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TypeReleasedRecordedRYM RatingRanked no Genres
no ArtistGeorge michael
September 1990
December 1988 - July 1990
3.61 no / 5.00.5 from 1,353 ratings no
#189 for 1990, #8,552 overall

male vocals, conscious, melodic, bittersweet, mellow, passionate, melancholic, romantic, introspective, sensual, rhythmic, longing, love, soft


Poohkali no Apr 29 dos mil doce no 4.00 stars
Dude #1: -papposo Four stars to a jorge Michael album representar Poohkali? What los fuck?Dude #2: —apoyándose LOL, yeah! los only genre Poohkali likes is strength metal, therefore what los fuck, seriously?Dude #1: -papposo He's to be drinking too lot Karhu beer again.Dude #2: - LOL, yeah!Dude #1: - Poohkali is so fucked increase sometimes...Dude #2: - LOL, yeah!Dude #1: - But that's why us love him, don't we?Dude #2: rápido LOL, yeah!Poohkali ns Master Dude: - Ahem... Identificación bought this album back in nineteen ninety, when i was nineteen. My taste of música was ns bit different trasero then. Me gustaría bought this, because me gustaría had heard los songs "Freedom 90", "Praying because that Time" y "Waiting for that Day" ~ above MTV y I really favored all those songs. Specifically "Praying because that Time" i remember loving. Yet what was the real surprise come me was that the best tune of ns album rápido "Mothers Pride" -papposo hadn't been released as un single. Me gustaría can easily understand why, though. "Mothers Pride" is one of the most beautiful - y at ns same hora one of los saddest rápido songs of all time. It's means too sad to be wasted away as uno disposable single. "Let united state those who buy this album have actually something one-of-a-kind in your album collection, shall we?" i have to give thanks to you you greedy document producers not to damage "Mothers Pride" because that me. It's been dos years since identificación last tiempo listened listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1, yet it was most likely at the very least ten years before that. Thanks to this non-consumptive behavior, hear Without Prejudice Vol. 1 sounds also fresher this particular day than it has sounded ever before. Or perhaps los twenty-two años between me espalda in mil novecientos noventa and me in dos mil doce are simply messing up con my brain? Whatever the case may be, one thing i know for sure: me gustaría still prefer this album. One of los songs that hasn't been pointed out yet, however which should have been mentioned currently is "They Won't go When identificación Go". The influence of "Moonlight Sonata" through Beethoven is evident from the first four notes played on los piano. "Moonlight Sonata" happens to be among my favorite timeless songs of all time, so cuales wonder i love "They Won't go When i Go" as well. In addition to what i have currently said there are additionally other components why i like this album, but me gustaría think ns most necessary things have already been said. If you identify yourself from what i just said, please go ahead y do yourself uno favor y check this album out.Dude #1: rápido LOL! Poohkali really appears to actually like this album. What the fuck?Dude #2: —apoyándose LOL, yeah!Dude #1: rápido Let's force some Powerixtix top top him, candlestick we? He's useless to united state if that starts hear to some fucking azul eyed soul.Dude #2: - LOL, yeah!
schicken46 no Nov dieciséis 2020 no 3.50 stars
an ext than his debut album, this document strikes me as los work of un singer-songwriter, one who additionally happens to be an incredibly dynamic performer, y a multi-instrumentalist. I've just listened come Faith uno couple that times, however this feels more personal. And I need to say me gustaría like it more. Together an aside: the fact the this album was perceived as ns disappointment, due to the fact that it just sold ocho million copies y subsequently kind of derailed his career, is one of ns weirder things I've heard this week.It's been uno couple año since identificación listened come Faith and so me gustaría cannot comentario on even if it is or not these songs room catchier than those but i do sort of feel favor they room better. Sure, the mood has changed, which is why the didn't perform as well, however these songs feel an ext adult, for lack of un better word. In part that's since of michael having come recon with his fame and his sexuality, and he does for this reason in un rather thoughtful way for someone that was well-known as un teen idol. Together numerous world have noted, los vibe is mainly much much more subdued than the previous document (and Wham's oeuvre) y this to be considered un bad thing in 1990 (in the US anyway). Yet it suits him, in my opinion, y it feels proper to los material. Even when he's celebrating, he's still not entirely out, after all. (There is additionally apparently some subtext about los AIDS peligro but me gustaría don't know around that.)The biggest criticisms identificación have space stylistic and technical. Me gustaría do wish he was ns little an ext committed come soul and R&B 보다 this pop version of it. Ns little more grit would certainly be appreciated. And though los record sound pretty an excellent for ns record made in 1990, there are still as well many poor '80s manufacturing touches, such together fake pan de molde flute, smooth jazz sax and the like. Hell, even los piano top top "Freedom" sound like a keyboard, not uno Grand. Me gustaría think it's un sample yet imagine if someone had actually played the on an en la actualidad piano.But, this is ns mature, reflective record by uno talented performer who has actually grown a good transacción as a songwriter. It's not my genre y the manufacturing is too of its time, however it's good.

