Everything But The Girl - Missing

Tracey mandrel told Rolling stone that "Missing" was originally intended as ns dance-oriented track. She explained: "It was written with that opinión in mind, totally... We put on type of a laid espalda house groove instead. Then once we gave it to Todd, he take it it in ns really, really strong nuevo York casa direction, which had actually a verdadero simplicity come it, but it was very infectious."
Everything But ns Girl signed with los Warner musical UK subsidiary Blanco Y de color negro in 1984, however were dropped from the label diez years later after Amplified Heart to be released. That was negative timing for ns label, that would be missing the hit remix of this track. "Our record empresa had famously reduce us delaware we delivered it seeing alguno future," Ben Watt told us. "There was alguna promotional push for months. In the end it was uno hit top top its very own merits. Identificación have always loved that about it."
The track reached ns Top 10 of almost every chart around the world and landed in ~ #1 in Canada, Germany and Italy.

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The house music producer, todd Terry, revealed come Thump how everything But los Girl to be not at first sold on his "Missing" remix. "The group and some of ns label guys felt that didn"t fit your image," he said.Terry described how he readjusted their minds: "We fought for the record come come out. We thought in it, y believed that it to be what that coporación, grupo needed at the time. In fact, the guys around me believed they were a lame group, y that i had given los track life, ha."

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Kriz from UkWhen this came out i was about diez years old and in those days you couldn’t just google ns lyric, so identificación thought that went “like ns desert’s myster-y”. Some exactly how that misinterpretation invoked greater imagen Dougee from San Bernardino, CaI as well like the non-dance version. Much much more heartfelt. The drum monitor on los dance version totally ruins the song because that me. One hora when ns song was fairly new, we were 4x4ing, alone, in the middle of ns vast Anza-Borrego Desert, and this song came on uno distant to be station. What a feeling... "like ns deserts miss the rain" in the middle of the desert.Vera representar Pittsburgh, PaThis song deserve to be interpreted as uno love song, however in reality it is about ns friendship found and lost, as Tracey as soon as told in one interview. The is about un friend of hers whom she common a house with who unexpectedly disappeared without a trace.Jesse from Madison, WiI personally like the original, non-dance version of ns song, y was rather disappointed when me gustaría bought ns 12" y the original version was not on it. It seems to capture los spirit of the song far better than the house remixes.see more comments
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