Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition

Long ago, un giant meteorite fell on the land, and deadly miasma blanketed ns world.

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Crystals keep los deadly miasma in check, but los crystals' power is not eternal.

Young adventurers embark on ns journey once a year seeking "drops of myrrh" to purify los crystals.

These are ns chronicles the brave joven adventurers that journey to safeguard their home.


FINAL elegante CRYSTAL CHRONICLES Remastered edition brings nuevo features come make your adventure more memorable than ever:

HD GraphicsEnglish voiceovers for los first timeUpdated soundtrack with new recordings y additional tracksNew UI improvements and added mini-mapPlus, high-difficulty dungeons to explore after completing the main story

In en línea Multiplayer Mode, caravan con friends where they may be. Cross-platform support offered so that you can journey together throughout different hardware: ~ above PlayStation4, Nintendo Switch, y even smartphone devices!

Players on separate platforms, whether it be ps 4, Nintendo Switch, or even iOS y Android, can come together to enjoy on line gameplay!

Accessible Adventure! Enjoyable with Anyone!

Supports save data transfer between platforms!

Freely transport save data between platforms!

Freely select the platform of her choice and go beyond los boundaries that mobile and home console devices!

Experience the juego on ns platform that finest matches her own play style.

*Screenshots are taken representar a work-related in progression build. Screenshots room not representative of all platforms.

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This trial variation will enable players come enjoy los first numero 3 dungeons of los game, take part in online cross-play in those dungeons, or sign up with in with un player who has actually purchased the full game to juego together in increase to trece dungeons- every for free.**

Minimum spec required for the juego to duty on iOS devices

iOS variation 13.0 or higher

iPad mini 4 is no supported

Minimum spec required for the juego to duty on Android devices

Android variation 7.0 or higher

Internal storage (RAM): 3GB or greater

SoC:Snapdragon ochocientos veinte or higher

On some devices los application will not role correctly, also if all ns above device requirements space met. Please examine compatibility with los device you intend to use before downloading.


*This is uno remastered juego that adds new features and some changes to por último FANTASY decision CHRONICLES, which to be released in 2003.

*Online services might be terminated at any kind of time.

*Online multiplayer setting requires an web connection y either:

Nintendo Switch rápido free it is registered to uno Nintendo account and a paid subscription to “Nintendo move Online” service; or

PlayStation cuatro - totally free registration to ps Network y a paid subscription to playstation Plus.

*In en línea multiplayer mode, uno player will only be matched with others in the region specific to player’s software.

*Lag may happen during en línea play, depending upon internet connection speed.

*There are differences in design, screen layout y graphics resolution between ns console (e.g., playstation 4, Nintendo Switch) and smart phone/mobile (e.g., iOS, Android) versions of the game.

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*In stimulate to deliver save datos from the saturado product version to one more platform, friend will need to have purchased the saturado product version on ns corresponding platform.

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