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garbadge_man Aug trece 2020 no 4.50 stars
george Michael, up until this point, was frequently considered uno teen idol and not precisely considered uno "serious artist". Not in the ways that his idols like Stevie Wonder or john Lennon were. But he want to be on your level. That was nearly there though. Commercially speaking, belief was ns smash y became the best-selling album of 1988 and won the 1989 Grammy because that Album of los Year y allowed him come tap completely into los black music scene, something he longed for for many years as countless of his favourite artists to be R&B. He was an extremely much ns household surname in the same method Prince, virgen or michael Jackson to be by the fin of the 1980's and was taken into consideration to be among los elites of the era's pop music scene and still is as soon as discussions come increase about music of the 80's.But while it to be something of a watershed minute for george Michael and allowed him to separate himself representar his Wham! persona, that still was often viewed as un pretty boy heartthrob, much like in those beforehand days. Especially with ns Faith musical video, where he adorned a leather jacket, acid washed jeans y a perfectly coifed pompadour with uno smooth five o'clock shadow. Still, his song of his acabó albums were an ext sophisticated than los Wake Me Up prior to You Go-Go escribe tracks he composed for Wham!. Hear Without Prejudice was george Michael's method of proving self to los public that he was, in fact, one artist in every sense of los word. He to be behind much of los recording process of this album. Producing, arranging y writing every one of the material except for ns cover that Stevie Wonder's lock Won't go When me gustaría Go, however, it's uno very different cover than los one Stevie recorded in the early 70s. Jorge even played un lot of instruments on this album including keyboards, guitars y some percussion as well. Listening to listen Without Prejudice, y having done so for many años now, identificación get ns lot of different vibes y influences throughout. There's ns flair of people in there, something raza to Joni Mitchell, particularly something representar her mid-70s fare. Then there's ns catchy, organic melodies that would've to be perfect for los Beatles, possibly something representar their Rubber alma album. Heal ns Pain is really McCartney-esque with its "doooo execute doooo" melody y poppy guitar riff. The course, R&B y some tinges that dance música are quiet here, though ns latter only shows up on two tracks, Freedom! noventa and soul Free. Freedom! noventa was a very effective track for George y the video equally so. Los video didn't feature george himself yet supermodels of the period lipsyncing los words to the song. Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, and Christy Turlington room among the faces featured in los video. Also featured is uno ritualistic-like finale of George's confidence days. In which los jukebox is blown come smithereens and the animal leather jacket is burnt to a crisp. Soul Free is really akin to soul II Soul, uno very effective R&B group desde the late 1980's into los early 90s that were an extremely influential to ns burgeoning neo-soul movement which would certainly take precedence by ns later component of the 1990's. They were well-known for ns tracks back To Life and Keep top top Movin'. Which george sampled ns former monitor on ns remix for liberty 90.My favourite track on this album is Cowboys and Angels, ns very beautiful y jazzy track set in waltz tiempo (a an extremely rare point for un popstar come do) where george sings about, at least according come him, about un love triangle involving him fallout’s in love with another man. Identificación remember when i first picked up this album and was very surprised by exactly how superb ns artistic high quality of los album was. This isn't anything like ns stuff george Michael made in los 1980's. Y in mine opinion, identificación think it's his best fuera de of the five acabó albums he released in his lifetime. If that wanted world to take him seriously, that delivered with this record.
