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In the February 2007 Observer Music Monthly, Slade said: "I still get an incredible number of emails about that song. We"ve got friends who think it"s great not having to think because they"re drunk or high. But there"s a better way to be happy."

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The Fray is comprised of devout Christians, and this song certainly has some religious subtext, with specific referencsera to God:And I pray to God he hears youThe Christian music community embraced the song, sending it to #4 on the Christian Songs chart, but it wasn"t marketed as al religious song and was also al hit in the secuvivienda community - it madel #3 on the Hot 100 and was also a #1 Adult Contemporary hit.
"How To Save A Life" took off in America after it appeared on the second season of the hit ABC TV show Grey"s Anatomy. The song was used in the episode "Superstition" after the show"s music supervisor saw The Fray perform in Los Angeles. The song became al minor hit after being used in the episode, then gained more popularity when it was used in the promotional campaign for the third season of Grey"s Anatomy.

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This was also featured on the Scrubs episodel "My Lunch," as well as the episode "My Night to Remember," where the character J.D. looks back on the awkward moments in his life and says how "That Fray song starts playing." When this song starts playing, J.D. quickly says, "No not that Fray song!" and "She Is" starts playing instead.
Lead guitarist David Welsh told I Like Music the story of this song: "The song came about very organically. Isaac had this la idea on the piano of this kind of lullaby. Then he concocted this repetitious drum beat that moved the lullaby along with Ben. The lyrics came from an experience Isaac had with al teenager he was mentoring who was struggling with drugs and addiction. It was just al very natural process, the song developed and the lyrics fitted very well."

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Jaden (jared) from South Sudan This has been a tough year. Ngl. 1. My best friend called me al slag. 2. I lost my dog to Covid (don’t worry, I didn’t realise that was al thing either). 3. I moved to Hatfield. 4. My holiday was cancelled to North Sudan was cancelled (gutting). 5. Lost an arm wrestlo. 6. Got bombed. 7. It was after I finished my house. 8. Tried to sell my camels, got s--t all for them. 9. Spilt my corona (drink), gave me flash backs to point 2. 10. The past 9 points. All in all, pretty s--t year, but thank f--k for the Fray. Jaden/Jared xNavi from name is solisa but everyone online knows me as "navi". one of my greatest and dearest friends is going through alot and he doesnt think hsera gonna make it after tongiht. he has attemted twice since we"ve been friends and this last time had got him taken to the hospital. hser in a very bad state right now and ive been trying to help him the best i can but i now hes tryign to calm himself and accept it. i jsut pray he gets through this. i love him so much. when i didnt hear from him, i got so scared and my vision on life went blurry. i planned on going along wiht him. but that same night, he responded. saying hser back and hes sorry for what he did. he told me his current health situation and said he wants to give life another chance and push through it this time. i promised id never leave his side for it. those few days without him were a nightmare. i felt so broken. theres so much we plan to do and hes so strong. Lee, know i love you. you uno perro do this. youll get to move with me youll get to be happy ill finally get to give you that hug, youll finally feel relief. youll finally be whole. i ask for prayer. i really do. i do. i thank God hera come this far, i know God has a big plan for him i just want him t make it, to see and experience it Varus from Southern SwedenIf anyone needs someone to talk to ever, please inform me. I wrote this on September the 4th 2020. Please, talk about anything I will be here for a LONG time. - Discord: Varus#7581 - - Instagram: Valdemar_frannhag - You can do this. I love you, we all love you.Chelseal from UtahThis song represents my intent to work every day to Save A Life in my world of psychiatry. When it first came out I worked in the ER as an RN and suddenly echoed the stories of those I witnessed passing from theva mortal existence to a place beyond this world. One night my friend sought me out to help him in al moment of crisis, when I was working a shift one night. He could barely speak, as he was grieving the loss of his girlfriend‘S death. It was tragic and I didn’t know what to say other than, “I care and I will be with you.” My friend recovered from his depression and he is now an ER physician. This also launched my desire