Lady Gaga, who collaborated con R. Kelly top top the dos mil trece track "Do What U Want," has followed through on her promise come pull the song desde streaming platforms following ns Lifetime docu-series "Surviving R. Kelly," which documented sexo abuse accusations against ns 52-year-old singer.

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As of Friday, "Do What U Want," i m sorry R. Kelly co-wrote, was alguna longer consisted of on Gaga"s album "ARTPOP" ~ above iTunes y Apple Music and had been grayed el fin on Spotify. 

A variation of ns song special Christina Aguilera is still easily accessible on all three platforms.

USA TODAY has reached el fin to ns streaming platforms for comment.

Aguilera praised Gaga for just how she handled ns situation.

"This is ns reminder of ladies sticking with each other — and not letting un man take ownership of un great song/ moment," she said in uno tweet Friday. "And if anything los message the this song remains that return you may have had my body, you will never have my heart, my voice mine life or my mind."

Aguilera added, "Being ns survivor of previous predators myself, this lines spoke to me, which is why me gustaría did los song. Me gustaría embrace every survivors that sexual and domestic violence y abuse holding a special place in my heart, and you
ladygaga, because that doing the right thing!"

On Wednesday night, Gaga took un stand against ns "I Believe i Can Fly" singer.

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"I stand behind these ladies 1000%, think them, understand they space suffering y in pain, y feel strongly the their voz should be heard and taken seriously," Gaga, 32, wrote in un statement post to she Twitter account. "What me gustaría am listening about los allegations versus R Kelly is for sure horrifying y indefensible.

"As uno victim of sexualmente assault myself, i made both the song y the videolapes at a dark tiempo in mine life, mine intention to be to produce something extremely defiant and provocative because me gustaría was angry and still hadn’t processed the trauma that had emerged in my very own life," she continued. "The tune is called ‘Do What U want (With my Body),’ i think it’s clear how explicitly twisted my thinking was at the time."

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Gaga continued, "If me gustaría could walk back and have uno talk with my younger me I’d tell she to go through the therapy i have since then, so that i could understand the confused post-traumatic state that me gustaría was in – or if therapy was not obtainable to me or everyone in my situation – to seek help, y speak together openly y honestly as possible about what we’ve been through," she added. "I can"t go back, but me gustaría can walk forward y continue to assistance women, men and people that all sexo identities, y of every races, who space victims of sexo assault."

After promising to remove the song from streaming platforms y not come work with Kelly again, she wrote, "I"m sorry, both for my poor árbitro when me gustaría was young, y for not speaking out sooner." 

Gaga to be one of many celebs to speak fuera against Kelly following ns docu-series, consisting of Jada Pinkett Smith, Chrissy Teigen y Chance los Rapper.

"Surviving R. Kelly" producer Dream Hampton listed to the Detroit totally free Press, part of the estados unidos TODAY network, that Gaga was invite to participate in ns series. 

"It to be incredibly difficult to get civilization who had collaborated (artistically) with Kelly to come forward," she said. We asked lady Gaga. We request Erykah Badu. Us asked Celine Dion. Us asked Jay-Z. Us asked Dave Chappelle. (They"re) world who have actually been crucial of him." 

Gaga revealed her own attack in a 2014 interview with Howard Stern, i beg your pardon she says occurred when she was approximately 19.

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"I wasn"t willing to recognize that anything had happened," she told Stern, adding, "I didn"t phone call anybody. I didn"t tell myself for the longest time." 

The ahead year, she spoke about working with Kelly at ns press conference, according to The Washington Post y CNN. Kelly was tried on charges of son pornography in Chicago in 2008. Kelly stood accused of making ns 27-minute sex tape with an underage girl in 2002. Los girl decreased to testify, and it take it only a few hours for un jury to explain him not guilty on all 14 counts.

"R. Kelly y I have, sometimes, very untrue things written around us,” Gaga apparently said in 2013. “In ns way, this was uno bond in between us. Us were able to say, ‘The public, they deserve to have ours bodies, yet they cannot have actually our psychic or ours heart.’ that was un very natural collaboration.”

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