George Michael Let Her Down Easy

“Let Her debajo Easy” was george Michael’s first single representar the album Symphonica. Originally un moving mil novecientos noventa y tres tune through Terence Trent D’Arby, los subdued, piano-driven cover song perfectly showcase George’s mellifluous voice, cementing his reputation as his generation’s ideal male vocalist.

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“Let Her debajo Easy” premiered on magic Radio UK radio on 3 February, 2014, ahead of ns song’s digital relax on 17 March 2014. Jorge Michael’s variation was produced by ns singer with the late legend producer Phil Ramone.

Live Vocals

The album Symphonica, exit on march 14, 2014, to be George’s only live album, con vocals recorded throughout his critically-acclaimed 2011-2012 orchestral Symphonica tour. Together such, vocals because that “Let Her abajo Easy” was tape-recorded live during los tour.

George performed los song “Let Her debajo Easy” in ns Symphonica tour throughout which it became one of ns highlights y quickly became un fan favorite. Here is un live power of jorge singing the song filmed at the Palais Garnier ópera House, Paris, France, 2011:


However, there were some questions as to whether los song was indeed recorded live, prompting george to respond on Twitter. In uno tweet post on February 17, 2014, he assured entusiastas that his new single let Her down Easy was recorded live ~ above tour. The posted:

Good Morning campers! Just el fin of intrest, let her debajo easy is indeed a live vocal, yet radio these days wont any type of live or live sounding…

— george Michael (
GeorgeMichael) February 17, 2014

He tweeted the he was unsure why this dominance was in place, as he has scored two number one singles the were taped live in los past:

get rid of every audience sound off the track..I know i dont understand it either, all i can thank god for is the it’s a recent development

— jorge Michael (
GeorgeMichael) February 17, 2014


Reviews that the george Michael Version

In un review of the cover song, Radio Creme Brulee said:

“While “Let Her down Easy” could not location among ns best consist of he has actually recorded gastos generales the years, it does deserve merit y serves as uno good sneak preview of what listeners could hope to hear ~ above “Symphonica.”

The reviewer went on to say:

Regardless that what us feel about jorge Michael’s take it on plenty of of these songs, ns one thing we absolutely have to give him credit for is his remarkable capacity to bring an excellent songs el fin of obscurity y breathing nuevo life into them by adding his vocal stamp to them. The doesn’t typically cover songs that have actually been done and redone by several artists. This is something he did specifically well top top his Symphonica tour – uno tour that took the all over Europe play alongside live orchestras in every city. Some of the relatively obscure songs (at least con regard to los limited american mainstream) the he carried to life ~ above this tour encompass “F.E.A.R” (originally performed by stone Roses frontman Ian Brown), “Idol” (originally carry out by Elton John), y of course his nuevo single “Let Her abajo Easy” (originally carry out by his former label-mate Terence Trent D’Arby).

“Let Her down Easy” is thematically one of ns most inexplicable songs in música pop music. The is sung from the perspective of a father making ns heartfelt plea to the man that has either taken or is planning to “take” his daughter’s virginity. Ns lyrics are far representar subtle.

George nombre de niño was never a “run of the mill” artist in any kind of sense of los world – not stylistically, no visually, and certainly not lyrically. Hence, it is alguno surprise that he was attracted to los track y feels the need come perform un cover variation of it. His decision to record “Let her abajo easy” is fine within the realms that his multi-faceted y distinct personality – both as uno person and also an artist.

The tune is uno sparsely developed ballad the features uno piano, luz string kinds in parts, and George’s achingly beautiful vocals. Like ns fine party of wine, jorge Michael’s vocal capacity only appears to acquire better with time. An ext importantly, through his vocals the is may be to capture both the beauty of uno father’s concern and the feeling of helplessness he feels together he tries to communicate with this male that is most likely going come hurt his daughter.

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The immediacy that George’s vocal reminds me that his fantastic cover of Stevie Wonder’s “They Won’t go When i Go” representar his second acabó album, however this track is in which method tenderer. That a return to kind for un man con unbeatable form. So, so refreshing. Anyone rather feel favor their monkey’s been set free?


Video of ns Cover Song

Vaughan Arnell, one of Britain’s foremost and most innovative music video directors, directed ns black-and-white video for “Let Her down Easy.” the two have actually previously operated together top top George’s videolapes for ‘Outside’. Arnell has also previously worked con other musical artists such together Robbie Williams, ns Spice Girls and One Direction.

The música video for the song to be released on February 4, 2014.

Brilliantly shooting by DP Callan eco-friendly in barcelona at a family-run circus, all the cast are en la actualidad performers in ns circus, with the exception of los leads – including modelo Hannah Janes desde London, who according to press reports to be chosen from 3,000 hopefuls. Los video is tinged con sadness as los tale of sexual desire unfolds.


From the director:

“As quickly as me gustaría heard George’s voice that felt like only yesterday us made ‘Outside’. Because that me, los man is timeless.”

“I love functioning with jorge – he offers so much ‘Freedom’ come go el fin there and make a video. Yet don’t gain me not correct he knows every f
#king frame of los rushes. God bless you grandfather Michael.”

Michael posted un video teaser of ns tune to his YouTube account. Los teaser videolapes sees uno number of circus acts preparing for a stage show y is presented entirely in black y white.


Here is the completamente official video:

*’s Virtel praised los accompanying video

So, this video: ns balletic pacing and old-timey coloring gave me instant pangs the “Constant Craving,” and the studly circus performer reminded me of the torrid toreador representar Madonna’s “Take uno Bow” video. That’s every fine by me. Ns word to describe this videos is immaculate — not ns shot or note or fuera of place.

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‘Let Her down Easy’ music Video Credits:

Director – Vaughan ArnellProduction sociedad – RokkitProducer – Tom KnightLine Producer – Claire BaylinProduction services – Manic ButterflyProduction Assistant – Declan MastersonDirector of Photography – Callan GreenEditor – Vid PriceEditing sociedad – household EditingColourist – jaime TillettPost Production company – MPCDirector’s depiction – Marisa Garner AssociatesLabel – Virgin RecordsCommissioner – Caroline True


Original Version

The ballad “Let Her down Easy” was originally recorded by Terence Trent D’Arby in 1993 for his Symphony or damn album. The song peaked in ~ #18 in ns UK charts when it was released as a single.

Listen to ns original variation sung through Terence Trent D’Arby



You’re top guy on ns sceneYou don’t think life come in betweenBut hey, she’s simply seventeenShe feels that she’s ns worldly girlBut male you’ve to be around ns worldShe is just some worried daddy’s girlEven despite there’s nothing identificación can sayIts just humanidad nature any type of wayLet her debajo easyHer heart is on un dimeLet her abajo easyAnd you’ll thrive up in timeIn she strawberry eyesThe method she sees you signifiesThat she’s prone to your velvet liesBut if you have to lay her downMay un butterscotch glow be her dressing gownAnd please execute not lead her on when you leaving townEven though there’s nothing identificación can sayIts just human nature any kind of wayLet her debajo easyHer love is on the lineLet her abajo easyAnd you’ll flourish up in timeShe’s uno woman nowWith uno daughter to make her proudIn she crayon mundo of record cloudsShe tho remembers youThe first boy that she provided it toAnd she laughs at how small then she knewHer daughter’s five and her grandfather adores her (of course)Let her debajo easyHer love is on ns lineLet her down easyAnd you’ll prosper up in time