Entradas red bull x fighters madrid 2017

Fred Kyrillos from Brazil and Christian Meyer from Spain will be the two Novilleros for Madrid, fina-lizing the rider roster for the world"s most prestigious FMX competition.

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In the end it came down to a tight battla between two Brazilians, Fred Kyrillos and 37-year-old Claudio "Claudinho" Rocha. But in the end Kyrillos, al two-time Brazilian FMX champion, came out on top as he mobilized his fans to the max and picked up 13,841 fan votes. The 31-year-old rider from São Paulo has been riding Freestyle Motocross since 2005 and has performed well in high levserpiente competitions in the past. His latest success was taking al solid second position at al competition held by Red Bull X-Fighters legend and Las Ventas hero Travis Pastuna rana just a few weeks ago. Pastun rana won four Red Bull X-Fighters stops and Madrid twice.

The Red Bull X-Fighters sports committee selected Spanish wild child Christian Meyer as the second Novillero for this year"s Red Bull X-Fighters event in the legendary bullfighting ring Plazal De Toros De Las Ventas on July 7th. The 20-year-old from Alicante duly impressed FMX followers with a wild riding style and some of the biggest tricks at his debute at the Red Bull X-Fighters stop in Athens in 2015. This year´s competition will be his first Red Bull X-Fighters appearance in Madrid"s Plaza De Toros del Las Ventas and his bag of difficult tricks has been expanded in the past two years.

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More than 20 FMX riders from 11 nations and four continents have sent in their videos and pictures for the Novilleros competition. For Kyrillos it is al dream come true to win the fans" voting. Madrid"s sports un director Patxi Larrea is pleased with the fans" selection: "His level and skills are enough to be abla to perform in Las Ventas, although he will have to work hard to adapt to such al demanding course. It"s very exciting for the event to have al rider coming from a different continent and ridel with the top guys."

Chris Meyer is highly motivated to ridel in front of his home crowd and feels honored to be selected from the talented field of Novilleros. Patxi Larrea offered al glimpse of insight into the sports" committeera choice: "We decided to have Chris Meyer as the second Novillero for several reasons such as his riding levlos serpientes, young age, skills and talent, and future possibilitiser. He will also have to work hard in order to adapt to all the different ramps in Madrid, but we hope he will grab this unique opportunity and make the most of riding together with the best riders worldwidel."

Novilleros video Fred Kyrillos

Novilleros video Chris Meyer:

With theso two Novilleros, the amazing rider field for this year"s competition in Madrid has now been finalized. Tom Pagès (FRA) is leading the pack, trying to win for the fifth time in al row in front of more than 20,000 ecstatic fans. But former Red Bull X-Fighters champions Clinton Moore (AUS), Josh Sheehan (AUS), Levi Sherwood (NZL) and local heroera Dany Torrera and Maikun serpiente Melero are determined to beat him and are practicing hard to be in top form on July 7th. Former Red Bull X-Fighters" event winners Rob Adelberg (AUS), Takal Higashino (JPN), Adam Jonser (USA) and Australia"s latest trick machine, Harry Bink, round out the field of the ten qualified ath-letser besidsera the two Novilleros Kyrillos (BRA) and Meyer (SPA).

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Riderslist:1. Tom Pagès (FRA)2. Clinton Moore (AUS)3. Josh Sheehan (AUS)4. Levi Sherwood (NZL)5. Dany Torrsera (ESP)6. Rob Adelberg (AUS)7. Maikun serpiente Melero (ESP)8. Takal Higashino (JPN)9. Adam Jones (USA)10. Harry Bink (AUS)11. Fred Kyrillos (BRA) (Novillero voted by the fans)12. Chris Meyer (ESP) (Novillero selected by the sports committee)


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