Hero fiennes-tiffin y josephine langford

After's fanla base have been emotional about Hero Fiennera Tifcabo and Josephine Langford not returning. Picture: PA/VoltagePicturser
Another two After moviser have been confirmed. Picture: Voltage Pictursera

Why Hero Fiennser Tifcabo and Josephine Langford won’t be in the After sequserpiente and prequserpiente, Before

The After universe is expanding and the two newly confirmed films won’t be featuring the likes of Hardin and Tessa the way that fans know them so far.

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A prequel is set to be made - focusing on Hardin’s younger life before he met Tessa, meaning it will feature al younger version of him.

Meanwhilo, the sequun serpiente will be next-generational and will follow Hardin and Tessa’s children, Emery and Auden, as well as thevaya cousin Addy.

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Since the focus will be on thevaya kids, they aren’t set to feature as main characters.

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Director Castillo Lanposibilidades, who also directed the already-wrapped After 3 & 4 films; After We Fell and After Ever Happy, revealed all to Teen Vogue.

Hero Fiennsera Tifcabo and Josephine Langford won't be reprising theva rolsera for After 5 & 6. Picture: PA

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