El 28 La Oreja De Van Gogh

a highly pertained to Spanish pop/rock band, La Oreja de Van Gogh is additionally one of the most commercially effective acts in ns genre, con each of los band"s albums marketing approximately a million duplicates worldwide.

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Moved by electrical guitar y keyboard, the musical is quickly enjoyable and accessible while, at ns same time, smartly crafted and distinct, with lyrics that repartir primarily with ns complexities the relationships y social interactions. Your debut offering, 1998"s Dile al Sol, topped ns album charts y was certified seven-times platinum. Their sophomore outing, 2000"s el Viaje después Copperpot, topped charts across Latin america and became the biggest offering album in Spain"s history. 2003"s Lo que te Conté mientras Te Hacías la Dormida netted numero 3 number one singles, was certified platinum or multi-platinum in 7 countries, and gold in 4 others. In addition to topping charts throughout Latin America, it landing inside the Top Ten on ns U.S. Latin Albums list. 2011"s Cometas por ns Cielo, reached number one in ~ home and in the U.S. If 2016"s el Planeta Imaginario placed inside los U.S. Latin Albums height Ten on its way to yellow certification. 2020"s a Susurro dentro la huracanes topped streaming charts across Latin estados unidos de américa and put Spain"s nacional album charts. La Oreja después Van Gogh created in 1996 after guitarist paul Benegas, bassist Álvaro Fuentes, keyboardist Xabi smo Martín, and drummer Haritz Garde met at a localidades university. Vocalist Amaia Montero joined los band adhering to an invitation from Benegas, who she"d met at uno dinner party. From the outset, san Martín, Benegas, y Montero have served as los band"s main songwriters.Signed by Sony Discos, La Oreja del Van Gogh debuted in mil novecientos noventa y ocho with Dile al Sol, i beg your pardon spawned number of hit singles -- including "El 28" y "Cuentame al Oido" -- y earned ns band an marea Award for Best nuevo Act. Their 2nd album, 2000"s los Viaje ese Copperpot (2000), fared similarly; this time, however, singles favor "Cuídate" y "La Playa" registered top top an international level, charting in Latin estados unidos de américa and los United States. Lo los Te Conté entretanto Te Hacías la Dormida (2003) continued los band"s success; eight singles representar the album charted in Spain, 4 of them getting to number one, and the group continued to break into los Latin american markets, including ns States. When La Oreja de Van Gogh were cuales strangers come success through this point, Lo ese Te Conté entretanto Te Hacías la Dormida showed to be their breakout album in many ways. Because that one, they toured greatly behind it, as recorded on the 2004 concert DVD dentro de Directo: Lo que Te Conté mientras Te Hacias la Dormida.

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Secondly, lock won several awards in los wake of los album, consisting of an olas Award for finest Album y an MTV Latin compensation for finest Group. Finally, it was their first album to offer impressively in the Americas, with gastos generales 100,000 copies sold in the principal alone.La Oreja después Van Gogh commemorated your tenth anniversary with ns release that Guapa in 2006. Their most dynamic album yet, con notably surge guitar and more extensive usar of keyboards, Guapa nevertheless measured up to their previous successes; that is first two singles, "Muñeca después Trapo" and "Dulce Locura," to be chart-toppers in Spain, while los album itself got to number 5 on the Top Latin Albums chart in the States, the band"s highest possible peak yet. Furthermore, Guapa won los band un Latin Grammy because that Best música pop Album by ns Duo or coporación, grupo with Vocals. In December 2006, a special double-disc execution of los album, hasta luego Guapa, to be released in Spain, containing many unreleased tracks and demos. Amaia Montero left the group in 2007, hoping to launch a solamente career, and La Oreja de Van Gogh found un replacement vocalist in Leire Martínez. The nuevo lineup went back to the studio and emerged con their 5th album, 2008"s ns las cinco en el Astoria, which quickly earned platinum standing in Spain. To cement Martínez’s place in the band, 2009 saw the release the Nuestra página de inicio a la Izquierda después Tiempo, i m sorry featured re-recordings the La Oreja ese Van Gogh"s older material. In 2011, los band re-entered the studio with producer Simon Nordberg to document their sixth studio album, Cometas vía la Cielo. While touring in support, ns band"s label issued ns compilation Dos clásico in 2012, y followed it with los live album primera Fila in 2013. Ns latter was produced by Áureo Baqueiro. La Oreja del Van Gogh booked that again as soon as they re-entered the studio at ns beginning of 2016. Los pre-release single "Verano" charted in Spain in the fall. The full-length los Planeta Imaginario to be issued in November. It placed in los Top Ten on los Hot Latin albums charts internationally y landed in the top clues on Spain"s best-selling albums list. In los winter the 2020, the band returned to the estudio with producer Paco Salazar. In April they issued the video individual "Abrázame," i beg your pardon garnered more than ten million views y topped los streaming charts.

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Ns full-length uno Susurro dentro de la huracanes was released by Sony música in September. It peaked in los top point out on los Spanish album charts and reached number one at streaming in six Latin americano countries.© Jason Birchmeier & Thom Jurek /TiVo