El Futbolista Sergio Ramos Es Gitano

1986 at an early stage years

Camas; mine home, the first stop and the ar where this dream began. At los age of seis and having been uno little insistent in ~ home, identificación started play in objetivo for mine brother’s team. In truth, i wasn’t officially old enough come play… once you’re uno kid, fútbol americano is different; it’s all enthusiasm. They were older than me but me gustaría felt choose one of los team. I really enjoyed myself y when me gustaría turned diez I began playing for Sevilla. The was un different atmosphere, however some of my best memories are of los training ground y the teammates identificación played with. During those years, my family were therefore important. Hours and hours on the road to obtain to maintain sessions and matches. There is no them, every little thing that came later would have actually been impossible.

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2004 La unión début

It’s daunting to to express what it supposed to play in the Primera asignar at period 17. When i got to ns dressing room at the end of that juego in ns Riazor, all ns memories from my tiempo in los under-age teams came to mind: starting off in 7-a-side football, coaches, teammates, Sevilla Atlético, the sacrifices do by family. Identificación had conquered my very first big dream. I’ll never forget the words the Joaquín Caparrós, that took un gamble on ns young boy who had actually barely played under floodlights in his life: “Kid, juego the method you know.” I’ll be forever grateful.

2005 first call-up to senior national team y international début

When me gustaría was with Sevilla me gustaría had currently played Under-16, Under-17, Under-19 y just then i had ns place with the Under-21s. Work before ns squad to be announced over there was talk that luis Aragonés might contact me up to los senior team, but when that minute came the happiness was higher than you have the right to imagine. I also owe every little thing to Luis. That took numerous years, countless moments, plenty of teammates and a lot of effort y togetherness in good times y not for this reason good times to accomplish that golden e in ns history of the nacional team. The road y this grupo began con Luis. When you’ve made ciento cincuenta appearances y you watch back, ns overwhelming feeling is pride. Over there are few things better for ns footballer 보다 to represent your country.

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2005 arrival at real Madrid

“The only thing me gustaría want is because that you to it is in yourself”. That was ns first point Florentino pérez said come me when i was around to authorize for de verdad Madrid, ns best sociedad in ns world. Then, today and forever, i will only have actually words of appreciation for ‘el Presi’ and the people at the club who took uno risk on me when me gustaría was 19. I’ll never ever forget that day. Putting on the Real la capital española shirt, inheriting los number cuatro from Fernando Hierro, stepping out onto ns Bernabéu key for the first time, receiving so much support from the club y the fans. I could hardly believe it y in the moment me gustaría could just think around my parents, my brother and sister and everything we had done to get that far. It to be one of ns happiest work of mine life. Real madrid is ns dream identificación don’t ever want come end.

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2014 Real madrid wins tenth european Cup

Real Madrid fans had dreamy of la Décima for years. We had actually just missed el fin on the final three año in uno row. However in Munich we broke the curse, y what a way to do it! A recordable match in Lisbon: noventa y tres minutes of struggle y heart before un corner that would readjust everything. Come score un decisive objetivo like the in injury tiempo in un Champions League final is every kid’s dream once they empezar playing football. Ecstasy, momentary delirium, an instant you understand is forever but you don’t desire it come end. In that moment, her family, los supporters and the experiencing all involved mind. For this reason many año of fighting had their reward: la Décima was on its means to Madrid. It to be the start of un white empire in Europe.