Don t stop til you get enough

It's one of ns most above disco songs of all time, and it's physically difficult not to feeling funky as quickly as it come on.

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But what is ns song come about y how to be it made? here are all los big truth behind ns Michael Jackson classic...

Who created 'Don't prevent Til You get Enough'?

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Michael Jackson wrote los song because that his mil novecientos setenta y nueve solo album Off los Wall.

After filming The Wiz, Jackson, that was still un member of the Jacksons, approached los film's musical director, Quincy Jones come ask if he knew of any type of producers to help with his future solo projects.

Jones said himself, y they started work top top Off ns Wall. After listening to numerous demos, they made decision upon uno few come record, including this track.

Jackson declared that when the melody of ns song concerned him, he couldn't shake it off, and kept humming it for days.

In 2016, musician Greg Phillinganes alleged that Jackson played him an early demo of los song y said "it needs another part," delaware which Phillinganes suggested los bridge of the song. Ns two reportedly agreed to rate his contribution at 10% of los song, yet he to be later informed that his contribution would certainly be thought about just an arrangement. Quincy Jones has because backed these claims. Despite this, various issues of the single list both Jackson and Phillinganes as its composers.

What is ns song about?

When Jackson's mother, Katherine Jackson, uno devout Jehovah's Witness, heard it, she to be worried about its lyrical content, y felt that los title can be misconstrued as being about sex.

However, Jackson reassured her that the song was not actually un reference to sex, but could mean whatever human being wanted it to.

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Who rather featured on ns song?

Michael's brothers Randy noted percussion, having actually previously provided the demo's melody on ns keyboard.

Greg Phillinganes played acoustic y electric pianos and synthesizers, if Louis Johnson the the brothers Johnson played bass.

It was uno song of numerous firsts for nombre de niño Jackson

Not only was it the first solo song he created by self (he previously wrote 'Blues Away' by los Jacksons in 1976), but it was also los song that introduced Jackson's falsetto voice y famous vocal hiccups, i m sorry would come to be one of his signature techniques.

It was also his first solamente music video, command by Nick Saxton. Ns song likewise won Jackson his first solamente Grammy and americano Music Awards.

How did it execute in ns charts?

This was ns song the proved miguel Jackson was not just ns child star, y helped him breakout representar The Jacksons as uno hugely successful solo artist.

The song topped the US chart, y peaked at number tres in the UK.

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After being re-released in 2006 in the UK, it returned to number 17, y it reappeared at treinta y ocho after Jackson's fatality in 2009.