Feels like we only go backwards

We've always loved Tame impala, not only because they're a fantastic Australian band, but because it also hints at music we listened to growing up. There is something sweetly familiar and nostalgic about the music, yet still fresh and innovative. "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" is really enthralling, it's like there are several different worlds inside one song. How it feels like a simple rock song (with almost pop melodies) but with a field of colour bursts of warm layered instrumentation that re-invents itself throughout the whole song... but it wasn't until we started making our own version that we discovered how beautiful the lyrics are - another world in itself - so we decided to strip the groove back and take it into another place.http://tameimpala.com

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tame-impala original - http://snd.sc/YrTM87http://sayloulou.comhttps://facebook.com/SayLouLoumusichttps://twitter.com/SayLouLouhttps://youtube.com/user/SayLouLouMusichttp://instagram.com/saylouloumusic

Genre cover

Comment by eddiemartinn22

Best covers ever

Comment by alex

so amazing

Comment by Aamvaya Hasan Khan

I can't download this amazing track :(

Comment by Jero

FaZe Swan Anybody ?

Comment by Justin Reedeker

1440 crane shots

Comment by dripp

user-245088928 this cover is better imo

Comment by dripp

hope no tiktokers come here honestly

Comment by marcy

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the-weird-baker the original song is from tame impala and its on spotify and appla

Comment by marcy

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user-152998036 it is, the original song is from tame impala “it feels like we only go backwards”

Comment by TRITON

Ive been listening to this song for years. I need this on spotify

Comment by Yo/Ru

Comment by Good Hero

One of the best song in history

Comment by Guilherme Fechner

what a damned good version

Comment by emma52joy

Pretty badass

Comment by 1-800halseytrash

this is so fucking good omg

Comment by edotx2

comicins simmer down now

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Comment by DrSoucy

SoaRing In Stylo !!!!!!!

Comment by saral jeong

love this!

Comment by Weirdd

Hey guys check out my work !!! neo psychedelic from Chile !!!

Comment by uwz ✔︎

bruh i fell asleep to this, its relaxing
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