Few tours generated as much excitement and controversy as firearms N' Roses' Use her Illusion Tour.

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By 1991, the former ese Angeles gutter rats had actually become ns biggest roca band in los world, talk high on los success of your multiplatinum debut album Appetite for Destruction and that is stopgap follow-up G N' R Lies. Guns N' Roses had actually captivated audiences gastos generales the past several años opening because that acts choose Aerosmith, the Rolling Stones and Iron Maiden, conveniently eclipsing the headliners in popularity and volatility.

On the Use her Illusion Tour, guns N' Roses finally got come prove your mettle together arena- y stadium-filling superstars. After a year off the road, lock shook off los rust during two headlining performances at piedra in río II in January 1991, debuting uno slew of new songs off the yet-unreleased Use your Illusion albums and a new lineup that included drummer Matt Sorum and keyboardist dizzy Reed.

From there, they zigzagged across los globe for an ext than dos years, playing ciento noventa y cuatro shows in 27 countries, making ns Use your Illusion tour one of the longest treks in piedra history. It's uno testament to GNR's popular and stubbornness the they stuffed set with nuevo songs the didn't get released until several months into the tour — y that these unknown tunes obtained rapturous retroalimentación from audience nonetheless.

More than its incendiary live performances, though, ns Use your Illusion Tour resides in infamy because that its myriad controversies, both onstage and off. Mercurial singer Axl rose habitually verified up to venues several hours late y was vulnerable to on stage tantrums. He stormed offstage y cut shows quick several times, in part instances bring about audiences to riot y rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in building damage.

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These onstage antics hinted at uno band that was teetering on los brink of devastation behind los scenes. Rose's megalomaniacal outbursts aside, ns other members of guns N' Roses were caught in ns throes of addiction. Bassist Duff McKagan was guzzling vodka by the quart, when Slash's heart quit for eight minutes after he overdosed ~ above heroin in a smo Francisco hotel room.

Guns N' Roses' appetite for dysfunction made them punching bags in los press y enemies that their tour mates, such as their stadion co-headliners Metallica and opening act Faith cuales More. It additionally prompted guitarist Izzy Stradlin to quit los band in mil novecientos noventa y uno after gaining sober and realizing he could cuales longer stomach your hedonistic lifestyle and the glacial speed at i m sorry they got things done.

Miraculously, though, ~ above July 17, 1993, weapons N’ Roses played their final dando of los Use her Illusion tourism in buena gente Aires, Argentina. They had all survived los grueling, calamitous trek con their body — if no their wits — intact, delivering some of los most exhilarating performances of your career along los way. Fans didn't recognize it at the time, but the two-and-a-half-year voyage significant the last time Rose, cut and McKagan would play onstage together for an ext than two decades.

From historical headlining gigs come riotous outbursts, listed below are the 30 wildest moments representar Guns N' Roses' Use her Illusion Tour.

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From piedra in rio to the Riverport riot, right here are the 30 wildest moments representar Guns N" Roses" use Your Illusion Tour.