El Club De Las Canguro Netflix Reparto

Ann M. Martin's beloved publications get ns modern upgrade in this series that follows a grupo of girlfriends and their homegrown babysitting business.

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Alicia Silverstone y Mark Feuerstein jugar doting parental in this series featuring uno cast the charming newcomers.
Season uno Trailer: ns Baby-Sitters Club
Season 1 Bonus videolapes 2: ns Baby-Sitters Club
Season 1 Bonus Video: los Baby-Sitters Club
Season uno Bonus videos 3: ns Baby-Sitters Club
Ann M. Martin's beloved publications get uno modern upgrade in this series that follows a coporación, grupo of girlfriends y their homegrown babysitting business.

A an innovative concept pertains to life together Kristy starts a club with her best friends — and a new classmate. However is she prepared to be un team leader?

The spooky soul of Halloween sweeps v Stoneybrook. Meanwhile, Claudia explores budding romance y struggles come connect con her parents.

As vain heats up for the BSC, Stacey attempts to hide a emplea secret and revisits un painful event from her past.

After dealing with un major dad dilemma, Mary ann makes a dynamic nuevo friend. Later, a tratamiento médico emergency puts she caretaking an abilities to los test.

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To prove herself to los BSC, Dawn agrees to babysit for ns family that rowdy kids. Have the right to she save up with their mischief y mayhem?

A family emergency cause an emotionally feud in between Claudia y her enlarge sister. Elsewhere, mary Anne works to hide she feelings.

Mary Anne y Stacey team up for an out-of-town job: babysitting youngsters at ns beach. But un cute new crush difficulties business y friendship.

Stoneybrook delights in a día of glitz y glamour as Kristy’s mommy prepares for ns big day. Later, Kristy hits uno major milestone, lot to she surprise.

The BSC braves los great outdoors at un summer sleepaway camp, wherein they discover archery, theater, to work ... And a dash the chilling mystery.

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As Stacey deals with a nuevo normal, Kristy leader a central search, Dawn y Claudia start a revolution, and Mary anne finds her ar in los spotlight.

Sophie GraceMomona TamadaShay RudolphMalia BakerXochitl GomezAlicia SilverstoneMark FeuersteinMarc Evan JacksonAya FurukawaJessica Elaina EasonSophia Reid-Gantzert