“She cd driver Me Crazy” is a música pop rock song by british group Fine young Cannibals, released as a single on January 1st, 1989, and included on the band’s album the Raw & The… review More 

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I can't stop ns way me gustaría feelThings you execute don't seem realTell me what you've got in mindCause we're running out of timeWon't you ever set me free?This wait 'round's death meShe drives me crazyLike no one elseShe cd driver me crazyAnd i can't aid myselfI can't get any type of restPeople to speak I'm obsessedEverything you to speak is liesBut come me there's cuales surpriseWhat me gustaría had for you was trueThings walk wrong, they constantly doShe drives me crazyLike alguno one elseShe cd driver me crazyAnd me gustaría can't assist myself
I won't make it on my ownNo one likes to it is in aloneShe cd driver me crazyLike no one elseShe drives me crazyAnd me gustaría can't assist myselfShe cd driver me crazyLike alguno one elseShe drives me crazyAnd identificación can't assist myselfShe cd driver me crazyLike cuales one elseShe cd driver me crazyAnd me gustaría can't help myself
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“She drives Me Crazy” is a música pop rock song by british group Fine joven Cannibals, released together a soltero on January 1st, 1989, y included on ns band’s album The raw & los Cooked.

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The track was an especially successful in the US where it hit Number 1 on the Billboard charts top top April 15, 1989.

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David Z developed “She cd driver Me Crazy”’s above snare:

I took the head off un snare drum y started whacking it with ns wooden ruler, recording it through un Shure 57 microphone.

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As identificación did that, me gustaría started twisting los hell el fin of the EQ around 1 kHz on it, come the señalar where that was beginning to sound more like un crash. I blended that with un snare identificación found in los Linn itself, i beg your pardon was ns 12-bit machine, therefore it sound pretty edgy to start with

This interview is desde Mixonline, i beg your pardon continues:

But ns coup de grace for ns sound was as soon as Z pumped ns processed y blended sample through an Auratone speaker set upside abajo atop one more snare drum, which rattled the rieles snares y gave los result part ambience and even more high end.


The raw & ns Cooked (1988)
Fine joven Cannibals
She cd driver Me Crazy
Written By
David Steele & Roland Gift
London Records
Lead Vocals
Roland Gift
Andy Cox
Backing Vocals
Jenny Jones (Drums)
Jenny Jones (Drums)
David Steele
Drum Machine
David Steele
Bass Guitar
David Steele
Mastering Engineer
Arun Chakraverty
Recorded At
Air Studios, London, UK
Release Date
December 26, 1988
Sampled In
Set It off by Girl Talk & Cannibals by Neil Cicierega
Interpolated By
She Drives favor Crazy by "Weird Al" Yankovic & C cd driver Me crazy by Sesame Street (Ft. Fine Young Camels)
Cover By
Drives Me stunner by Dolly Parton, She drives Me crazy by The Muppets (Ft. Kermit the Frog & Miss Piggy), She cd driver Me stunner by Tom Jones (Ft. Zucchero), She drives Me stunner (The Monie Love mix) by Fine Young Cannibals, She drives Me stunner by The Good Natured, She drives Me crazy by The Flying Pickets, She cd driver Me stunner by Chris Bourne & She cd driver Me crazy by Cam Anthony & Blake Shelton
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