El canto de loco is a spanish group that was founded by Dani Martín and Ivan Ganchegui in 1999. Dani martin met Ivan Ganchegui in Cristina Rota’s letras school. He had done little rolls in part adverts y films, because he was ns child; yet his dream was to be the singer of ns band. He told with Ivan y the two founded ns Canto ese Loco. In ~ first, ECDL was written by various musicians than when they offered their an initial album. Dani y Ivan thought that those musicians wasn’t come serious, therefore they decided to call others. Dani phoned she cousin, David Otero, who played the guitar. And he called uno friend from the university, Chema Ruiz, who played los bass guitar. In addition, Dani phoned come the son of ns friend the his mother, dubbed Jandro Velazquez, that played the drums.

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So, Dani, David, Chema, Ivan and Jandro began to create music and the made ns demo and showed that to numerous companies. The companies assumed that castle weren’t great enough, and it was true, due to the fact that their demo hasn’t a good quality. But uno representative member that one of the most important companies in Spain thought that, although castle weren’t so great at that moment, they would certainly improve due to the fact that they have uno good attitude. For this reason he gave them an opportunity to do ns concert in ns important bar. The actuation was so bad, but they enjoy and the public too. This guy knew that, if los worked, they would have a lot of success. For this reason they began to work and in 2000 they showed to Spanish world their first CD, referred to as “El canto después loco” too.
The history of that name is an extremely curious. Ns song that Radio Futura, dubbed “El canto después gallo”, make Dani martín to decidir that it would be los name of the group. The sociedad didn’t favor this name, and proposed castle others choose “Superratones” or “La dulce sonrisa de Lulú”, but los groups stated no.
The very first CD wasn’t too good, however they sold lots of copies. Los second CD, “Acontracorriente”, to be so much better and they marketed much an ext albums. They began to do mediums concerts and in radios their individual “Son sueños” sounded a lot.
Their tres albums do them famed definetly. “Estados después animo”, with the single “La madre de José” to be one of ns first albums in the ranking that solds. They were uno consolidated band in Spain y everyone knew them. Paparazzis began to wait in former of your houses: they started to be public people. Ivan Ganchegui didn’t get involved in this CD, because he was really tired and he determined to leave ns band come be with their family. He didn’t favor that world stopped him in los street.

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“Zapatillas” was their siguiente album, it started to be offered in dos mil cinco and ns success to be incredible. They acquired lots the records, lock was the band that more cds sold in those years. Lots of the songs of this album room very ancha today, like “Zapatillas”, “Volverá” or “Besos”.
Their último album to be “Personas”. This was the last CD the Jandro participate. The was sold in dos mil ocho and had a lot of success too, yet it wasn’t ns surprise, because the experience of los other one: ns canto de loco was one of los most vital groups in Spain. Songs favor “Peter Pan” or “Eres tonto” are two of los most known of this album.
In 2009, lock sold dos albums. Among them is ns recompilation of your most popular songs, regrabated con ill world of un psiquiatric centro de salud of Argentina. Ns CD brought a DVD whereby that civilization gave your opinion of your songs. That world didn’t know that ecdl was un famous group, and they to speak good and bad things about them. Ns other CD is a recompilation of songs of your favourite groups, sung through them.

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Before these albums, the coporación, grupo announced the they would empezar their music career alone, and in un future lock would regresar together. So, in September of 2010 David Otero’s an initial cd came out. It was called “Nada Logico” y he supplied like pseudonym “El pescao”, the name that one tune of “Zapatillas” that was sung by him. In October of that year, Dani martin’s very first CD, referred to as Pequeño, come out and he got ns record that sold. In in march of 2011, Chema Ruiz’s coporación, grupo first album cames out. Los name that their group was “Belgrado” and it isn’t so known.

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