I do it for you letra

“I do It for You” to be released in June 18, mil novecientos noventa y uno as un theme song for Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves y a soltero to Adam’s sixth studio album Waking Up the Neighbours. Los song… review More 

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Look right into my eyesYou will seeWhat you mean to meSearch her heartSearch your soulAnd once you find me thereYou'll search alguno moreDon't phone call meIt's no worth tryin' forYou can't tell meIt's not worth dyin' forYou recognize it's trueEverything identificación doI execute it for youLook right into your heartYou will certainly findThere's nothin' over there to hideTake me as i amTake my lifeI would provide it allI would sacrifice

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Don't call meIt's no worth fightin' forI can't aid itThere's nothin' me gustaría want moreYou recognize it's trueEverything i doI perform it because that youThere's alguna loveLike her loveAnd alguna otherCould give much more loveThere's nowhereUnless you're thereAll ns timeAll the way, yeahLook right into your heart, babeYeahOh yeahOh, you can't call meIt's no worth tryin' forI can't assist itThere's nothin' identificación want moreYeah, identificación would fight for youI'd lie for youWalk ns wire because that youYeah, I'd dado for you

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You recognize it's trueEverything i doOhI execute it because that youEverything me gustaría do, darlingAnd we'll see it throughWe will view it throughOh yeahYeah!Search your heart, find your soulYou can't tell me it ain't worth dice forOh yeahI'll be there, yeah, ohI'll walk the wire because that you, yeahI will morir for youOh yeahAll the timeI'm going all los way, all the way, yeah
“I execute It for You” was released in June 18, mil novecientos noventa y uno as a theme tune for Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and a single to Adam’s sixth estudio album Waking Up the Neighbours. The song became one of Adams" many known and successful songs.

Despite los movie’s blended reception (and that course, winning a Razzie Award for Worst emitir to Kevin Costner who played as Robin Hood), ns song to be an international smash hit, topping pop charts in treinta countries consisting of a siete week correr in the US, y an nearly record-breaking dieciséis weeks in the UK – avoiding Extreme “More 보다 Words”, right Said Fred “I’m as well Sexy” and Salt N Pepa “Let’s Talk about Sex” desde reaching los top spot there.

“I perform It for You” won un Grammy compensation for finest Song Written specifically for a moverse Picture or Television and was nominated because that an Oscar for finest Song but it shed to Celine Dion’s “Beauty y the Beast”.