“Lost In her Light” is about being completely in love with someone and not caring around anything else: Dua simply wants come let walk of all the worries y uncertainties, y fall… read More 

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Over y overWaves of frightening feelingsFloating, weightless, I'm willingMy will keeps bending and breaking, honeyHold me, to trust meLet me ride in your love all night, babeHold me, tocar meI wanna morir in her love all night, babeLost in your light, babyI wanna continue to be right right here all night, babyLet's obtain lost in los light, babyI wanna remain right below all night, babyOh, now everything's vivid, vividTorture tempted con pleasureI'm reckless, tangled, suspendedYou want it all, nothing's wasted, womanHold me, to trust meYou recognize you deserve to hide in my arms all night nowHold me, to trust meI'm gonna journey in your love all nightI'm
Lost in your light, baby (Alright)I wanna stay right here all night, infant (Alright)Let's acquire lost in los light, baby (Alright)I wanna continue to be right below all night, baby(All night, alright)Midnight, her eyesBitter wine, conversationsYou and me, part money, babeI don't need a paycheck (Don't need uno paycheck)One taste and I'm hooked on itDon't lie, i know you desire itI'm addicted to her lightBoth>Lost in your light, babyI wanna continue to be right here all night, baby(All night, darling)Let's acquire lost in the light, baby (All night)I wanna remain right right here all night, baby(All night, every night)Let's acquire lost in ns light, baby
“Lost In your Light” is around being fully in love con someone and not caring about anything else: Dua simply wants to let go of all los worries y uncertainties, and fall deep in love with her lover.

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It attributes R&B singer Miguel, y was released as ns sixth single from her album, Dua Lipa.

On January 15, 2018, uno demo variation of ns song by nombre de niño was leaked.

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In one interview with BBC Radio 1, Dua said:

I love him, he"s amazing. Well, I"m uno really big fan of his y I"ve constantly wanted to work with him. We just kind the reached fuera de to him. (...) therefore we simply went in (the studio) y re-wrote nice much ns whole song. He"s simply like, therefore cool.

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