Final De La Super Bowl 2018

Total yards: Patriots 613, eagles 538.Third debajo conversions: eagles 10-for-16, Patriots 5-for-10.Foles — sorry, Super bowl MVP Nick Foles — walk 28-for-43 for 373 yards, tres touchdowns, y a aterrizaje reception. Nick Foles walk that!Brady in uno losing effort: 28-for-48 for 505 yards and three touchdowns. That took just one sack y threw alguna picks, but the one sack was a killer.Corey Clement (PHI): tres carries because that eight yards, four captures for cien yards.LeGarrette Blount and Jay Ajayi (PHI): veintitres carries for ciento cuarenta y siete yards and a touchdown.Danny Amendola y Chris Hogan (NE): 19 targets, 14 catches, 280 yards, one score.Rob Gronkowski (NE): quince targets, nine catches, 116 yards, dos touchdowns.Zach Ertz (PHI): ripe targets, 7 catches, 67 yards, y a touchdown.Brandon Graham (PHI): los game’s only sackFourth Quarter

0:00. WOOOOOOO, that was close. Brady escapes pressure y throws uno Hail mar in the direction the Gronk y company. The ball rolls off of Gronk’s helmet and bounces roughly for an extra heart derrotar but falls to ns turf. Philadelphia has actually its first Super bol title.

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0:09. Ronald Darby nearly picks off a ocurrir intended for Phillip Dorsett.

0:13. Trickeration backfires. The Pats attempt un reverse on the kick return, however Bryan Braman stop Burkhead at ns NE 9. New inglaterra has come go noventa y uno yards in 56 seconds.

The Pats obtain zero. Brady throws incomplete come Hogan, White, and, debajo increasing pressure. Amendola. Top top fourth-and-10, he find Amendola over the middle to the 22 and spikes the ball with 26 seconds left.

Gronkowski gains once yards and gets fuera de of limit with veinte seconds left, climate gains dieciséis more y gets fuera de of bounds with 13 seconds left. Los Pats space at least dentro de Hail mary range. Philadelph calls timeout. Brady has 505 pass yards.

1:05. Eagles 41, PATRIOTS 33. Elliott nails it. Onions.

1:10. Philadelph runs one more time to work the clock, and Blount it s okay nothing up ns middle. The águila call timeout with 1:10 left, facing a 44-yard field goal attempt with uno rookie kicker.

2:00. Blount gains dos yards, y New england uses its finalmente timeout. Blount benefit another three yards, y it’s uno third-and-5 at the two-minute warning.

2:09. FUMBLE. WOW. Los first bag of the night is enormous. End Brandon Graham come on an within rush and strips Brady. Rookie Derek Barnett recovers at the NE 31.


If did you do it only gained one bag to spend all night, this is un pretty good hora for it.

2:21. águila 38, PATRIOTS 33. Un quick pass to Agholor on los left gains diez yards to the NE 14, and delaware a three-yard Blount run, New england calls its 2nd timeout con 2:30 left.

After a fade come Jeffery drops harmlessly incomplete, that third-and-7 from the 11: the eagles distract the Pats with quick ejercicio to ns right, y Foles hits Ertz on uno one-on-one slant to los left. Ertz takes three steps and dives into the end zone. The ball comes loose after he hits ns ground, but it’s an apparent touchdown. Replay confirms. águilas lead.


Up five points, the águila go because that two. Foles roll right and fires incomplete to Clement. If philadelph hadn’t unable to do for dos so much earlier in the game, they could have kicked the PAT and gone increase 7.

3:07. After James Harrison stuffs Blount, Foles rolfes right y hits Agholor for 10 yards and a first debajo to the NE 42. Climate he fires uno ball into un tight window to Agholor over the center for 18 more yards. Chung it s okay up slowly. Timeout on the field.

4:47. Delaware a deep jump round to herrero falls incomplete, Foles hits un slanting Ertz top top third-and-6 desde the veintinueve to move ns chains as los clock ticks under eight minutes., yet Patrick Chung pole Clement short of ns chains on second down, climate Devin McCourty stops herrero for cuales gain top top third-and-1.

Fourth-and-1, debajo six minute to go against this Patriots offense? You walk for it. Foles is pressured but hits Ertz because that just enough.

no no

Philly call timeout with los ball in ~ its 47. The going is getting a little tougher.

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9:22. PATRIOTS 33, águilas 32. New inglaterra comes el fin running. Tres Burkhead carries gain 17 yards, then fast passes come Hogan y Amendola work los ball right into Eagle territory, then Brady find Amendola wide open up for treinta yards to the Philly 17. Philly’s defense is starting to look gassed.

A display screen to Amendola works the ball to los 8, climate White sets up uno first-and-goal with un four-yard run up los middle. Delaware Brady fires low to White, he fires high to Gronkowski in the left edge of the fin zone. An additional Gronk TD.


Gostkowski’s beat is true, and the Pats have ns lead.

Brady is now 24-for-38 for cuatrocientos cincuenta y siete yards y three touchdowns. Goodness.

14:09. Eagles 32, PATRIOTS 26. Just as ns second quarter began with a third-and-short obtaining beaten, Marquis flowers destroys uno screen come Agholor to comienzo the fourth. Elliott makes uno 42-yard field goal, however, and Philly’s lead is trasero up come six.

Six isn’t seven, though, is it? The eagles could be trailing the next time lock get the ball.

Third Quarter

0:00. Philly keeps shooting away. Overcome to Agholor y Smith gain cuarenta y uno yards, y the águila are quickly regreso inside the New inglaterra 40. After a short run by Blount, y end about to Agholor choose up nine y moves the chains.

The 3rd quarter ends with philly facing un third-and-3 from the New england 16. There have actually been a supervisor Bowl-record 962 total yards in this game. Y there are quince minutes left.

3:23. Eagles 29, PATRIOTS 26. After a sociedad anónima penalty ~ above Philly’s Corey Graham moves los ball out to the Pats’ 31, Brady hits Hogan for quince yards to near midfield. Ns Monmouth product now has actually four records for noventa y ocho yards.

Two Lewis carries acquire nine yards, then Brady find Amendola downfield to los Philly 26. Then it’s Hogan again: one more pretty juego fake it s okay him open, y Brady finds him for uno 26-yard score.


Brady has 403 passing yards in ~43 minutes, and the Pats tho trail by three.

7:18. águilas 29, PATRIOTS 19. New england’s defense has been much better delaware halftime this year, yet you can not tell the on this drive. After an illegal cuadra on los kick return, Philly opens at the 15. Agholor can’t quite reel in a pass along los sideline, however breaks a resolver on third-and-6 y races upfield to the 36. Blount moves ns ball into Pats territory, then an Ajayi cutback to ns right to adjust up un third-and-1 desde the Pats’ 40.

From there, Foles goes come his tight end, Ertz, on un beautiful play-fake y gains catorce yards. Dos plays after that third-and-6, Foles fires un beautiful pass to Clement in the back of the end zone, y it watch like the running regreso can’t rather get un second foot debajo in bounds delaware juggling. That is at first ruled a touchdown, y Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth i think replay will certainly overturn it.

The speak to stands, however. Touchdown.



12:15. águilas 22, PATRIOTS 19. Gronk show. The first tres plays of los second fifty percent all target the star tight end, y Brady completes dos of lock for 49 yards. Two plays later, ~ above third-and-6 representar the philly 22, that Brady to Gronk again for catorce yards. And delaware a short correr by White, the Gronk again. Five-yard touchdown.

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Pretty sure me gustaría know what New england decided its halftime adjustments would be.