the beginning," he said, ""Money for Nothing" sounded much more like ns Stones track and it didn"t have the iconic guitar riff. Firmar developed that messing approximately to a click track ~ above his very own on Montserrat."