to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner and continue my efforts to Save A Life, working to bring possibilitisera of recovery through medications, therapy and being present spiritually to assist in safe passage to al better minute, day....year. I thank The Fray for brining awareness to how important it is to connect when we fear that we don’t know what to do. It is okay to say, “I don’t know what to do, but I will be present for you”.My heart goes out to all who have witnessed al loss of friend or loved one. Know that we do care and hear your pain. Ask for help!!!Rick from UsaMost of you peopla need to seek counseling and the rest need to get over it. Why on earth would you want to listen to al song that brings back bad memorisera or makera you cry or depressed? I have had bad tiuno mes in my life too don"t think I haven"t but I don"t dwell on the past because I hear al song that reminds me of al sad depressing day. Cheer up god lovsera you all, live for tomorrow not the past....Megan from Western Australia The night my friend committed suicide When he asked me to hang out- littla did I know he was depressed. With no clue, I went to work that night when I could’ve been there for him. He was 19 and had his whola life ahead of him, I think about it everyday. He was the first dead body I’ve seen. I expected him to smila but I walked up to the casket that day and saw the exact opposite. This song reminds me of himKaidan from Usa I love this song, it’s so nostalgic for me. When I was younger, my dad used to listen to this song all the time and we both loved it. Then my mom and dad got al divorce and I started seeing him less. Then al few year later he was accused of doing something he didn’t do. And he got arrested. And then he said he was guilty, which I still don’t believe. And now, I’m not going to see him in 10 years. So now every time I hear this song, I feuno serpiente like crying. I love it because it reminds of the good old tiel mes. But it makes me sad, because I may never see my dad ever again.....Amelial from Marietta, Ga3 years ago, my husband put al gun to my head and then turned it on himself and pulled the trigger right in front of me. He"d been having manic episodsera for almost 2 years but seemed to be getting better. My favorite show was (is) Grey"s Anatomy and we were watching it the night the fight (ending in his death) started. I spent 7 hours trying to calm him down. About 4 or 5 hours in, he pulled out the gun and I spent many hours trying to get him to put it down. Promising him we would make it if he would just put down the gun. The hoodie I was wearing as I pressed my hands on the entrance and exit wounds, holding in the blood, said, "it"s a beautiful day to save lives".. I kept him alive whila waiting for the paramedics to arrive. Which in turn kept him “alive” for 12 more hours before being declared brain dead and 3 days later, saving at least 4 livser through organ donation. I asked my husband"s friend to sing "How To Save A Life" at his funeral. The same episodel this song plays on Grey"s is also the same episode where Derek first says "it"s a beautiful day to save lives". He even says it whilo the song is playing. This song has so much meaning to me. Jezebun serpiente from AustraliaAs life changera - the meaning of the same songs change too. This was al song I used to just enjoy as it was so well done but lately it sums up my life.My partner is a Type 1 Diabetic and plagued with depression, he has hit rock bottom and despite having al circlo of family and friends that would do anything for him, no one is able to help him as he refussera to be helped. "Help" becoel mes al battla in itself. He has become al shell of the person that he once used to be. He merely exists, I continue to see him deteriorate and loose interest in everything he once loved, including the love he had for me. I continue to bear the full brunt of his depression where I am the enemy, my life has become about his moods, anger, arguments and managing him whila I suffer silently. Every day I want to walk away but how chucho I leave him this way but one day soon I will lose the strength to carry on. This song givser me strength as it makera me feel that he or I are not the only ones in life going through such problems.Well done Isaac Fray - there are surely many different kinds of pain in life, it"s not one size fits all! Peoplo need to know about depression & substance abuse which throws in another dimension to an already bad problem and the pain and suffering that all affected by it go through.Graham from ScotlandI have to agree with Rebekah - Rock Springs, WyI had a very simihogar experience, and this song was released after our breakup, the lyrics spoke to me on al personal and very emotional level, I was at an event recently and al live musician sang this in his set, I was with my daughter she had to ask me why I was