CharlyF1954 no Apr 24 dos mil veinte 5.00 stars
Today’s CD is “Listen without Prejudice Vol. 1” by jorge Michael. This album was released trasero in 1990. That course, i did not pay any attention come it – delaware all it was george Michael who was definitely was not making the sort of music identificación was interested in. I quite chosen Wham’s version of ns Was no Was song – “Where Did her Heart Go?” yet not lot else.However ns friend – RIP michael Beswick – was constantly praising the album – y this was not ns sort of musical he listened to, one of two people – y said the “Listen without Prejudice” was a very apt title. So me gustaría am ~ above a flight to los land the Oz – at some time in 1994 – and I wanted something to listen to – nowhere near ns selection of movies & musical there is currently on flights – so i chose “Listen there is no Prejudice Vol. 1”. I must have played it tres or four tiempo on the vuelo out y a couple of times when i returned some months later. I have always considered it to be ns really great record.I tho did not listen to much of jorge Michael after that – he only released five studio albums in his life time -papposo “Faith” (1987), “Listen without Prejudice Vol.1” (1990), “Older” (1996), “Songs representar The final Century” (1999 – and that one is covers) & “Patience” (2004). “Listen there is no Prejudice Vol.2” was never ever issued nor was, according to Wikipedia, “The Trojan Souls”. I always feeling it to be an remarkable shame that jorge did not release an ext records. Ns CD identificación have to be scheduled before his death in ~ above Christmas Day 2016 but was released in October 2017. It has George’s “MTV Unplugged” and there is also a three CD/ one DVD variation which me gustaría don’t have. More about “MTV Unplugged” in ~ another hora – the is “Listen without Prejudice Vol. 1” that identificación am listening come now. With uno some exceptions “Freedom ‘90”, “Soul Free” y “Waiting For that day” (which contains ns Rolling Stones quote i m sorry has alguna doubt added to Mick & Keef’s banco balances) – los album is reasonably subdued and rather beautiful -papposo sort of song my parent would have called late night listening. (“Cowboys & Angels” & “Something come Save”). There room musicians involved but this is primarily the work of george Michael. Waiki tells me he provided samples – which was not normal in música pop records (as opposed to Hip-hop records) of ns time. George also sings Stevie Wonder’s “They Won’t go When me gustaría Go” with just uno piano accompaniment – y he was, lest we forget, a brilliant singer. Ns opener, “Praying because that Time” sets the tone; it not un conventional música pop song or opening album track– the is something really different and very special.George michael was ludicrously talented – it is a shame that made so couple of records. Might be “Listen there is no Prejudice Vol. 2” will eventually see the light of day. Till then – “Listen without Prejudice Vol. 1” remains ns classic.
88875158052 CD (2017)
djiaind Feb 21 dos mil veinte no 3.50 stars

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The real story of how this fifty percent Greek/half English, London estaban of un Greek immigrant restaurant owner ended up being an internacional star will probably be told from every metropolis news was standing around los world in the próximo few days. Exactly how the story is told, and how far georgios Kyriacos strayed desde the expected paths of fame and fortune almost certainly will not. Los commercial success of his band Wham! to be so tremendous in the first half of ns 1980s, the anyone who does no love or hate, or even feel totalmente indifference to, their music, is i can not qualify to understand much about Pop music of the period.The final singles that Wham! y the earliest cosa of Michael´s acabó career were distinct enough to show the method Michael´s música career to be developing. His lyrics were not only un cut over average, however emotionally an effective enough to obscure his readjust in image and even his own changing life experiences; which space also part & parcel of his first solo album, los excellent Faith. Every time nombre de niño took to los stage, every comeback performance, was ns statement that it to be his songs that were to it is in counted. One epitome música pop star had become uno very individualistic música artist. Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1 was ns release the settled jorge Michael´s rightful ar in música history. It was, somewhat ironically, ns beginning, in ~ least one more beginning, of an important musical career. The brilliantly emotional lyrics of his earlier love songs the strung such a chord with the listener together an individual, right here largely give way to maturer think on matters that concern all of us as both individuals & as uno society. Lyrically, each track is beautifully composed, and the work-related as ns whole ensured george Michael´s musical legacy. Tracks 1, 2 & 5 are already so familiar as singles, that identificación would pick Tracks 7 & ocho as the work´s outstanding lesser well-known tracks. There is no this very an excellent album, alguna serious estimation of Michael´s career might even gain off los ground. The is rather ironic that los often very loosely supplied genre ax Singer/Songwriter appears nowhere con reference come this album or artist. You may not apprciate Michael´s vocal talents yet the de verdad test the this work is ns strength of the songs that composed. Identificación would controversy that los majority of ns songs here, both fast and slow, are much an ext than a tocar above average.spoiler: clic to readGeorge Michael´s 5th, & final, album on My dos mil Favourite ever before Albums Listened for the second time: Dec 27th 2016 (3.50); Dec 15th dos mil diecisiete (3.50) & Feb 2nd 2020) (3.55) >