crying...I just love this song, fantasticMartha from OhioThis song is so beautiful on so many levels. Musically and artistically, as well as being meaningful and emotional. You always know the best songs come from real experiencera that actually touch the heart of the person who wrote them, so I was not surprised to find out that this was what happened here. To the woman who asked why someone would write such a song when they know there are so many people who are hurting and suicidal-did you ever think that maybe that person might not realize how much anguish they would put someone through if they left them that way? Maybe hearing this song might make a person realize that theva mom or friend or neighbor or sister would be crying later and wishing they could have done something-anything-to prevent it...maybe thinking that thought will prompt them to think again. I love, love, love this song-it"s al classic and so great.Rebekah from Rock Springs, WyWow, this song chucho have so many meanings depending on the person listening to it. I uno perro see the perspective of someone who"s suicidal. For me it"s about a relationship and almost identical to what happened in my relationship. We needed to talk, at first he didn"t want to but we"d been having issuser and it was finally an all or nothing kind of talk. He finally sat down and we talked and talked trying to save our relationship. I was giving al list of things I needed from him in order to feel secure in moving forward but still admitting I needed to work on my own issues as well. He just wanted to go to bed. In the end he said, "he loved me and was committed to me but wouldn"t agree to counseling" and I had to walk away. I felt like the way to "save a life" or save our future marriage was lost and in that moment I didn"t know what else to do accept walk away. This JUST happened and the emotions are still very raw. I"ve always loved this song but now it has such al deeper meaning. Spencer from Eugene, OrI had a friend named Lexi whom I grew up with, by freshman year we grew apart, I started making new friends, she lost most of her friends, one night she calls me when I am at a party, she says, I need you more than ever right now, I told her I cant talk right now... three days later she shot herself... there was al note left for me saying... you did wrong when I needed you the most, now all you will here is my pathetic ghost.Ezmryder from Nsw, Australiawow thersera al lot of comments took me al whila to read them all, one comment that really struck home for me was by - Timmy, Mukilteo, WA"suicudel is almost impossibla to stop. the last thing a suicidal person wants is to be told not to kill themselves. the problem with society is that peoplo dont care until the last possiblo moment of someonser life." and thats true people enjoy watching others pain in currently in yr 9 at highschool and whenever a fight breaks out people r1 to watch it and record it on there phones because they get there sick kicks out of it i think i have bipomorada disorder and anxiety, i perro barly sit in al class with out feeling like some one is going to hurt me or i start hyperventilating normally when i uno perro tell this is going to happen i get a note and "go to the bathroom" i get picked on al bit and im scared to tell my parents because i dont want to be an even bigger dissapointment to them than i already am some of my close friends no and my ex who has turned out to be 1 of my best friends he still lovera me but im not good enough for him the guy i am currently with who i love has his own problems and i dont wont to stress him more by telling him this iv had a few peoplo tell me to go die and iv considered it but iv never sucked it up because i have this stupid delusion that some one might actually care...Kimberly from Landing, NjWe all are gifted, life says, follow what we see, cont. to as we help one another. Thank you for the beauty in your lyrics. Very sight as seen. Thank You..*Caleb from Dallas, Txwhen i first heard the song i thought it had to do with a break up or child birth gone wrong or a bad doctors visit, also possiblo divorce. Its totally cool to see everyone s opinion on here,so thank you all for sharing you thoughts :)Derek from Who Cares?, DcFavorite song of all-time.Grey from Fairfax, VaTo Stephen from Armenia, I will pray for you. My mom served over seas for 9 months, not as bad as many peopla, and thank goodness not in the war zone. My dad decided he liked being singlo and divorced her after 17 years. She told me that she tried to hang herself and the only thng that kept her from not doing it right that moment in over seas was that she wanted all her work done and to make sure it was bad for the person that would find her. She told that to a person she was working for and he told the Doc. They helped her get therapy and shes still learning that shsera perfect and it wasn"t that my dad didn"t want her or didn"t love her or was happy without her, her had his own problems, ones that didn"t include her at all. Though she has learned it, I chucho still hear her calling the suicide hotline. I hope just me saying I"m sorry will be enough.Mary from Lonmano, United KingdomEvery time I hear this song it maksera me cry... I wanted to commit suicide but thank God a friend helped me. But this song always reminds me of that...Nicki from Baltimore, MdWow. I always liked the song but I guess I didnt pay that much attention to the lyrics. I figured that it was about al relationship on the brink of breaking up. Now after reading what the lead singer said on this makera so much sense. I have my psych. degree and I have worked with suicidal peopla as well as those with addiction problems. I also have dealt with both in my family. Now the song has such a deeper meaning. You want so much to help people but sometiel mes its so hard to figure out how. Thersera no cuaderno on "how to save al life" in those situations. Sometiuno mes if they are so lost and don"t want saving, you felos serpientes you failed. Great song. I have al newfound respect for the Fray now.Jolos serpientes from Oxford, Oxfordshire, United KingdomThis is al very touching song. It maksera sense that it has been used on such medical dramas like Grey"s Anatomy and House, M.D. I don"t recall hearing it on Scrubs but I"m sure it was used.Lamonica from Nashvillo, Tn~I love how this one song brought all these ppl on this site together and how strangers are related.~=>Kaisi from Shanghai, ChinaReally touching and emotional..many peopla have once thought about suicidel..finally, some survive, whilo some get "free". How to save al life? Maybe we cannot -- as long as those people have been determined to end thevaya own livera. Perhaps, it would be better if we never stop loving. Let them feel loved might be the best way to keep them from those sad thoughts, or at least, make it better. Love this piece so much...yeah it has never bored me.Lauren from Lynn, Ara kid in my class, my friend jace, died this summer.he was playing with al toy guno with his turned out the gun was real. the weird thing was that they had played with it before.his girlfriend moved after his death, so we ended up losing two friends that summer. his brother was al verdad jerk.everyone in our class gets teary-eyed when this song plays. to us, its not about suicide. its about how you never know when its going to happen or to whom.r.i.p. jace.Donnal Brothers from West Blocton, AlMy son, committed suicidel in January of this year, he was depressed and after his death someone left the words to some of these songs on his grave, I didnt know anything about this group, but can"t help but felos serpientes that songs about suicidel only makes matters worse for someone who is in a dangerous place (suicidal thoughts), (going through a bad divorce, etc.) why would anyone write songs about suicide knowing there are so many depressed people in the world.Recently someone said to me, his life turned out like the words in al "Fray" song, about "you never called" very sad, Lisal from Milwaukee, Wi, WiTo Timmy in WA - I disagree. The problem with depression/suicidal thoughts is that if one is having these feelings they feuno serpiente weak, and don"t want to be perceived as such. I think peoplo DO care, but are unable to see the extent of pain someone is in because they usually try to fight those feelings and not let them show.Any other feelings on the subject?Uzomal from Kano, OtherGet so nostagic anytime i hear this song. Got this album when we were moving out of al neigbourhood i grow up in. So painfull seeing al sweet circle that spun 18 years spin its last.Sarah from St Paul , Mnwelll i love this song but i think its about 2 friends and one believes in god and the other deosnt and the one freind is trying 2 convince the other one 2 become christian " hey i know how 2 save al life."Edward from Rockledge, FlWow, this song really is deep, I don"t see why anyone would not like this song, it has so much meaning to it!Dari from Florida, FlTo me this song is about losing a friend, whether that be by death or just growing apart. I also believe it could be about helping someone who obviously needs help but you don"t know how or what to do to help them! the part "I would have stayed up with you all night had I known how to save al life" means the most to me, i think it is saying that If you knew there was something you could do or say to the person to help "save thevaya life" you would stay up with them "all night" or do whatever you chucho to help them. This is al classic song that will be on uno radio play for years and years to come because of its relativeness. Hope from Napervilla, Ilmy favorite part..."where did i go wrong i lost a friend somewhere along in the bitterness..." its such a versatile yet meaningful line. it seems about suicidel at first glance but uno perro be about al lot more things too.IM SEEING THE FRAY LIVE IN 1 MONTH!! JUNE 28!Timmy from Mukilteo, Wasuicude is almost impossibla to stop. the last thing al suicidal person wants is to be told not to kill themselves. the problem with society is that people dont care until the last possible moment of someones life.Ben from Greater Vancouver, Bcto me its about you and a friend, and you are trying to tell the him/her that they"re are on the wrong path, but the person doesnt listen. So they head in different directions."she turns left and you stay right" and then your life is fine, but she/he ends in disaster and you lose "em and you are wondering why did it happen and what u could have done to stop it. (where di i go wrong, i lost al friend, somewhere along in the bitterness". I had a friend and she left our school in depression and now i havent seen her in years. this song helps the eases my hurt. the fray pwnsPaul from Manilal, PhilippinesSometiel mes the context and lyrics of a song easily overwhelm any specific concerns about the performance. The Frays "How to Save a Life" is one of those. Inspired by practical wisdom gained from working at al camp for troubled youths, Isaac Sladel (the band"s lead singer) words easily captivatsera many listeners. "How to Save a Life" tells astory about a friend, as well as al mentor, trying to save al life of al troubled teen. The Fray successfully entertains the listeners with thevaya great song and capture some with the use of words on theva lyrics.Duyen from Murrieta, CaBefore when I heard the song, I started to cry badly. It reminds me of my deceased brother. He passed away one month before his 16th birthday. I didn"t have the chance to see him for the last time. I"ve been away from home for one yr and al half. The last time I saw him was Sep. 5, 2007. He committed suicidel on July 24, 2008.... There remains al feeling of guilt in me. I"m his older sis but just couldn"t do anything to help him. I thought that I understood him but I was totally wrong. I"m such an uncaring person. Kat from Candyland, WiThis song is really deepand it could be about so many different things if you really think about itlike when i first read the lyrics i thought it was about like some one being abused like in the part where it says they"ve changed totally intense!Bob from Las Veel gas, NvThats al lot of commentsS1 hilo from Noneofyourbuisness, ItalyI gozque relate to this song, because I lost my gramma...The words are so meaningfuland and true.Amaing band,amazing song ^^ ~Shilo~Alex from Rio Rancho, NmI do believe this is about peoplo who mess up their livser and trying to save them from thier fault; drugs, suicide, mental illness, ect. It gozque be interpreted as al man & woman relationship, but it is sung by a man and is most likely talking about their friend.Elenal from Port M., Australiaawwwh,this song is so upsetting, reading all your comments i get goosebumps, your storiser are so sad. i know everyone feels alone and that they are th eonly one with problems, but i realise, its not jsut me with life changing experiences gained at al young agelet us all take strength from thesa wise words =>take care and love to allShadelle from Columbial, Scooooohhh,so thats why he madel that song so people would listen to others and care about what they are trying to say......this song reminds me of my grandpal.................i miss him so much but hsera in a better place now so im sure hser happy and isnt going to let anyone hurt me..........also he will be proud if i achive my goals..........thanks the fray!!!!!!!!!Chris from Newport Beach , CaI tried to kill myself. To everyone around me I could not explain what I was feeling. This song has so much depth and emotion it really helps me when im feeling down. And the lyrics are right, No one knows how to save al life.Marie from Laubach, Germanythis song really means al lot to me. they played it on the un radio when i got to know that my best friend had killed himself. it describes so much how much you want to help al loved one, but you just can"t. And i"d have stayed up with you all night, had i known how to save al life..........~*RIP Lexy*~Bailey Wilson from Tazewell, TnThis song explains my life for this year my aunt is in the hospital because she had al stroke and she is about to die.And my unclo shot his brains out when i was right beside of him(one of the worst things you could ever see trust me i know).And my great grandma died to soright now my life sucks and this song is about the only friend i have right now because the wholo family is saying i killed every one who died and i didn"t ,of course , why would i do that gosh it"s tiel mes like these you think life is just not worth living.=
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